Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 14

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf

Chapter 14: Black Fenrir 2


A/N: I’ll be writing about the black fenrir’s perspective.


Warm. I, think.

I don’t feel my body in pain anymore.


Am I dead?


This is the after life. That’s why it’s so warm.


As I thought that, I slowly opened my eyelids.

However, when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw wasn’t the afterlife, but a girl looking at me.

[Ah, it woke up!]


The girl said with a smiling face while looking at me.

[Hold on for just a moment.]

The girl said something like that and ran off somewhere.

Who is that girl? I should be dead in the forest. What is this place and why am I here? It’s dangerous here, I have to run away. The human race is a cruel tribe. They already tied me up, placed a collar on me, and stripped away my freedom for their own amusement. They’ll do it again. I have to run away. I tried to stand up thinking that, but I was so weak that I couldn’t even stand up. But I must muster up all my power to stand up and run. That’s the only thing in my mind right now.

After a while, the girl returned, beside her is another fenrir.

I’m taken by surprise. It’s a normal fenrir.

I let out a howl as I stand vigilant.

[Calm down you moron, have you not realized that we saved your life? You fool.]


The fenrir beside the girl said.

[Ell, don’t talk so rudely. It’s alright, you’ve been asleep for 5 days.]

That you helped me? That I slept for 5 days? Don’t make me laugh. The human race is just a clump of desires.  Even if you try using a  fenrir like me, you can’t fool me, I won’t drop my guard. I made a more powerful howl.

[I should have died in the forest. Why did you help me? What’s your goal? Are you thinking of selling me to a slave trader perhaps?]

[We don’t have any ulterior motives, I just wanted to help you when I saw you wounded. That’s all.]


[Who’s lying? I’m telling you to calm down fool.]

The fenrir beside the girl said in an irritated voice.

I can’t believe this. Helping another without any intentions of getting something in return? That’s impossible.

I couldn’t understand why someone would help me.

The girl called herself Amelia. The fenrir beside her is named Russel.

[At least stay here until you’ve made a full recovery, Martha also said that.]


The girl and the fenrir said while leaving the room.

Before they left, they placed some food in the room. I smelled through everything in search of poison. Before she left, she had said ‘Make sure to eat, okay?’…

But why would they go to such lengths? I don’t understand it one bit.


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