Forbidden Love Chapter 1

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Chapter One

In the Western Suburbs of Luoyang

Deep in the patches of a bamboo grove, the faint sounds of splashing accompanied by laughter were heard. A shadow halted behind the bamboos, where a tall stature of a man’s shadow could be seen, his head looking towards the source of the sounds…

From the distance of about several feet, the man stopped and stared at the lake where a naked girl was playing in the water. His eyes glinted in the night.

The rays of the full moon, reflected by the silver lake, illuminated the girl’s beautiful face.

The girl had waterfall-like long hair, which spreaded out into the lake, the snow-white flawless arms and hands probed into the bottom of the water, picking up the water and splashing it into the air, accompanied by clear crisp laughter from the petal-like pink lips. The girl who was immersed in the comforts of joy did not notice her every move fell into the tall man’s dark eyes.

The man was aware, inadvertently peeping was not appropriate, he was prepared to leave, but suddenly stepped on a branch, resulting in an abnormal “crunch” sound.

“Who’s there?” the girl’s clear voice could be heard, along with the sound rippling water as the girl hastened to reach out towards the clothes laying on the stone to cover her chest.

The man hesitated for a moment, then decided to walk out of the dark, the moonlight clearly reflected his handsome face, along with his tall height. He replied ,”Who are you, and how long do you intend to play in there?”

Luo Bing-er’s pretty face defensively glaring at the man in front of her, seeking only to blame herself for playing in the water and failed to notice if someone approached.

“Miss, for I to inadvertently intrude, if I have offended you, please forgive me; however, a girl alone in the middle of the night playing in the water, are you not afraid of danger?”

Although the man’s tall stature faced her, his eyes were looking at the sky, as if the gentleman looking at the bright moon seemed to enjoy the beauty of the scenery.

Luo Bing’er’s alert eyes stared at him for a while and felt that he was no evil person, she was relieved and the weight on her (shoulders) seemed to have lifted.

“It is none of your business. Now, you, immediately turned backwards, I want to put on my clothes.” His eyebrows lifted at her discourse command, his lips curled down but his tall stature turn the other way.

Seeing that he obeyed her words and turned, Luo Bing’er quickly scrambled to put on her clothes, but watched him, afraid that he would suddenly turn back around. Suddenly a faint, yet abnormal grass movement sounded, the man’s ears picked up that from behind came rustling of clothing, but in addition a rapidly approaching hiss. The tall stature slightly bent, pick up a small stone, listened attentively, quickly turned around when a green snake was about to bite Luo Bing’er’s leg, he threw the stone, perching its head.

“AHH!” Luo Bing-er, who had yet to finish dressing saw the man suddenly turning toward her so she threw a handful of powder. The man jumped back to dodge and hurried away, leaving her angry, yet crisp voice: “Lecher!”

Determining that no one was around, Luo Bing-er hastily proper her clothes, while tying her belt, her pink lips constantly let loose a series of curses: “Damn lecher, just as I put my guard down, did not expect him to…..”

Her cursing suddenly halted, she suddenly remembered that she had used red scorpion powder. Although he hastily departed, she remembered it may have entered his eyes. That man’s eyes…He will not be blinded, right?

Clang! Clang!

Early in the morning, on the streets, a resounding gong was heard, attracting a large crowd which was surrounding a young boy.

“Bao Da Ting, did something happen?”

“Yes ah! Did something happen in Luoyang City?”

In the crowd of people, everyone had a word to say and wanted to ask the young boy beating the gong, nicknamed Nosy. Nosy this title, was well deserved, no matter how large or small the event was, as long as what happened in the city of Luoyang, it will never ever escaped his eyes and ears.

Nosy proudly picked up his head, closing in towards the crowd, opened his mouth to release the latest event in Luoyang city:

“Something went wrong in Dong Fang House last night.” At his words, the crowd uproared, voices exclaimed one after another, people’s’ faces paled and anxiously asked: “What happened? Quickly tell us, do not just leaving us hanging! ”

The crowd chattered, their faces were of clear concern.

The crowd quickly lost patience, to quickly appease everyone’s mood Nosy replied, “Dong Fang House called up every doctor last night because a mishap occurred in the bamboo patches, the young master hurt his eyes. I heard all the doctors were unable to cure him. Dong Fang House has now sent out people to find the other three young masters, it seems that the situation is very serious. ”

“What? Young master hurt his eyes? Oh, what are we going to do?” Aunt Wang asked anxiously looking right and left at the other people in the crowd.

