Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 24

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf
Chapter 24: Going out with everyone.


It’s winter now!
It’s cold!

Right now it’s the second month–––the Month of Purification!
There’s a lot of snow piled up everywhere, so yesterday we had a snowball fight. It was really fun!
The first time I made snowballs however, Martha and Russel were giving me strange looks even though they were correctly made. By now it had already become a habit to make them though.

Today we’d be walking down the hill and then going to the city in the afternoon! (Though it’s a small city so calling it a village would be more accurate.) I had been going there regularly since I was four years old, so there were a lot of people I already knew. I mostly got a lot of treats from the older ladies and men. It was really fun.

Martha was called ‘The red witch’ by the villagers. She’s red haired, had a familiar, lived in the forest for more than 50 years and she still looked young. Apparently this place wasn’t visited by members of other races often, so she didn’t tell anyone that she’s a half-elf.
They call me chibi-chan (lil shrimp/pipsqueak).
I was only 6 years old so I was small okay? Still, they were all kind people so I really liked them.

Today I was wearing the clothes I always wore when going out hunting: a coat made from horn rabbit fur, boots and a hat. My clothes were all pure white.
It was all fluffy outside so they felt really nice.
Martha wore her favorite black coat and boots made from horn rabbit fur. After she accommodated the bag with our luggage, we were ready to depart!

“Amelia, are you ready yet?”

“Yes! I am!”

“Alright, we’ll be leaving now then.”


Russel and Firis were with us too. Also, this was something they just told me, but apparently a fenrir’s normal size is at least two merus (2 meters), but they normally use a body mass changing skill to appear smaller. We descended halfway through the mountain, me riding on Firis’ back and Martha riding on Russel’s, who looked almost twice as big as before. Firis also told us that if we were with her, she wouldn’t mind interacting with other people! I was really happy we could go to all sorts of places together now!
As soon as we were out of the forest Martha and I would have to walk on our own feet. Russel would also have to change his size to that of a large-breed dog.

Today we were taking magic stones and fur from the many horn rabbits I hunted. The fur was very useful in the cold season so they had a high demand, or so Martha told me. We also had some medicine Martha prepared with the herbs picked up in the forest and jerky made from rock boar meat that we were planning to sell. Martha’s bag had some magic applied to it so it had room for way more things that its appearance suggested.

Back when I noticed her bag was like that, I thought that maybe an ‘Infinite Inventory’ was rare here and never told her anything. But one day when she asked me how I was carrying everything I hunted (which was a lot) to bring home, it was funny seeing how she immediately noticed I had one. She then told me I should never use it when we were away from home.

Putting that aside though, if jerky was a thing here, I wonder if there were sausages too; they were so good. When we were back home I guess I’d ask Martha; maybe I should also ask about bacon.

While I kept pondering like that we were already out of the forest. From here on we’d all have to walk.

As we got near the city, planted fields could be seen on both sides of the road. Fences with charms that repel magic beasts were built all around the fields since it was common for magic beasts to appear out here.

This place was in the territory of Baron Wolkim and was so far away in the countryside that calling it remote wouldn’t be an understatement. The feudal lord seemed to be quite popular, and most of the people living in the city seemed to like him. If we went even further away there would be a slightly bigger city than Wolkim’s, and according to Martha there was an actual mansion for the feudal lord there.

This country is referred to as the Kingdom of Lavist, and this city, located in front of the Rusicle mountain range, is called Vilde.
Martha said that going to the capital from here normally took around two months.

And while we were busy talking about random things, we had arrived at Vilde!!
Also, there’s always a gatekeeper at the entrance. The old man with the stubble was there all the time.

“Hey, haven’t seen you in a month! And look at that, you even got a black one this time.”
The friendly old man started talking to us.

“It’s our new family!”

“I see, interesting, first the pipsqueaky and now the new family.”


After we talked for a bit, we entered the city. Since we always came around every month, we were known enough to be let in without any problems.

First we visited the pharmacy. We always went there to sell our medicines and herbs. I was left to wait outside together with Firis and Russel while Martha went inside to sell our stuff. Afterwards we went to the general store to sell the magic stones and fur we had and also buy things we needed back home. Since I had grown a bit I needed new clothes, so we bought a few of them, along with a lot of salt and other spices.
This country’s currency is the Jil (J), which is divided into large gold coins, gold coins, large silver coins, silver coins, large copper coins, copper coins and small copper coins. Their values are:

Large gold coin = 1000,000J

Gold coin = 100,000J

Small gold coin = 10,000J

Large silver coin = 5000J

Silver coin = 1000J

Small silver coin = 500J

Large copper coin = 100J

Copper coin = 10J

Small copper coin = 1J

All the different gold coins are mostly used only as a means to store savings by the regular folks; they aren’t useful for much other than that. Though apparently they are sometimes used to buy luxury items.

Apart from the church, the pharmacy and the general store, all the buildings in this city are houses; it looked like a place with dozens of houses stranded all over the place.
The houses were built with dirt bricks and the roofs made of something like straw, though now they were all covered in snow.

“Amelia, is there anything else you want to buy?”

“Nope, nothing more.”


“Okay then, should we go back?”


We were done with shopping and now we were heading back home.


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