Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: For The First Time


For the first time…

For the first time, someone told me I was beautiful…


Since the moment I was born, the other fenrirs, my parents and siblings, everyone looked at me with scorn; they despised my black body. They always told me that I was born tainted, that I was cursed. So it made me really happy when someone told me I was beautiful.



“Thank you, for telling me that I looked beautiful.”



“Don’t mind me! It’s the truth after all!!”


“Amelia, there’s something I want to tell you. If possible, I’d like Martha-san and Russel-sama to be present too.”


I wanted to tell them what happened to me before I was abandoned in the forest.



A fenrir stayed with its pack for the first 30 years of their life. No matter how much I was abhorred and condemned, I was given that right too. Those 30 years felt like hell. Remaining there was a rule established by the fenrirs, so I was to stay with the pack no matter how much I resented it.



As soon as I reached maturity, I was chased out of the pack. They told me ‘You have no obligation to return to the pack anymore.’.




The pack was a small one. Most of them had lived for a long time, so there were not that many in the pack. Fenrirs didn’t build or inhabit houses either; they lived constantly moving from one place to another. If they were to remain in a single place, other lifeforms would start marking them as prey; no one dared to admit it, but that was the truth.


To avoid running into them again, I decided to wander to a place inhabited by humans, after changing into my human form. I quickly found a small job that I could take and started to make a living out of that.

A certain day, one of the friends I had been hanging out with for years invited me to dinner. I didn’t suspect anything and went with her. That had been a grave mistake; she drugged my food with sleep-inducing drugs.

When I woke up, I had been collared, clothed with crude garments, and locked inside a cell. I had been sold to a slave trader. When I asked why I was there, all I heard was that the woman who sold me was in need of money.


I struggled to fight back, but when I tried doing something, pain shot through my whole body. I attempted to remove the collar, but the same thing happened.


At first I only hated my own race; now I loathed the human race too. The former despised another being just because of its color, the latter could willing sold out their friends. The fenrirs who said I was cursed, I despaired after facing them. At that point, I could no long see any meaning to my life.

Before long, someone from nobility bought me. I could see a coarse smirk appearing on the dealer’s face as he closed the deal. Apparently I was sold for a high sum. A couple of days after I was taken to that noble’s mansion, I met him. Although he was a human, he was excessively fat; in fact, he looked almost like an orc. He approached me holding a nasty looking collar, then foolishly proceeded to unlock my collar. I escaped immediately by returning to my original appearance. I managed to hear someone screaming “A monster!” behind me. Many people started chasing after me immediately after. In a certain sense I was grateful to that noble; thanks to him I managed to be free again. My pursuers…I obviously killed them all. Despite that, I didn’t manage to escape unscathed; I had many wounds all over my body, blood that wouldn’t stop spurting from my injuries. If someone spotted me, they would definitely hunt me down. Thinking so, I hastily ran away. I ran, ran and continued running until I arrived at that forest. At that point I was thoroughly exhausted and couldn’t move anymore. So I thought that I was going to die in that place.


“…And that’s how I arrived here. So I’m really sorry for taking those actions against you at the start. I’m really, really grateful to you for saving me.”

“Well…I could never have guessed that you went through such hardships. Don’t worry about it anymore; it’s alright now. Also, abandoning a wounded creature would have been really cruel of us, right? In any case, if you want to thank someone, thank Amelia. I didn’t do anything.”


Martha said.


“Thank you, thank you so much…”


She repeated countless times, overflowing with tears.



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