Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Name

The black fenrir became part of our family!

A couple of days had passed since then and today I was going to the lake with her and Russel.


We were taking a rest right now.

“Oh right, Fenrir-san, ever since we met I’ve been calling you Black Fenrir, but do you have a name?”

“No, I don’t have a name. I was always referred to as ‘the black one’. There is my true name too but…I can’t really talk about that. Sorry.”

“You don’t have to feel sorry for that, instead, is it alright if I give you a name then?”



Right now, she’s in her black wolf form. Black fenrirs were rare even within their own race, huh.

“Then, your name will be Cherny Nefritis. It means black jade, which is really rare and hard to find. Do you like it?”

“It’s a nice name. Thanks.”


The black fenrir seemed really happy.

“Since the whole thing is really long, I’ll call you Firis then!”

“I don’t mind that either.”

Russel, who was watching from afar until now, suddenly freaked out and came running.


“Wait you two!” “Huh?”

At the same time as he screamed, something resembling a magic square that was floating with a faint light formed around me and the black fenrir. Soon it began to grow brighter and stretched upwards like vapor; shortly afterwards, it dissolved in a flash.




Ell let out a really heavy sigh.

“Are you fine with that? You do realize what you just did, right?”

“Yes, I don’t mind. It is what I wanted.”





What are they talking about?


Ell kept throwing questions at the black fenrir.



“Ell, what happened just now?”



“You just formed a bond with her.”



“Bond? You mean, like what you did with Martha…?”






Russel and Martha had a monster bond. If that kind of bond was made, no matter how strong of a monster the bonded was, it would last until the bonder decided to undo the bond, or if the bonded died.



The bond basically meant that in exchange for lending its power, the bonded would consume the bonder’s MP.



In general, there are three forms of bonds.



The first one is when the bonder gives the monster a name. In this case, the relationship with the monster becomes deepened to the point that it is possible to communicate with it, even if it is a low level monster. As mentioned before, for this kind of bond, the bond could only be undone when either the bonder (human) chose to do so, or if the monster died.



The second type is when the monster teaches the bonder its true name. This is a really rare case of bond; after all, the main condition is that if any of those involved in the bond die, the other one will die too. This kind of bond has only been seen between high level monsters (sacred beasts) which have the capacity to reason by themselves.


And finally, the third kind. This type of bond is the most hated one. It is one that coerces the monsters into submission, robbing them of their capacity to act by themselves. Since it was used to treat monsters as objects, it’s one kind of magic that is now banned.



The first one is known as a monster bond,

the second one a true name bond,

and the third one a servant bond.



The first one is the most common one.


A monster bond is also pretty common when summoning a monster, so sometimes it’s also regarded as a summoned monster bond.



“Firis, is it really alright? I’m a human you know? And still a child to boot. I’m not even as strong as Martha.”



“It’s fine, I promised I’d give my life for you, Amelia. So I don’t mind this. I’m sorry for making you form this bond with me. But I had really wanted you to give me a name.”



“Okay, though I’d have preferred it if you had told me beforehand.”



“I’m sorry…”



She really seemed to be feeling down; her ears were folded, almost glued to her head.

“It’s okay, no problem. But are you really fine with this?”



“I am.”

“Okay. Well then, nice to have you around, Firis.”

“Yeah. I’ll be in your care.”



“What? Amelia bonded with a fenrir?”


Martha was sitting on a chair, her elbow leaned on her desk and her legs crossed.




“Russel, why didn’t you stop it?”

“Well… I did try, but I was one step too late… Well…yeah, that’s all.”


Russel hung his head in shame. His ears were lowered too; he wasn’t in his human form now, but in that of the white wolf.


The way this scene was laid out, it looked like an owner scolding his dog for making a mess.


After a long sigh,


“What do you mean that’s all? Did Amelia agree to it? If she didn’t, then she should break the bond immediately.”

She said.

As soon as we came back from the lake, Russel went straight to meet with Martha and report to her what had happened. Now, back to the story.

“Amelia gave her consent. Calm down.”


“Okay. If that hadn’t been the case, then there wouldn’t be much left of that dog’s neck.”



Martha-san, please stop saying scary stuff. Don’t call her a dog, and don’t leak out your murderous intent. It’s creepy.


“Martha, when I bonded with Firis I was a bit shocked at first, but I was very happy! So, don’t get mad okay?”


Right? Don’t get mad because it’s scary. Please?

“Amelia, are you sure you are okay with it? You do realize that you have made a bond.”

She asked me worriedly.



“Yeah! It’s okay! Firis is really cute too, and she’s already part of our family, right? We can, right?”


I asked persistently.


I’m very delighted at the idea of having one more fluffy around! She’s already been here for so long, it’d be a pity to chase her out.

It’s okay, right? I kept asking Martha with my eyes.

A while after staring at each other,


“…If you say it’s alright for you, then it’s fine. But anyway, from now on, you are even closer to our family.”

When Firis heard that, initially she seemed shocked, but soon after she was smiling brightly.


“I will treasure the name Amelia gave me, ‘Cherny Nefritis’. Martha-san, thanks for calling me your family.”

“Martha, thank you!!”

Saying so, I hugged her.


Today, we got one more official member of our family!!



Good day, kurumi here.

I really had to put a lot of thoughts into the name for the black fenrir. I’m really sorry for the wait, to all the readers who were wondering ‘When will her name show up’ (Though maybe some didn’t think about it).

Cherny Nefritis was a name I thought of by myself. I’m sorry it’s so long.


Cherny (black) Nefritis (Jade)


I only mixed some Bulgarian with Greek.


I like the ring it has to it, so I just used it. Again, I’m sorry it’s so long.


Thank you for reading Tehe until now. m(_ _)m


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  1. Thank you for the chapters!!!!! Her name is really cute and cool sounding. I really like it! I was worried that she might have named her Kuro and such. Glad she didn’t.

  2. Doesn’t the author mean Cherno nefríti?

    i and ì is not the same.

    Nefritis is the term for kidney inflammation in spanish
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