The Bathroom Goddess Afterstorys 3 and 4!

Hi guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! I know most of you readers want more Assassin Farmer chapters as a gift, but I never stock any extra chapter, sorry! But the FPT team (us) were able to finish a series for you readers! Anyone a fan of The Bathroom Goddess? Well it was one of my first light novels, and I really enjoyed what had already been translated… However it’s been a long time and the previous translator didn’t update the last two side stories, so I took it upon myself to get those done (I got the previous tler’s permission….like 2 years ago :p). I didn’t translate these chapters, unlike sidestory 2, but was done by Nomad, the translator of Tehe Wolf.

Well anyways, I don’t like writing too much, so here’s afterstory 3 and afterstory 4 of Bathroom Goddess!!

Oh yeah, only the 3rd story was (partially) edited, afterstory 4 is unedited…. so we are sorry if there are any grammatical errors. Thank you Leslie for editing the chapter!


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