Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: I became 5 years old.



Author’s Note:

I will jump a tremendous amount of years.

I’m sorry. She is suddenly 5.



I became 5!

I am able to speak too! I can also walk!

Though it is slow, I can also run.
I can also memorise things about this world too.



Time and the days of the week are something like this.



One year has 360 days.

There are 12 months.

That means that there will be 30 days in 1 month by calculation.

There are fewer days compared to Earth.

There are no leap years.

The seasons are the same as on Earth. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

It is very cold in winter.


Next, I will explain the days of the week.

There are 7 days in a week←This was also the same on Earth.

In order:


Monday = Day of Darkness

Tuesday = Day of Fire

Wednesday = Day of Water

Thursday = Day of Wind

Friday = Day of Thunder

Saturday = Day of Earth

Sunday = Day of Light


It seems like they represent the elements of Magic.


Next, I will explain the 12 months.

January = Month 1…Month of Beginning

February = Month 2…Month of Purification

March = Month 3…Month of Budding

April = Month 4…Month of Blooming

May = Month 5…Month of Harvest

June = Month 6…Month of Fertility

July = Month 7…Month of Planting

August = Month 8…Month of Wilting Grass

September = Month 9…Month of Leaf Fall

October = Month 10…Month of Merging

November = Month 11…Month of Restoration

December = Month 12…Month of Ending


We can say it was Month [Insert Number] and it’s not really any different from Earth.

It’s just that there are things like the First Month, the Second Month for each month.

It was as if it was the life of a plant.



And, today is Month 9~ Month of Leaf Fall~!

The season is Autumn.

Even though it says Leaf Fall, I’m telling you, it is actually a Ripening Fall!

There is so much food that I have not seen before, since I have only lived here for 5 years, but there are a lot of delicious things here!

There were a lot of kuri(TL: Japanese Chestnut), sweet potato, and mushrooms!

Kuri was called Kuku Melon, Sweet Potatoes were called Fin Potato. There were too many different species of Mushrooms that I can’t name them all.

In this season, the Rock Boar is also very delicious!

The Rock Boar is similar to the wild boar and the small ones are at least 2 Meru (1 Meru = 1 Meter).



It seems I was raised at the foot of the mountain in a forest called Galstar Forest.

I am living in a small cottage that is 3 stories high with Ell and Martha.

There is a small town if you go down the mountain. Every once or twice a month, we go down to sell things like dried Rock Boar meat, mountain herbs, and mountain plants. We also go to buy things necessary for our everyday life like salt and clothes.


And today is the first day I leave the forest!



Before this, I was brought out to the village, taught how to do housework, and explored the areas around the house playing tag with Ell.

I also spend busy and fulfilling days, helping make processed goods!

Well, even if I say that, I spend half the day on playing around and learned as I played.


It seems like we are going to hunt Rock Boars today.

Since Martha-san allowed me to follow her, I will be riding on Ell’s back.


「Lia, before we enter the forest, you have to promise me this. Even when you get off of Russell’s back, you can not wander alone. Since there are a lot of Magical Beasts in the forest. Do not separate from us if you don’t want to meet something scary.」


「Yes! Lia will not go off alone!!」



「Okay. Good Girl. I’ll rely on you Russell.」





「Well then, let’s go.」

Martha-san patted my head as she said that.


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