Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 15

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf

Chapter 15: Food





After sleeping for five straight days, when the black fenrir had woken up, it was very  wary of its surroundings. . According to Russel, something must have happened to the fenrir that made it like that.


“It growled at my precious Amelia… I…let it live but……ki…”


Russel kept mumbling weird things. I think I heard something disturbing after he said he let it live…


It must have been my imagination, yes, that must be it. He would never behave like that…


It mentioned something about a slave trader, maybe it used to be treated as slave, I guess.


Two weeks passed since then.


It was the end of fall, almost winter. The weather was very cold, so I had to use a scarf most of the time. I wore a long-sleeved dress, along with some trousers underneath it, which soon became my regular outfit.


According to Martha-san, this made buying clothes easier, since she didn’t need to worry as much on what to buy.


Martha wore a long-sleeved vest and loose trousers that looked almost like a skirt. To be honest, she looks cool no matter what she’s wearing.


The black fenrir was still wary, but at least it ate three meals a day. Though of course, it still makes me taste it in front of it with a small spoon, so it could be certain it isn’t poisoned. As for me, that also served as a way to making sure it’s eating.


Apparently monsters that could shapeshift into a human form, like a fenrir, can also eat the same food as humans without problems. The first week after it woke up, I fed it well cooked vegetables and fruits, mashed together. The second week, I only gave it some solid food and soup. When someone is bedridden and gets really thin, their stomach gets weaker, so it’s always best to start with soft food. By the third week Martha told me it was fine to give it regular food.


It’s probably thanks to it eating regularly, that it’s slowly starting to build up some muscle mass again and its overall figure is looking better too.


However, it refused to say a single word since that day it woke up. During the first week he’d start growling if I got near it. When the second week came around, it limited itself to staring intently at me, in silence.


Apparently, the fenrir only talks normally with Russel, asking him about the inhabitants of the house or about the forest.


I bring it food every day. Today too, I went to her (Russel told me it happens to be female fenrir) room, and once again tried to start a conversation in every way I could think of.


Tonight’s dinner was a soup made of vegetables and a lot of Rock Boar bacon, some bread cut into small pieces to make it easier to eat and a pear-like fruit called Lyre cut in slices. I arranged everything in a tray and carried it to the room


*knock* *knock*


I always make sure to knock the door. She can probably feel me whenever I get close, but knocking gives me more time to prepare myself before facing her, or so I convinced myself.


“I’m going in. Here’s dinner.”


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