Assassin Farmer

XI ZHEN / 席祯

Su Shuilian was the first legitimate daughter of a renowned embroidery household, but she was murdered by her jealous family members. After her death, Su Shuilian’s soul enters an unknown female body who lived in a dynasty she has never heard of.

While trapped in the wilderness with her wolf pup companions, Shuilian rescues an assassin who was betrayed by his organization, and saves him from the brink of death.

After making it out of the dangerous forest, the two travel to a small town with little inhabitants. There, they find a location with a breathtaking landscape and disguise themselves as a married couple to buy a house to settle down in.

She, a girl unfamiliar with this world, and he, an infamous assassin. Journey with them as they adapt to their new life…

Genre: Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life, (Slightly) Smut


Chapter 1-3 (AMERYEDGE)
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        1. Ahaha, well translating is hard work. I also update once a month when I am in school.
          And The General’s Little Peasant Wife updates about once a week; every 7.2 days to be exact.

      1. Hi MissQ!

        I am interesting about this novel so much and need to translate online in to my language (Thai). so i would like to know about the original novel, Who is owner this manuscript? because I would like to ask for permission from him or her who is owner this Novel ” ” and you as a translator who translate this novel in to English to translate this into my Thai language. Thai reader, they would like to read novel from Chinese so much and when i found your translate i think it made me feel interesting to use this novel to translate in Thai. because i would like to improve my English and translate skill to be better.

        Best regards,

  1. I absolutely love this novel!! XD
    It’s very fluffy and adorable! I’ll definitely look at how the relationship between the MC and ML progresses!!

    Thank you for translating this story!! ❤❤

  2. Could you please re-translate or Post the first 3 Chapters on your Website, Since the original one seems to no longer be up, i can’t connect to it …..

    1. Hi, I will go ask the previous translator if I can move it then. But if I have to translate it, it will slow my current translations of Assassin Farmer and if that does happen, I will have a poll to see if that is ok with everyone.

  3. thank you for continuing your translations but I do hope so much that this gets translated quickly, according to the release speed, it will take around 2 years to fully translate this when it is only 129 chapters long (I am an avid reader of LNs so when it’s compared to other LNs, I can’t help but make some comparisons)…

    1. Hi Rukuto, thanks for your concern. I’ve already known that it would take 2 years to complete at my speed of translating. But this is only a hobby and I don’t get paid for it like those other big sites. Moreover, although it will take a long time for me to complete this novel, I swear that I will complete it as this is my contribution to the novel translation community. However, if you really do want this translation to be faster, how about helping me recruit some more translators XD?

      p.s. it’s 172 chapters long.

  4. i dont know how to translate unless it would be done by a machine but i love this LN so much i could volontier for gramar ect.

  5. Thank you for translating this story, I’ve been trying to find one like this ever since I finished Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi a while back. They are similar feeling, even though the plot is not super incredibly similar. I’m loving this, and binge read all 46 chapters in one day. Thanks again!

  6. Hi Miss Q do you need any help?? I can’t translate but i cam proof read and fix grammar….. also i have a lot of time on my hands

  7. Waah! Your cuteness is going to kill me! Let your love be spread all over the world and remind those couples out there of what should be done!

    Lin Si Yao, your wife is a good person… Treat her well…

    I would like to express my gratitude to our loyal translators…

    *performs kowtow*

  8. is there any complete similar Farming stories for any poor family suffer you send at least ten or many more to me pls I do like transmigrated stories

  9. Thank you for your translations! I love this story’s plot and main characters! And i love the charac development and the side love stpries like Chulan and the Chief Guard haha ♡ May I know when will you update next? And are there more slice of life light novel genres like these that you would recommend? [♡•♡]

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