Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Status


TL Notes:
The Names for the Attributes, Skills, and Names of people MAY change because Kanji can be read in multiple ways.



Good Morning!



Approximately 3 days have passed since I was picked up.


I am thinking about looking at my status today.



But before that, I want to introduce myself.


My name from my past life was Kuroda Rin (TL: May be changed).

I was a person who loved anime, games, light novels, and manga. I’m what you call was called an otaku. I was athletic. After all, it was not good to confine yourself in a room.

I had a mediocre face.

My hair was always in a ponytail and my bangs were always tied back.

Because of my bad eyesight, I also wore glasses.

As for my age, I was 15 and was going to become a high schooler.

Ah, also, please don’t think of me as a brat please.

I guess it is roughly like this.



It’s a crib now? I am left in a place like that now.


Well then, let’s look at the statuses that I am curious about.

Before that, I have to find my magic powers. Closing my eyes~ Is there any energy-like substance in my body~? Hm? This? There is something like a puddle here.

Lets revolve it throughout my whole body….

Guru guru guru. (TL: Turning/Rolling sound)



Yay!! I did it!



It seems like the image is important.



Now then, let’s go!

[Status Open]



Ohー! I did it!



Name: ????

Gender: ♀

Age: 0

Race: Human Tribe

Lv: 1

HP: 500/500

MP: 500/500



All Attributes(Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark), Creation(創造), Space-time(時空)


Appraisal (鑑定)

Infinite Storage (無限収納イベントリ)



The Reincarnated One (転生者)

The One Loved by the World (世界に愛されしもの)

<Divine Protection>

Creation God’s Divine Protection (創造神の加護)



For now, Kami-sama(God) (?) told me that my status will be made so it won’t be an inconvenience but putting inconvenience aside, this is going so far that it’s a cheat, isn’t it?

Thank you very much Kami-sama.

(Pr: Inconvenience to him in the new world)


My name has not been decided yet…what kind of name will I get???

I’m looking forward to it♪



I wonder what are Skills?

Is Appraisal (鑑定) useful?


A skill is the abilities that a person holds.

You can obtain a skill by training.



I see! As long as you train, you can get as much skills as you want, right!!

How convenient.


And, I don’t understand the criteria for the status so Appraisal-san, please help.


Race: Human Tribe

Age: 0


Lv: 1

HP: 200/200

MP: 200/200



Basic Magic (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind)


Depends on the person.


Depends on the person.


<Divine Protection>

Creation God’s Divine Protection (創造神の加護)

(Pr: Seems like the status of a regular person?)



As I thought, I am stronger than a normal person huh….


What is The Reincarnated One?


<The Reincarnated One (転生者)>

A person who holds the soul of another world.



Exactly what is says huh.



<The One Loved by the World (世界に愛されしもの)>

It will be easier to gain skills. Also, the person who holds this title will gain favors from the world.

It is easy to get along with spirits and beasts.



This is also a cheat huh.



<Protection of the Creation God (創造神の加護)>


Protection that can be granted to all the living things in this world (Karl Stellis).

There is no effects.


This is probably to express the existence of a god.



I became sleepy after doing so many things.

I will go to sleep. Good night.

Suyaa(_ _).。o○


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(This site runs now runs on ads, so please support by clicking on one…. Thank you!)

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