Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 25

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25: Sausages and Status


On our way back, snow started falling and even though it didn’t take us long to reach home, by then it was already a blizzard out there and everything was white. The wind willowed strongly. Martha said that today we wouldn’t be able to go outside again.
So I decided to ask what I had been wondering about on our way to the city.
The sausages.

“Umm, Martha, are there anything like sausages here?”

“Sausages? The heck is that.”

“Well, you see, it’s something like grinded pork with herbs, stuffed inside some animal’s guts, then boiled. Ever heard of anything like that?”

“Never heard of that. Are those tasty? Or actually, Amelia, in the world you lived in before, do people eat animal innards?”

“Yes! We eat them. They are really tasty!”

Grilled liver with nira, heart, guts or offals were all so good. Offals were nice in hotpots too. Now that I thought about it, Japanese cuisine really had a lot to offer in this kind of situation.

Most of the food here are made with potatoes or bread. There were times when I yearned for rice and noodles. It’s not like the food here was bad or anything; sometimes I got to eat stuff that I had never seen before. But still, once in a while I would start craving for Japanese food.

“Then, should we try making those when it gets a bit warmer?”

“Really? Seriously?”

“Sure, and if it works out, we could even go sell them in the city. Not only that, but it’s always nice to have more stuff to eat.”


Now that that was taken care of, I still remembered when Martha told me her shocking past that she mentioned being an adventurer once. I also wanted to ask about that.


“Also, Martha.”


“What is it?”


“I want to know more about the things you did in the past! Since today we can’t go outside, I want to hear more about you.”

“Okay. What do you want to know?”



“Something from the time when you were an adventurer!!”


“Alright, let’s talk about that then.”

A long time ago, Martha used to be an adventurer. She said she traveled to a lot of places, even going out of the country. In this world, there are other races apart from humans, and they all have their respective countries. There are three countries inhabited by humans; apart from the Lavist Kingdom that we are in, there are the Husgib Kingdom and Osd Empire. Apparently those two are our neighboring countries. Martha spent many years traveling all around the world. She visited the demihumans’ country, the place where the dwarfs live, or the draconians’ country; apparently she even went to the demons’ country.



“You didn’t go to the elves’ country?”


“Elves are separated as normal elves and dark elves; dark elves are dark skinned while normal elves have white skin. They aren’t really friendly with each other at all. Dark elves is quite diplomatic, so they accept outside people to enter their country, hence I might have been able to go there; but I only have a bit of elven blood in me, right? Halfies aren’t really liked, so it was always hard for me to go there. But who knows, maybe there are other elves that don’t mind other races like my father, right?”


Martha told her story that way, but I felt that maybe there had been a different reason. However, I didn’t have it in me to ask her about it.


Apparently she also met Russel in one of her trips. There had been a request in her guild for a large monster that appeared near the city she was in, and she accepted the request to subjugate it.



When she went to search for the monster, she found its corpse and a fenrir. The fenrir seemed to want to feed off the large monster so it had killed it, but then that would void her request. Thinking so, she tried to talk the fenrir into letting her take credit for defeating the monster. Wasn’t she scared when she saw something like that…


Then, the fenrir seemed to take an interest in her and asked her to form a pact with him. Thinking that she would get even more fighting strength, she gladly accepted.


“So Russel, you formed a pact on a whim?”


“It wasn’t a whim. Not just anyone would call out to a fenrir. I just thought it would be interesting. And in the first place, she was way stronger than any ordinary man. Your average adventurer would never be able to defeat her.”

“Is Martha that strong?”

“You just need to check her Status to know.”



“Martha, can I take a look?”

“Amelia, you have the appraisal skill right? You could’ve just used that to check anytime.”



“..Yeah. But I feel hesitant to simply peek on others whenever I feel like it, so I never checked….Wait, you also have appraisal?!”


“Amelia, you are way too hesitant. Not everyone has the magic for appraisal. And if you are able to peek on someone with that, it just means that the person was weak. Once you level up to S rank, a disguise against someone’s appraisal is nothing. Okay, this is my status.”

Saying so, she showed me her status.



Name: Martha Limera Arastesla


Age: 350


Sex: ♀


Race: Half-elf







Water, Wind, Earth, Fire, Healing, Space



Item Box (finite inventory), Appraisal, Sneaking, Presence Sensing,


Archery, Fencing, Body Strengthening, Unarmed Combat,

Dismantling, Disguising, Medicine





Fenrir’s contractor, good estimator


<Divine Protection>


God of creation’s divine protection


Ohh, seriously?



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  1. Martha’s inventory is actually translated as “finite” = 有限
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