Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 8

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Tehe(*´∀`)♪ I Was Picked Up By a Wolf ~Raws~

Chapter 8: Magic 


Good afternoon! It’s me, Amelia!


It seems like Martha-san will teach me magic today.

Finally, the magic I had wished for.


There are such things as rare magic. Types like fire, water, earth, and wind are called basic magic which magic anyone can use.

Aside from those, there is light, dark, space-time, and healing magic. For these magic, if you are not suitable for it, you can not use it. Other than that, the Original Magic is called Unique Magic. This refers to the magic that a person creates.


There are ranks in magic. Lower Class, Intermediate Class, Advanced Class, and Elite Class. From Advanced Rank, you can use Complex Magic which is a combination of 2 to 3 magic. For example, Thunder is a Complex Magic combined from water and wind magic.


Magic Power is everywhere, just like air. That magic was called Black Arts (魔素). Magic uses the MP that a person holds, so people who have little MP can only use Lower Rank magic.



Well, that’s about it for the explanation.







I want to quickly learn!


「Martha! Magic! Magic! Teach me quickly!」



「I understand already, so calm down. You listened carefully to the explanation, right?」




「Good. Let’s head out then. I’ll teach you magic outside.」


「Okay! Let’s hurry!」




And so, we headed out! It’s so exciting!


I mean, it’s magic!


It feels like fantasy!



「Well then, let’s start. First, let your magic circulate. Imagine it flowing throughout your body. You should be able to feel something warm at the bottom of your stomach.」


「Amelia is able to do that already!」

I confidently said that.


Because I have been doing that everyday ever since I was a baby. Circling the Magic Powers like blood. MP Manipulation is my speciality!


「What?! I understand. Try it.」

Martha was very surprised and had an expression as if asking “Can she really do it?”





Let’s circle the MP throughout my body.



「How is it? Did I do it?」



Martha’s face had become something amazing. It actually looks pretty scary, seeing her eyes widen to this extent.


「Yeah. You didn’t just do it. It is circulating very beautifully. I can’t believe it. Well then, let’s move on then. First, let’s learn Fire Magic. Try to create a fire the size of your palms. Repeat the chant after me. 〔Magical power that dwells within me, become the red flame and reveal yourself! [Fire]〕」



As she finished her chant, there was a fwoosh and a flame appeared on Martha’s palm.


Wow~ amazing! There really is magic~!


But, I really don’t want to the the chants huh~ Why are they so Chuuni?




「What is it?」


「Do we have to do the aria/chants?」


「Not really. It’s just to make it simpler to use your MP. What’s important is your image.」


「Then, can I do it without chanting?」


「Sure. Go ahead.」


Martha once again looked at me doubtfully.




I imagined a flame the size of my palm. The image is important.


I chanted to myself,





A fwoosh sound appeared and on my small palm, was a floating flame.


「I did it! I did it Martha!」






Good Afternoon and Good Evening. It’s Kurumi.

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