Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 16

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf
Chapter 16: Food 2



This chapter is written from the perspective of the black fenrir? Though it’ll change midway.

“I’m going in. Here’s dinner.”

She entered the room after knocking on the door. She always says something before entering. Always so polite. Even though I can tell when she’s coming from her presence.


The room I’ve been staying in is a small one. There’s only a small desk, a bed and a closet.

There’s a blanket spread out on the floor. I’ve been sleeping here since I arrived. I guess this is that girl’s room.

I refused to believe she had helped me for the first week I was here, whenever she would enter the room I’d growl at her. Only now I notice that was extremely rude of me. I had been, like that other fenrir, Russel, had said, a fool.

“Does it still hurt when you move? Today’s dinner is pretty hard to chew so take your time eating it.”

I nodded.

The small girl smiled brightly when she saw me do that.

“Okay, I’ll taste it now.”

She placed the tray in the floor, making sure it was in my view and scooped a small portion of the soup to a small dish she had brought with her.

Just what am I making her do?! It’s already clear there’s no poison in the food after one week of this. Isn’t it already enough?! She’s being so kind, maybe that fenrir, Russel was right, she only had wanted to help me.



She was really surprised.
Ever since I had woken up, I had never talked with her again.
“I mean, it’s enough. I already know there’s no poison in the food.”
As I said, I pulled the tray towards me and slowly started eating.

Amelia was really happy now. She spoke to me, for the first time. She took the food by herself too. That made me so happy. She normally never ate until I  left the room, but now she is eating without a single care in the world.


I stood silently, looking intently at the black fenrir as she finished her food. My eyes felt hot. Soon, my vision blurred, as warm liquid started accumulating in my eyes. The liquid soon turned into drops that fell and traced my cheeks… I was so happy I couldn’t stop the tears. But I had to stop, I had to force myself to keep the tears at bay…


When I finished eating, I looked up to find the girl crying in front of me.


I didn’t know what to do, so I just waited for her to finish crying.


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