Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Let’s Talk!



Good afternoon!



Babies are busy, aren’t they~


If you are hungry, you cry. When you po*p, you cry.

You cry even when you don’t understand. You cry when you get drowsy.

This continued every day for the past few months.

Martha-san seems somewhat busy huh~ wait I was the culprit. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Also, my name was decided! It seems like I am called Amelia.


I learned to crawl recently! So, so, when I go to various places, Wolf-san will bring me back.



Put me downー!


Shouting, I kick my arms and legs.

Struggling in vain.

Let me be free~!! And there is no way the voice from my heart can reach them.

I will be taken to my room.





Presently, I am in the middle of staring at Wolf-san, Russell.

Jiーーーー (TL: Means to stare)


Russell too stares back.



Russell is a big wolf, so because of the height difference, I am looking up at him as he looks down at me.


Generally, unable to support the weight of my head, the staring contest will end as I fall back. Yes, that was the usual.



I thought about something!

Perhaps I can use telepathic communication!

And I have decided that today was the day to try it out!



Sense the magic powers and think about what I want to convey in my head. And release the magic powers as if firing at the opponent. Go~!


『Wolf-san! I have free time right now!』


Wolf-san was surprised! Did I succeed?


And then, in my head a sound that goes pirorin♪ and words saying《Skill, Telepathic Communication, Obtained≫ flowed through!! Yes! Skill obtained!


『What was that. Did you do it?』


A voice resounded in my head. Why was it such a cool voice!? Isn’t a bass voice too good?

Gefun gefun. (TL: Coughing to clear throat sound…even though it is telepathy lol)



『Yeah! It’s me! Amelia did that!』

『Is that so. Also, my name is not Wolf-san. It’s Fenrir. It seems like she calls me Russell.』

Fenrir is THAT Fenrir!! The legendary creature! Is he maybe a sacred beast!?

『May I call you Ell?』

『You may. Also you…『Lia!』Lia, how did you learn to use magic? But before that, why are you able to speak so fluently?』

『That’s because…』


Ah, crap.


It was already too late.

The scenery in front of my eyes started to spin.



Unable to support my head, I toppled over.



「Hii……hii……uuuuaaaaaーーーン!!」(TL: Hii = Pronounced as “he” and is crying sound)


It hurts. I can’t stop my tears.



Without delay, brisk footsteps can be heard and I was embraced from behind.

My back was stroked. Ah~ I feel somewhat warm and relieved.


「Russell, did she fall back when you guys were glaring at each other?」

「Ah, I’m sorry. I forgot to be cautious when we were glaring at each other.」


Russell-san stayed silent about the telepathic communication!


Also, Martha-san’s face is very grim/stern…


「Maーya?」 (TL: Baby language)

I’m sad I can’t speak properly yet.

「Are you okay Amelia?」


「Ai!」 (TL: aka Aye!)

I’m totally fine! I was just surprised when I fell over!


「You were probably mischievously trying to go somewhere again. Bad girl. Also, stop the staring contest with Russell.」

Saying that, she lightly pinched my nose.



It tickles so stop~!


「Kyaー! Awaー」



After that, I was tickled and resulted in me laughing very hard.

No tickling!


After playing, Martha-san once again headed off somewhere.



Russell-san was my babysitter, so he was sitting by my side laying down like a dog.


He is in my line of sight in this position so I am also enjoying this.

Because after all, in this position, I can touch Russell. Ah~Fuwa fuwa (TL: Fluffy)

I pushed and rubbed my head against Russell’s stomach ~.

And was satisfied with the mofu mofu. (TL: Also Fluffiness)



Ah! I have to thank him for earlier!


『Ell! Let’s Talk!』



『Thank you for not talking about the telepathy earlier!』

『It’s not that important. I just didn’t feel like speaking about it.』

How kind! Wait, was that just now a Tsundere!?

『And so you see. About what happened earlier. I lived in a place called Japan. I have memories from my previous life (?) you see~.』

『Lia, you were a Migrant (渡り人) huh.』


It seems like a Migrant is what they call people who came from another world. A person who has been on a trip.

But, in my case, I, who was born in this world, will not be called a Migrant.


『Are there a lot of Migrants?』

『No, just one in a few hundred years. I am still trying to gain knowledge about them. The Human Tribe always try to gather the Migrants when they appear though.』

Uwa, that’s a little- actually, I don’t want that at all~.

『Will I be used when I grow up?』

『I believe you will be fine. You also look like a person from this world.』

HmーIs that so~.

I wonder how I look like.

『Ell, How do I look like? Like the color of my hair and eyes.』

『Hm? Your appearance? Well, let me bring you a mirror.』

Russell stood up and went somewhere.



After a short time.



An unknown man holding a mirror appeared.


(Pr: Ai, bishi confirmed, is this Shoujo?!)



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