Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: So beautiful

The night’s over! Good morning.

I wondered about what had happened last night.


Martha told me that she was actually a half-elf and all that had happened to her before she came to this forest. It really shocked me. To be honest, I found the whole thing a bit hard to believe.



After eating breakfast, I headed to the room that the black fenrir was in.


She still hadn’t eaten with us in the table, even after a whole month had passed, and that must be due to some particular reason.




Wait no. I was definitely not keeping her confined or imprisoned. It’s also not racism or any sort of discrimination. Any of those would go against the animal welfare laws anyway.


The truth was, the black fenrir had never transformed into her human form, not a single time. Wouldn’t it look weird if she was eating with us in her animal form? She wasn’t our pet after all. It’d be inexcusable to make her eat from a plate on the floor. She must show her willingness to change into her human form! What happened in chapter 16 didn’t count; normally whenever I was done tasting the food, I’d leave the tray on the desk and exit the room. Russel also transformed to his human form whenever he ate with us.



In any case, because of that, if she didn’t change into her human form, then we wouldn’t eat together. That’s how this worked. .

*knock* *knock*

“I’m going in! Good morning! Fenrir-san.”

“Good morning. Amelia.”

When I entered, I was greeted by a beautiful girl.

Hm? Did she just call my name like it was nothing?

She was a beautiful girl with straight black hair that reached to her hips and white porcelain-like skin!! She wore an astonishing black dress with long sleeves. She looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old and was 160cm tall, I suppose? (at least it seemed like that to me.)



Could it be? Could this person be?!


“Black fenrir-san?”



“Yes, it’s me….I guess I look really weird?”



“Nope! Not at all! You’re not weird at all! Your black hair that’s like the deep night sky and your sparkling obsidian-like eyes are really beautiful!”



I wondered if every fenrir looks beautiful in its human form? Or maybe were there only beautiful people in this world?






She looked surprised for a moment. An instant later her face was flushed red and she looked down.


She probably got mad at me for looking at her embarrassed face.


“I’m sorry. Did I make you mad?”





I couldn’t quite get what she had said so I tilted my head in confusion.




“It’s the first time someone told me that I was beautiful.”


This time she said it out loud, looking straight at me. In her eyes, tears were welling up.



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  1. Awwww~ I wanna hug the fenrir~ I totally imagined her looking like younger version of Ogasawara Sachiko :3

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