Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: In the Forest



I got onto Ell and Martha headed into the woods.


I believe it was around 30 minutes after entering the forest.

Martha allowed us to take a break beside a lake to rehydrate.

It must be difficult bringing a child huh. I’m sorry Martha-san.



The lake was so clear and clean, we could see the bottom. The water was very delicious too.



After the break, we headed once again into the forest with me on Ell and Martha walking.



While walking, I asked about the things I was curious about.


「Martha. Are we going to hunt anything aside from the Rock Boar?」


She did say that there are other beasts besides the wild boar….



「Let’s see. If we see others along the ways, let’s hunt too then.」






As I said that, there was a rustling sound in front of us.


A flag appeared huh.



「Amelia, that is a Horn Bear. It has a ferocious character and is very strong. (TL: Literal translation = strong as a fool. I think it probably means muscle head.) Do not fall off of Russell.」




What popped out was a huge bear. It’s not just big. Isn’t this 2 or 3 times bigger than a normal bear? Well, even if you call it a bear, this bear’s eyes were dyed red and a horn was growing out of its forehead. With its dark brown fur that looks almost black, he bared his fangs at us.


The Horn Bear breathed heavily and glared this way. Kicking his forefeet on the ground, like a bull during a bullfight, he charged towards this direction.


「Buoーーー!! Fuun!」 (TL: Bear Sounds)



Russell moved sideways and hid in the thickets with me on his back.

Martha-san is in danger!



「Ell! Martha is in danger!」



「Lia, stop moving and be quiet. She will be fine. There is no way she will lose to a bear.」


「Martha will be ok, right?」

I was suddenly weakened. I didn’t think it will be that big.


Russell answered back

「There is no problem.」



Just like what Russell said, Martha easily avoided the bear.

Sometimes, I can even see her provoking it.

The Horn Bear, that had missed as he charged left and right, breathed heavier in rage.



「Buoーーー!!」 (Bear)


Crying that, he charged once more at Martha.



「Now then, it’s time to end it. Amelia, watch carefully. [Kamaitachi (カマイタチ)]」


As Martha said that, the winds surrounding sliced off the head of the Horn Bear and soon after that, the body fell too with a thud as the blood flows out the opening.

We got a clean view of the bones and vessels from the neck. We could see so much of the cleanly cut parts that I thought it was pretty disgusting.



I let out a miserable note




「Haha. This is Amelia’s first time huh. What’s wrong? Do you feel sick?」



「Yes. I feel sick.」


「Is that so? But, this is what taking a life is. We live by taking away the lives of others. You must not forget that.」


Taking away a life….

That was how we all live. You must carve this firmly in your heart with gratitude and never forget it.


「Un.」(Pr: means “Yes”)


「I will dismember this but do you want to see it? If it get’s too tough, have Russell help you.」


「It’s fine. I will properly look. We took away a life, so we have to treat it with care.」



「That’s correct. Well then, I’ll start.」






And so Martha explained to me as she dismanteled the bear.

She showed me a red orb around the size of my palm near the heart of the Horn Bear. It seems like this is called a magic stone. It is also called the core of the monsters and can be exchanged for money.

The magic stone is also required in order to create magic tools and items.

The dismembered meat was placed in the magic bag along with its innards which can be used to make medicine.


「Use earth magic to bury the remaining innards and blood. You can also use fire magic to burn it since the other monsters will follow the scent of the blood. I’ll teach you those magic when we get home.」


Saying that, Martha then burned the blood and innards with fire magic.


She then used the water magic [Wash] to clean her bloodied hands.



After that, 3 Rock Boars were defeated easily, dismalteled, and squeezed into the magic bag.


We then headed home.


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