Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 10

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf

Chapter 10: At the Lake





It’s Amelia!

I turned 6!

Thanks to practicing magic everyday, I can now easily perform Intermediate Class magic! As for Advanced Class Magic, I still don’t know if I lack the MP or something else, but I can’t perform it. Even so, I do still circulate my MP and briefly practice every type of magic at the lower level. Since I do my Magic Circulations everyday, the amount of MP I have increased incredibly!


Recently I was allowed to go out because I can perform magic! With the condition that Russell must be besides me without fail until we arrive at the lake. Still, it’s nice to be able to go outside!!


And so, I’m going out today too!!


「Ell! Let’s go out! Until we get to the lake!」


Russell always make a weary expression during this time.

That is because I head to the lake almost everyday.


Ell, I’m sorry?

Because that place it very beautiful! Besides, at the lake, there are small monsters like Horn Rabbit and Aqua Mouse that even I can defeat. It serves as good practice. And, because I am doing this everyday, I can raise my level. That’s like killing two birds with one stone.


My Status became something like this!


Name: Amelia

Age: 6

Gender: ♀

Race: Human Tribe







Basis Magic (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind), Light, Dark, Space-Time, Creation




Infinite Storage

Telepathic Communication


Dismantling Skill←new




The Reincarnated One

The One Loved By The World

The One Who Continues Training←new

The Demon of MP Circulation←new


<Divine Protection>

Creation God’s Divine Protection






Seems like my titles are increasing!

Appraisal-san, please tell me what they are.


<The One Who Continues Training>

As the name states, this title is bestowed on the person who continues to train many years without missing a day.

Every time you level up, an additional 100 points is added onto your HP and MP.

From Level 10, the additional 10o points will be added depending on your level.

Ex) Lv.15 = HP, MP +600


<The Demon of MP Circulation>

This title is bestowed on the person who continues to practice Magic Circulation many years without missing a day.

MP will increase 2 points everyday.





I must not neglect my training. It is the fruit of my hard work.




Since I have confirmed my Status, let’s head out!

「Martha!! I’m heading out to the forest!」

Today is a cream color made with cotton (?) like material? She is dressed in an easy to move outfit. A white (?) one piece along with pants. (TL: These ? are part of the story)

Her hair length was to her shoulders so she didn’t tie it. She had liked the original pale green color of the cloth a lot.

「Be careful!! I’m counting on you Russell!」

「I know.」


Now then, let go!!



Hello, it me Kurumi.

We didn’t arrive at the lake. Sorry

We will arrive at the lake in the next chapter.



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