Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: I picked it up.



It’s still breathing. It’s breathing is so weak, I can barely hear it.   


I approached the dog close enough to further examine its status.


Name: ???

Race: Melan Volk (Fenrir)






For now, I used water magic [Clean] to wash its body. As I washed the black Fenrir’s dirty body, the injuries on its body were revealed. Its entire body was covered in wounds and its hair was starting to fall out. There was a very deep wound on its hind leg, revealing the tendons… It must have received these wounds from the fire ants.


I could see that it probably hadn’t been eating right by how thin it looked.


I noticed my healing magic wouldn’t be of much use here.

(TL Note- It wasn’t stated why she can’t use magic there, the reason maybe the one revealed later in this chapter, or an entirely different reason which was not stated.)


I don’t know if I am good enough to successfully heal it, but I won’t know until I try it out. My mana capacity is huge and I’m sure that I’ll be resenting myself later if I don’t do anything. What should I do… Right now, I don’t have much of a choice but to try healing it. While I held the fallen Fenrir’s hand, I visualized the wounds getting healed. Soon after, the wounds began to slowly close. At that moment, I heard a Perorin sound inside my head. Healing Magic acquired. I continuously applied healing magic, [Heal], to the wounds. After repeatedly casting [Heal] a total of 10 times, the bleeding finally stopped and the wounds fully closed. Because it was only a first aid skill, the black Fenrir’s appearance remained pitiful.


Russel just stood behind and watched me silently.



[Russel, I really want to save this child. My healing abilities may have been able to stop the bleeding and closed the wounds, but at this rate it will still die. This child is not a regular monster, I could tell from viewing its status earlier. A monster like this wouldn’t die in a place like this, furthermore, it’s a Fenrir…]


[How unusual for a black Fenrir to be born. Understood. For now, let’s carry it back home. We might get attacked again if we stay here.]


With that said, Russel transformed into his human form and helped carry the black Fenrir.






After we returned with the black Fenrir, I reported to Martha what had happened and she hurried to come see its condition. Because the healing magic I used on the fenrir was only a first aid measure, Martha used advanced healing magic [Extra Heal].


[Extra Heal] is a type of magic that can regenerate deep wounds and some major injuries, however, it cannot reproduce missing limbs. High Class magic like [Perfect Heal] can heal almost anything and is able to restore anyone to their previous state. An extreme example of this, is where as long as there was still life and even if four limbs have been severed, a complete recovery was possible.


[It’s going to be fine right? It won’t die right?]


I became more and more anxious as I kept asking myself that question.


[Just relax, its life is no longer in danger. Right now, it’s just sleeping, although it looks very malnourished. It should be fed properly after it wakes up and look after it while it recovers.]


[Martha, is it alright to keep him inside the house?]


[I don’t really mind that, as long as it wants to stay inside the house when it wakes up. We can’t just force what we want on it.]


Martha answered.


She jokingly said how a girl who was picked up by a Fenrir ended up picking up a Fenrir might have some sort of connection. I don’t know exactly what she meant, but I’m sure there must be some deeper meaning to it.


Putting that aside, for now I’m relieved that it survived.  I hope it wakes up soon.






The next day,


Martha asked me how I was able to use recovery magic even though no one has taught me. She sighed loudly when I told her ‘I just pictured it in my mind and it happened~‘. Well it couldn’t be helped if I was so talented, however, I should practice diligently to reach intermediate level magic.  


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  1. Is Martha and Russel an couple? And now it’s possible the ML will be the new young Fenrir. I don’t why I can’t think outside romance even though it is just super cute fantasy ^^
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