Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Surprise!



Who is this man?

He’s terribly handsome.



Hm? He’s holding a mirror. That means…





「That’s correct. You realized it pretty quickly.」


Ell became very handsome. He had silver hair that stretched down to his waist and golden eyes. Even though he has an androgynous appearance, I knew he was a man. He was cool. Like always, he has his bass voice.



Ell came close to me and placed the mirror in front of me.


「Take a look. This is you.」


The person reflected from the mirror was…



Naturally a baby.



But who is this?!



Reflected in the mirror was a baby with western looking features and blue-silver hair that looked violet as light reflected off of it. The eyes were a color of transparent emerald green.

The cheeks were plump and dyed pink.



When I opened my mouth out of surprise, the baby in the mirror opened her mouth too. Aside from that, I made several other movements. When I raised my left hand, the baby in the mirror also raised her hand. The baby in the mirror does the same exact movement as I do.



『Ell. Who is this?』


「Lia. It’s you.」






『You are kidding, right? I mean she’s so……』


Hm? There is something like heat haze in front of me. That is strange.

I wonder what it is. It’s bendy and unpleasant.





Groaning, I lost conscious.







I woke up in a way similar to that sound.

My head hurts~. I still feel dizzy and sick~.

Where is this?

Thinking that, I surveyed my surrounding.

It seems like I was immediately placed in the crib.


And beside me was Ell.


「You’re awake huh.」




「Lia, you used too much Magic Power. Don’t use anymore today.」


Eh? I used too much Magic Power?



[Status Open]



Name: Amelia

Age: 0

Gender: ♀

Race: Human Tribe







Ah. It’s true.

There is barely any MP left. Oops~.

There is a name on the Name section of the Status!


「When you use up all your Magic Power, you won’t die, but you will feel sick and faint. You should keep track of how much you use. I have not heard about that, as I was absorbed in my telepathic communication. You should be careful from now on. Also, sorry, I didn’t notice your magic consumption.」


Good grief, I was surprised when I suddenly collapsed. Because I have a lot of Magic Power. I can do things like telepathy, but as expected, Humans have a low amount of Magic Power.

For me to not realize my magic consumption. I still have a long way to go huh.




I won’t forget his kind smile.

Ell is very gentle.



「Sleep a little more. I’ll wake you up later.」

He was honest and cute.




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