Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 29

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29: Old man

We found the inn right away. When we spotted the sign with the tree, we went inside the building.




There was a plump and gentle-looking middle-aged man behind the counter.


“We are here on Vant-san’s referral. I’d like to spend the night here, do you have any open rooms? She is with me by the way.”


“Vant told you to come you say? You look quite young, girl. You can stay with your contracted beast, I don’t mind. One night costs one large silver coin, but add two small silver coins to that and you get dinner and breakfast too. What do you say?”


“I’ll go with the latter offer.”


After I gave him the money (6,000 Jil in total) he gave me the key to the room.


“Alright then, your room is the fifth one. Look at the signs, you’ll find it after you go upstairs. Anyway, do you have any plan to go out again before it gets late?”


“Thank you, we were planning on going to the adventurer’s guild after this.”


“I see, okay. I manage this place together with my wife and child so leave the key with me or one of them when you leave. Do you know where the guild is located?”


“Yes, I know.”


“Try to come back before the sun sets, okay? It gets dangerous at night.”


“Got it. Thank you once again.”


We went to check out the room and left right after that, leaving the key with the owner.


Now that we had secured a room at the inn we could go to the guild! Just like Vant-san had said, we turned left once we found the sign with the cat and came upon the adventurer’s guild. It was just after noon so there weren’t that many people at this time.


We headed to the reception counter, but as it turned out, I was too short so I had to look up the entire time at that place.


“Excuse me. I’d like to register as an adventurer.”


“Alright. Please come over here, you seem uncomfortable there.”


Saying so, the reception lady went out of her post and guided me to a nearby desk where she began her explanation.


“Anyone over twelve years old can become an adventurer. Those who aren’t twelve yet can get a provisional registration, and while they can’t take monster hunting quests yet, it’s possible for them to take simpler tasks. To get an adventurer’s card you first need to pay 1000 Jil upfront. Do you have any questions about anything that I just mentioned?”




“Yes? What is it?”


“Can I sell my magic stones here?”


“You can. We accept those at the counter over there. You can sell anything you get from hunting there, even if it wasn’t from a quest. Just try not to force yourself and do something dangerous. Anything else?”


After I answered no, she took a piece of paper and placed it on the desk before continuing her explanation.


“Now then, please write down your details on this paper. In case you don’t know how to write we can do it for you. The essentials are your name, age and race; you can write more if you want but just that should be fine. If you have formed a pact with a monster please indicate that too.”


“Okay, got it.”


I took the pen and started writing on the paper.


Then I handed it back to the lady together with a silver coin.


She told me to wait for a moment before disappearing behind the reception counter.


About five minutes later, she came back with a copper slate in her hands.


“Lastly, please put a drop of blood on this.”


I pinched myself with the needle she brought and let a drop of blood fall onto the slate. Soon after, the borders of the slate lit up.


“Now your card is done. If you focus some mana into the slate it’ll show your status. Your adventurer rank starts at F and will increase with the quests you take so do your best. Once you reach rank D you’ll need to take a test to raise your rank so keep that in mind. The highest rank is SS. The guild card we just issued you can only be used by you, whose blood fell onto it. If you want to hide your status from the card just command it to disappear through your mana. And as a last warning, if you lose your card we can issue you another, but if it happens twice you’ll have to pay five large silver coins every time so take care of it.”


When she was done, she handed the card to me.


“Thank you very much.”


After expressing my gratitude, I headed to the transaction counter to sell my magic stones.


“Excuse me, I want to sell some magic stones, is this the transaction counter?”


Again, since I was short I had to look upwards.


“What is it, girlie? You want to sell magic stones?”


A muscular man came out.


“Yes, I want to sell magic stones I got from horn rabbits and aqua rats.”


“I see, it seems like you’re uncomfortable there, come over here.”


After saying that he took me to the desk and chair again.


“How many magic stones do you want to sell?”


“A hundred.”


After saying that I reached into my backpack and while pretending to take something out of it. I took the bag where I had separated the magic stones beforehand from my infinite inventory.


Since I used to go hunting almost daily and get about three stones a day, I roughly have about 5000 stones. Once I’m back at the inn I should count the exact number.


Small monsters like horn rabbits only had small magic stones so one of them was only worth around one large copper coin (300 Jil). Those monsters were nimble, but they were weak so regular people could hunt them, hence their stones didn’t sell for much. But then again, the color of the stones changed depending on the amount of magic strength stored in them. The ones which looked like glass slightly tinted red were cheap, while those that were completely blood-red were the most expensive ones.


“A hundred you say? You worked really hard then, let me look at them.”


As he said that he took one from inside the bag and examined it with a loupe. After groaning while deep in thought, he spoke again.


“Does 30,000 Jil sound like a fair price?”


“That’s fine by me.”


He suggested a reasonable price from the start! I was starting to get worried about what I’d do if he tried to take advantage of me.


I received the money from the man and checked it. It was six large silver coins. Then I exchanged one of them for its equivalent in normal silver coins.


Then my business at the adventurer’s guild was done so I headed back to the inn to call it a day.


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