Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Wish

After she was done crying, I let her help me with some of the house chores, which also served as some sort of rehabilitation exercise for her. We were all together when we ate lunch afterwards. I asked her why she was looking so hesitant to be there with us, and she strangely asked me back ‘Is it fine for me to be here?’. Martha said that it was probably her first time feeling the warmth of another person, so she was confused. When we were done with lunch, I invited her to accompany me to the lake.

“Fenrir-san! Do you want to go to the lake together with me and Ell?”

“The lake? You mean the place where you picked me up?”

“Yeah! I always go there to practice my magic and hunt monsters.”

“I see…But sorry, I don’t think I’ll go with you today. I want to be alone outside for a bit.”


She said with an apologetic face.

“But you’ll come back before it’s dark, right?”


She seemed like she would disappear off somewhere so I just blurted that out.

“I will come back, don’t worry. I won’t leave this place until I have repaid you for saving my life. I know this is very selfish of me, but will you allow me to stay?”



“You heard her! Martha, she can right?”


Amelia’s face was smiling brightly when she asked Martha.


“Well, I guess it’s fine.”



Amelia turned back towards the black fenrir after hearing her response.


“Black fenrir-san, I have a small proposal for you.”

The black fenrir seemed glad her request had been accepted, but she soon became tense again and waited in silence for me to continue:

“Do you want to continue living with us like this? Martha said it was fine if you didn’t mind it!”


The black fenrir seemed a bit troubled.

“Of course, it won’t be like you are freeloading off us or something. We’ll give you a job. Please become Amelia’s guard.”

“Is it enough with that? I’m not nearly as strong as Russel-sama.”


“That doesn’t matter. You can learn whatever you feel you are lacking from him. Amelia likes you just as much. If you want to somehow return the favor, protect her! How about that?”

“You have a point there. I don’t really have a reason to refuse either.”

“Then it’s fine, right? So….”


“Yeah! If you are fine with it, can you live with us here?”

After I asked again, she stood upright and answered:

“I will protect you, even if it costs me my life. I don’t want to feel like I was nothing but a stranger here. And Russel-sama, Martha-san, please train me to be as strong as you two, so I can protect Amelia.”

“Then it’s decided.”

“Yeah! I’ll be counting on you from now on, Fenrir-san! We are family now!”

We all happily accepted her, me, Russel and Martha from above.


In high spirits, Martha, Russel and I happily accepted her.


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