Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 27

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27: Training

Five years have passed!!

I’m eleven years old now!

My current height is around 135cm. (The units used instead of meters are the same here.) I’m aiming to be 170cm! Though it seems that women in this world were all tall and the average is at around 170cm. Martha had said that she was 175cm. And she’s stylish, and her chest plenty of plumpness. Her chest is quite large in fact.

It’s currently spring!

The month is the fourth one, the Month of Blooming


The snow had melted and the wind is bringing warm summer breeze. Flowers are budding on the forest trees and some were already in full bloom.


I don’t seem to have any bad reaction to pollen in this world; back in Japan I would always be bothered by my pollen allergy and had to carry some medicine around all the time. Forced to wear face masks, glasses, and having a reserve of tissues, I never really liked spring. But now spring reminded me of the sakura blooming in Japan, where I would eat dango while watching them, eat dango, and eat dango… Huh! This is bad, I’m thinking too much about dango.

In the winter five years ago I had asked Martha to teach me how to fight with a sword and bow. The following day I started doing weight training; sit-ups and push-ups and overall body building. At first, it was 20 times every day, then every two weeks I’d increase the count by another set of 20; nowadays, it’s five set of 20 with an additional 10km run. Martha is also teaching me fencing and archery. Since I’m still in my growing period I was able to avoid getting stiff muscles. That was a close one~

The training schedule she set up for me was quite strict yet Martha said “Don’t just exercise all the time, study too.” She taught me this world’s history, writing and maths during the last five years. I already had some knowledge of the alphabets they used from the books I found in Martha’s room that I would pick up and try to read from time to time, but writing them myself was hard. I also learned that the learning ability of a child was frightening; I felt like a sponge absorbing everything I was told. I enjoyed history in my previous life so I also able to learn that rather quickly. Moreover all the math in these world was elementary level so I managed to pick it up with ease. And while I couldn’t win against Martha in swordwork or archery, I am good enough to be able to defeat medium-sized monsters without breaking a sweat. Thanks to that I was also crushing it with my levelling ups! I was also told that now I could freely walk around anywhere in the forest as long as Russel and Firis were with me! But I’d still be in hot water if I wasn’t back by sunset.


There was one time I came back late and was lectured for one hour while sitting in seiza, my legs were so numb afterwards that I couldn’t sit properly for a while.

And then, sausages! We made a few and they became somewhat popular! Now we make them regularly to be sold in the city.


At first everyone looked suspiciously at them thinking they were some new kind of ingredient, but as soon as they took one bite…


“!!! This is good! These would go perfectly with some ale!”


Ale was pretty much the same as beer.


“This could also go nicely with some bread!”

And they went on like that, the people of the city seemed really happy about them!


As soon as we started profiting from them, Martha seemed really pleased with herself. I wonder if the merchant side of her had awakened?


Another exciting news is that hamburgers had made its way into an option for our dinner! Though we had to make them with pork but that was enough for me.

I only want ketchup and bacon now!


Unfortunately, bacon needed to be smoked and since we didn’t have any aromatic wood for that, we couldn’t make them. Boo-hoo-hoo…


“Amelia, what do you think about becoming an adventurer?”



She said that out of the blue. After the incident with the sausages we started taking turns in preparing food, today was my turn. I was just cutting vegetables in the kitchen. But I almost cut my finger just now! She should be more careful to not cause accidents like this.

It really surprised me.


“Well, you are already 11 years old, right?”


“Mhm, that’s right.”

In this world, one was considered an adult when one turned 16 years old. The girls also have a young marriageable age. Apparently it was normal to already have a fiance or already be married when one was 20, or so the ladies in the city told me. They also said I had a beautiful face and that I would be able to marry into a good family; I didn’t know if they were joking or serious though. I only laughed it off without telling them anything more.

“In only five years you’ll be an adult. I should have already taught you how to fight, read and write, and anything else that you’ll need in life. If I have to say it, you already can fend for yourself without any problems, I’m really proud of you.”

“That might be true but…”

Does being able to fend for myself mean I have to leave home? Do I have to find another partner? I can’t stay? Have I become a nuisance? I was really distressed.

Martha saw the gloomy look spreading through my face and spoke flusteredly.

“No no, I don’t mean it like that. I’m not saying you should leave since you can live by yourself. But rather…you always kept asking me about the time I was an adventurer, remember? I just thought that it would be better for you to actually experience it than to just listen about it. There are things you can only learn after experiencing them yourself. Or you could try going to the academy in the royal capital. I have some connections there, and it would be nice if you could make friends of your age. A human’s life is short, you should try to go and see as much as you can of this world. Also, if you ever feel lonely you are free to come back here, how does that sound?”

She had a point, and they did say that a picture was worth a thousand words, it wouldn’t be bad to go see things on my own. But, still…I couldn’t make a decision.


In the end my curiosity won. I want to see the outside world! I have to become an adventurer if I have come to a different world!

“Martha, I will become an adventurer! I want to go traveling together with Firis!”


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