Everyone looked at each other, in addition to the same look of worry, all of them did not know what to do. Dong Fang House was well received in the city of Luoyang, very popular; they often covered the priced of paving bridge-building, helped to repair schools, as well as regularly giving food to the poor, as long as the Dong Fang House can afford it, no lawful request was usually rejected. And because of these philanthropistic actions, the House was well liked by most of the residents in Luoyang City, explaining the cause of concern from the crowd.

“You said it was Dong Fang’s master, Luoyang City’s richest man, he who also ranked Taishi during his lifetime, one of his four sons?” From the crowd suddenly sprang a slender and delicate figure and in a blink of an eye, grabbed Nosy’s sleeves, her tone urgently pressed.

“That’s…… That’s correct.”

Because of this unexpected situation, Nosy was left aghast, leaving him blankly staring at the beauty, this girl…she looks really beautiful!

Luo Bing-er’s exquisite face paled, reluctantly let go of his sleeves.

She’s finished!

Nosy sighed after his sleeves were free, looked in wonder at the seemly shaking girl in front of him.

“Girl, you are from out of town, correct? Never thought you would have known the Dong Fang House, I wonder if you know one of the young masters of Dong Fang House?”

The still paled Luo Bing looked up, her lips quivered, but continued to question: “From what you said, the one who hurt his eyes, he is the eldest of the four sons? ”

“Yes, he is the eldest, his name is Dong Fang Ling.” Nosy replied. Seeing Luo Bing-er’s shoulders collapse and walking dejectedly away, he thought: Is that girl ok?

Dong Fang’s Amethystine Manor

From last night to this morning, every doctor of Luoyang City was called, doctors came and went, all of them seemed to unable to help, this sent Dong Fang House to an unprecedented panic.

All of the servants were sent away, Dong Fang Ling’s tall stature sat up from the bed and crossed his legs, his handsome face had a unrecognizable expression. His eyes looked straight ahead, but with a closer look, one will notice no center of focus in his eyes. Even though the doctors have announced that there was a high possibility of blindness, he remained calm, as if the diagnosis was not his. This was indeed admirable. But Dong Fang Ao did not agree, he was desperately holding down his impulse to find the culprit, although his eyebrows had knotted multiple times, he still endured patiently, he finally opened his mouth to ask: “(Big) Brother can you tell me now? Who is the damn person that has harmed you?” He bared for the whole night and can finally ask out. Brother’s martial arts was not weak, in the end, who can actually hurt him like this?

Thinking back to last night, his brother awkwardly returning home with his hand clutching his eyes, it alarmed the whole house; as expected of his brother, he remained calm and actually commanded to find a doctor, the wounded him, actually somewhat appeased everyone’s panicky mood.

After a long silence, Dong Fang Ling, with his unfocused eyes “looking” at Dong Fang Ao replied to his younger brother’s murder intent filled question: “Second brother, she was careless, I do not blame her.”

Yes, although he did save her, he turned when she was still dressing, and because of that, he accidentally saw her wearing only her pink underwear, which lead her to throw the poison powder.

So he did not blame her, after all, he ruined her reputation. Dong Fang Ao eyes flashed with interest. Listening to his big brother’s tone and expression, could it be… “Brother, the person who harmed you was a woman?”

Dong Fang Ling nodded.

“Even if you do not intend to blame her, we still need to find her. Since she can poison you, she may as well have the antidote.”

Since his brother will not pursue her, then he can only give up. Perhaps it is best to find the person as soon as possible, afraid that if he brother’s condition is not treated anytime soon, then he might become forever blind. Dong Fang Ling pondered for a moment to assess his brother’s words, he then lightly replied: “The person was about fifteen years old, a very beautiful girl with an intelligent looking face.”

Dong Fang Ling’s eyes at that moment did not just include interest, but as well as mischief, the slightly raised lips pertained a deeper meaning. Really unusual! The big brother who usually never cares for external appearances of women, actually noticed that girl’s looks.

“Never thought Brother’s impression of her to be so deep, I will send a command to find that person. And I have also sent for Third Brother, I believe he will come back soon.”

Ignoring his words of ridicule, Dong Fang Ling remained silent and maintained motionless.

“Big Brother should rest, you were awake for the whole night.” Having asked and gotten the answers he wanted, Dong Fang Ao glanced at the not-so-tired looking man, closed the door and left.

Not long after Dong Fang Ao left, the door was pushed open again, the man on the bed raised his brows but remained calm and collected. Luo Bing’er softly crept into the room and saw the man reclining on the bed, the man was really is the same person from last night, she hadn’t thought he was a person from the Dong Fang House. A touch of guilt surfaced in her eyes, she then silently headed towards the bed and raised her hand, but before she was able to touch him, a strong gust of wind, accurately hit her in the head.

Luo Bing’er quickly shut her lips to suppress her urge to scream, her body slightly shifted, barely dodging his swift attack, her delicate face flashed with amazement, her round eyes stared at him, with one hand on her chest she let out a breath.

