Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 19

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf
Chapter 19: Huh?







What…did she just say? She saw it?


So she was there?




“What? Is it really so surprising?”

She gave me looks of ‘Is something wrong?’ or ‘Is it so weird?’.



But c’mon. Of course it’s weird!! Those stories are from many years ago! They could have easily been from 100 or 200 years ago, right? Was she even alive back then?! Isn’t that impossible? Is she for real? No matter how much I thought about it it didn’t seem true.


“Aren’t you a human?”


“Wait, I didn’t tell you?”




I never heard anything directly relating to her.


“Didn’t Russel everr tell you either?”


“Nope. Never.”

All that Russel told me was that she was the person he formed a bond with. And even if I would have been curious, it wouldn’t have felt right prying on her personal information, and in the first place, I didn’t really care about it…



“I only told her we had bonded. And well, Amelia didn’t ask for anything more.”


“I see.”

“I’m a half-elf. Though it seems like my human genes were stronger, so I look almost the same as humans, my red hair also looks like my human mother’s. You know how elves have pointy ears? But mine are just like a human’s.”



As she said so, she turned her head so her ear was facing me. They were regular ears like a human’s, no pointy ones at all.




“Yeah, a mix between a human and an elf. And my lifespan is stupidly long because of that. It’s already annoying me, even though I’ve only lived for around half the lifespan of an elf.”

She only looks to be in her twenties right now though…

“How long do elves live then?”

“I heard it’s normally around 800 years. There are also the ones called ‘High-Elves’, they are sturdier than regular elves, apparently they can live as long as 1500 years. As for me, I’m 350 years old or so. In this world there are other races too, apart from the humans and elves, like demi-humans, draconians, dwarves and spirits. They all have their respective countries where they live. Also, there are  many different types of spirits, the humans categorize them all as a single race of ‘spirits’, some of the types include harpies, arachnes, vampires and centaurs. And even then, that is only a small part of them all.”

“So, you’ve already had a long life. Did you always live here? Or did you used to live in some other place before?”


“I used to be an adventurer and merchant before. Then I also worked as innkeeper for a while. It’s just that since I live longer than other people, most of my friends and people I was close to passed away earlier. And after a while, I couldn’t bear it anymore. It was so pitiful to only see their children you see. And so, around fifty years ago I retired to this forest. This forest is almost devoid of people. There used to be an elf I was close to, who later started living with the humans and became the secretary of the king.”


This somehow became a very serious story… On one hand she could live longer, but on the other hand she also had to witness the end of the lives of many other people. I wonder how she felt seeing the people close to her pass away. She might have told her story cheerfully, but she must have been suffering the whole time.

My mind kept thinking like that while she told her story.


“What, why are you looking like that?”

She pinched and stretched my cheeks as she spoke.



“Awahh hawwtsss!”


I felt like she was grinding my face. It didn’t hurt though. It was almost like she was massaging me.



“Okay, now hurry up and sleep. One of the jobs of a child is to sleep, or else you won’t grow up.”



I’m really growing up!



“Good night Amelia.”


She gently kissed my forehead.

“Mhm, good night, Martha.”



We fell asleep.


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