Tehe♪ Wolf Arc 2, Chapter 8

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‘Till the day we depart for eternity

Arc 2: Main registration in the guild. Heading to the Capital.


8, Prayer


Alright! Now that we are done with the guild it’s time to go to the church.


Ten years had already passed in the blink of an eye since I had been reincarnated in this world.

I really wanted to go to the church to express my gratitude to the god who had given me cheat-like abilities, allowed me to live all this time in peace, and let me meet and be raised by Martha. Even though I had been reincarnated arbitrarily.


Of course, right after that thing calling itself god spoke to me, I still had regrets about how unfair it all had been, even for worthless things like not having been able to read that manga I wanted to read, or finish playing a game. But it was too late to think about that now.

The entity I knew as ‘Me’ didn’t exist anymore in that planet named ‘Earth’. And that wouldn’t change no matter how angry I got or how I protested.


But that didn’t mean I would forget about my anger all that quickly. I still felt it somewhere deep inside my heart.


There hadn’t been offered a single choice but agreeing to being reincarnated.


Then again, living with nothing but anger in the heart can’t be fun now, can it? Feeling despair at anything can be demotivating to the point where one could give up on life altogether.


Even if one still pushed forward, living like that would feel awfully slow, like having a heavy and leaden armor pulling you down all the time. Or at least that’s what I think.


So even though I have regrets, I have to give up on them since I can’t return in the first place. But I also believe that those feelings can be useful, at least in certain situations.


On the other hand, in my past life I had luckily been part of what some people called otakus, and there had been a chuuni phase in my life when I honestly wished I could use magic. And that hadn’t been all that long ago either, only around half a year before it all happened.


The things I would have otherwise never been able to attain were here. I had become like some sort of protagonist of a novel, being able to use magic of all the elements and forming a pact with a mythical beast like a fenrir that I always kept at my side.


Her fur was really smooth and felt awfully nice to touch, and she was like some sort of caring older sister for me. I think that if she hadn’t been with me, I would have never decided to become an adventurer and gone on a trip after Martha’s suggestion. Going alone would be too scary and I would never be able to do it. Those were my honest thoughts.


In any case, since to put it somehow I was in a world I had only dreamt of before, shouldn’t I just do whatever I wanted as much as I could? Discover tasty things, do fun stuff, learn new knowledge and pass it on. There is always something new after all.


Walk through the main street and find a white building.


Since those two directions were all I had been given, I assumed the church was an easy to spot landmark.


“Welcome to the house of god. We are glad to have your visit. Do you need anything specific today?”


A nun wearing black clothing greeted us smiling, she had probably guessed we were going to the church since we were close to the entrance.


“I came today to pray to god.”


“Ohh, I see. You can find the place of worship if you go straight forward as soon as you are inside. Is that girl by your side a monster you’ve made a pact with? I think it’s fine to let her in with you since she’s that size. I hope your prayers get answered by god.”


“Thank you very much. God bless you.”


Martha had taught to always greet someone like that when I went to a church. The people living in the church would receive the visitors like that, asking what they came from and then readying them for whatever they wanted. There were many things someone could come to pray for, like relationship problems or when someone was cursed.


But there were of course also people who would enter the place of worship and stay there for long times even if they weren’t in need.


Dispelling curses was hard unless someone could use light magic. Most of the times it was needed for the caster to undo the curse, or die. But when there was an even stronger curse, the only choice was to visit the church or find an adventurer that could use light magic and have it dispelled.


Still, almost all of the people who could use light magic would get scouted out by the church, with claims that it was god’s power and that it had to be sanctificated. Because of that, the adventurers who could use light magic would hide, or try as much as they could to not stand out.


On top of that, the price of having a curse cured at the church was rather high. Most civilians would opt to find a way to get rid of them themselves, so when someone went to the church it was either some rich aristocrat, or a civilian that only wanted to pray.


But even then, it was an implicit rule that when someone went to pray they had to leave a donation.


I had used to think that I would never go to a church myself, but now her teachings were being useful like this. In my mind, I thought of how I couldn’t compare at all to Martha, who had probably predicted this would happen.




When I arrived at the place of worship I saw stone statues of three figures with three pairs of wings, one was male, other female and I couldn’t distinguish the third one.


These statues represented the creation gods, followed by this church.

There are many gods in this world. And out of all it’s said that the creation gods are the most followed ones, being called the father and mother of all the other gods.


“Firis, I’m going to pray now, do you want to join me?”


‘If you are doing it then I’m also going to do it.’




I kneeled in front of the statues, bowing down and holding my hands together entwining my fingers. Then I told god everything that had happened, that I was thankful for it, and also that I still had some doubts.


After that, I stood still for a while and then god answered me.


When I was done praying, I opened my eyes and saw Firis besides me with a face filled with anger and sorrow.


“Keep everything you saw and heard a secret. I’ll explain it all to you later, okay?”


When I said that, although reluctantly, she nodded.

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