This man is not simple! Even after being blinded, she did not think he was this extraordinary. Since childhood she had been trained, her footsteps are exceptionally light, almost silent, even people who practice martial arts may not even hear the sound of her steps; but this Dong Fang Ling, he must excel in martial arts, his powers top hers by several folds.

“Who is it?”

Dong Fang Ling’s stature did not move, however, his eyes looked straight at her general direction. He slightly narrowed his black eyes which contained a serious gaze.

Bing’er’s eyes dilated, revealing a hint of cunningness.

She had an idea!

Her hands reached out to pick up the cups on the table, waving both hands in the air , she planned to use the cups as projectile attacks, while at the same time, her delicate and exquisite body quickly closed in on him. The move was not fast enough, he seemed to have seen through her ruse. His hand became like claws and gripped her! He felt a soft and plump feeling in his hand, that was when he realized what he had grabbed, his handsome face flushed, but before he had a chance to even let go, Luo Bing’er used the opportunity hit his acupuncture points. Her face flushed red and angrily jumped back.

“You lecher!” She spat out angrily.

“It’s you?” Dong Fang Ling’s extraordinary ears easily picked up to hear her cursing, but also at the same time recognized her.

“Yes, it’s me, the person who has blinded you.”

She angrily retorted, within 24 hours, he had taken advantage of her twice, which set her belly on fire (very angry).

“What are you doing here? Could it be to send the antidote?”

After recognizing it was her, his alertness calmed a bit, without knowing why he believed and trusted that she would not hurt him intentionally.

She felt more displeasure at his words, but her shoulders hanged down, silently neared him, her gorgeous face filled with remorse.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to hurt you. I apologize, but I do not have the red scorpion powder’s antidote, I just wanted to ease your discomfort by slowing the spread of the toxin.”

Last night, after she had realised what she had done, she rushed back to the lake. However, she did not find him, but instead found the dead green snake lying near the spot where she was putting on her clothes. She then suddenly understood that she had wronged him, her heart became filled with shame. And as if it was not already enough, she later discovered that he was of Dong Fang House. Her arrival to the city of Luoyang was to help her father repay the kindness of Dong Fang House, as to how to repay that decision, it was up to her. And instead of giving gratitude, she had made a huge blunder. She did not wait for her father’s punishment as she has been very unworthy of his conscience, and decided that she should not go back home yet.

As to why she did not have red scorpion powder’s antidote… this poison was given to her by her unparalleled sister for self-defense. As for her unparalleled sister, well she and Mo brother went to go sightseeing and she did not know where.

As for her “visit” today was to help give time until Dong Fang’s third young master to come back; he surely must have another way to cure Dong Fang Ling. She was confident he will be able to do so, after all, his famous genius reputation should not be groundless.

Dong Fang Ling’s face sank, but replied back in a tone which contained neither joy nor anger:

“You mean, you who uses this poison on others, do not have the antidote to the poison? So I surely will remain blind…”

Luo Bing’er let out a sigh, can’t blame her either as the poison was not originally hers, she had enough to repent, or else she would not have come here.

“You should not say that, I will not let you become a blind man. Not to mention, Dong Fang Tang’s medical skills are unordinary, he must have the means to cure you.”

With silent footsteps, she walked towards him, and pulled out a white porcelain vase, poured a black pill out, and using her small hand, placed it close towards his mouth.

“Would you believe me? This pill will not completely cure your eyes, but it will rid your body of toxins, it is beneficial and does no harm.”

Dong Fang Ling’s eyes ‘looked’ at her for a long time and nodded in agreement. She quickly placed the pill into his mouth, her hand lightly brushed his thin lips, an unusual feeling went past her, her delicate face blushed and she hastened back a few steps.

His fine eyes, as black as ink, was endless like an abyss. If she had not known that he could not see, she would have believed that he was staring at her, which led to her feel somewhat strangely helpless.

“Who are you in the end? I at least deserve to know the person who has caused me so much harm.”

For such a young person to be able to make this kind of poison, if he guessed right, this girl’s skills are excellent, so he could not help but become curious.

“This …… uh …… you will know later.”

Luo Bing-er answered, but at the same time paced back a few steps; he should not be looking for her for revenge, right? She retreated all the way to the door and as she left the room, she said:

“Dong Fang Ling, we’ll meet again.” and quickly slipped away.

With a slight smile, Dong Fang Ling moved his hand to touch the area of his lips where she had lightly grazed. It turned out he did not fall upon the acupuncture points.

The room vaguely floated a smell of a light scent, which belonged to her.

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    Easy to read translation by the way.
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