Forbidden Love Chapter 10 (Part 1)

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Chapter 10 (Part 1)

Dong Fang Ling, followed by several servants, walked towards the door of an elegant room. Before he had knocked on the door, a gentle voice resounded from the inside of room.

“Come in.”

Following her words, Dong Fang Ling pushed open the door and stepped into the room. In the room, on a small round chair sat an elegant lady, and behind her stood a pretty girl.

“Aunt Hui, you’ve come back.”

The lady is Fang House’s madam (Fang Yi’s mom). Having heard news of her daughter, she quickly rushed back from her long stay at the temple to confirm that it was really her missing daughter. She then quickly prepared to have her future son-in-law visit her house.

“Fang Ling, Aunt Hui has finally found Chu Chu! Come ah, come meet your fiancé!” Madam Fang happily took her daughter’s hand, and pushed her towards Dong Fang Ling. Looking at their well-paired appearances, she could not help but let out a big smile.

“Aunt Hui wants you two to get married as soon as possible! Although I can’t help but miss Chu Chu when we marry her off soon after finding her, but it is good that we live close to each other, so I can always visit to see her when I miss her. ”

Dong Fang Ling courteously, yet indifferently glanced at the shy, blushing Chu Chu in front of him. He knew Aunt Hui had good intentions in mind, however, he was here at Fang House to settle things.

“Aunt Hui, I have come today to speak about this matter, I am sorry, but I can not marry Chu Chu.”

“Why? What do you mean?” After hearing what he said, Madam Fang became furious. She had finally found her long lost daughter, but he wants to annul this marriage? What about Chu Chu?

“I already have someone I like, and Bing’er will be my only wife.” Dong Fang Ling said, as he look directly at this respectable elder. It was regrettable that he had to create a breach in their house’s relationship, but he had to annul this marriage.

“It seems what my son said was true, you really are set on marry this Bing’er girl… for this girl you unhesitantly…. You have really disappointed Aunt Hui ah. ”

Madam Fang was bitter, out of the four sons of Dong Fang House, she had liked him the most and had looked forward for him to become her son-in-law. She had really admired his calm attitude, she had never thought that in the end, he would disappoint her like this.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Hui, I do not like Chu Chu, if we were to marry, neither of us would be happy, and I know you do not want that.”

“This child, after you threaten Fang Yi, now you threaten me!” Madam Fang quickly snapped back, she had already heard everything from her son. However, she did not believe Dong Fang Ling would say things such as annulling the marriage… now that she had heard him say it from his own mouth…

“Mother, this daughter can not marry him.”

Chu Chu, who had been silent, suddenly opened her mouth. The words she had said surprised both Madam Fang and Dong Fang Ling.

“Chu Chu, what did you just say?”

“Mother, this daughter already has someone she loves, and we already have promised to wed. Because of my wish, he has accompanied me back on this trip.” Chu Chu’s beautiful face flushed with a shade of red, she looked down and shyly tugged at the handkerchief in her hand.

“Chu Chu, this man, could it be…”

“It’s Brother Shao Qin, it was him who had found me and persuaded his family to adopt me. If not for him, I would not be here, and we are in love and before we marry, I had requested him to first visit Luoyang City.

Sixteen years ago, in the western outskirts of Luoyang, the father and son of Shen House had found a crying baby girl, it was then when eight year old Shen Shao Qin saw this baby girl and had taken a liking to the cute baby. He insisted and persuaded his father on adopting her, and because the Shen family only had one son, his father did not mind raising a daughter.

And that was the reason pertaining as to why she made a trip to Luoyang. It was all by chance, she did not expect that she would reunite with her family, but with her bird jade pendant left on her as a baby and the red mole on her left chest, it was confirmed that she was truly the long lost daughter of the Fang House.

Madam Fang silently ponder for a while and then sighed.

Fine! It was perhaps that these two were not fated to be, as each of them already have their own love, this marriage will be canceled. Fortunately, Shen Shao Qin’s family background was not bad, and he loved Chu Chu with sincerity. She was perhaps muddleheaded, and did not notice their feelings for each other earlier.

“Mother, you know the girl who had saved you yesterday. She has also saved me once, she is Bing’er, the one Dong Fang Ling loves.”

Chu Chu was afraid that her mother was still hesitant and hurriedly added. Chu Chu was indeed Xiao Lian, if not for Bing’er, she would not have been able to come back, let alone talk about marriage. When she saw the injured Bing’er yesterday, she was surprised. It turned out Bing’er was the benefactor to both her and her mother.

“What?” Madam Fang exclaimed. What was going on with today; one shocking news after another, it was hard to digest it all…

“Be clear, how is Bing’er here? How is she?!” Dong Fang Ling no longer had a calm facade, and anxiously asked, gasping Chu Chu’s hand.

He had spent two days looking for her in Luoyang City. He had initially wanted to annul this marriage and then to the mountains to look for her as she may have went home. However, he did not think that Bing’er would end up in Fang House.

Chu Chu was awed by Fang Ling’s sudden change, she gulped and said: “When my mother was making her trip home from the temple, she was ambushed by bandits. Because she did not bring many guards, they were losing quickly , fortunately, Bing’er appeared, and saved my mother. But her left chest was stabbed by a short blade, the doctor said if the blade struck one inch deeper, Bing’er would not have made it. However, her injury is still critical, she has a high fever and has yet to wake up…”

Dong Fang Ling’s body shook, his face was filled with dread. His tall stature turned to leave into the inner rooms. At this moment a petite figure was seen running in with a panicked face.

“Not good! The heavily injured girl in the guest room was taken by a grey clothed, middle aged man!”

(If you guys didn’t notice, Chu Chu was the girl who Bing’er talked to when she disguised herself as a orphan girl to get kidnapped and placed in the shabby hut in the brothel.)


Butterfly wing like lashes slightly trembled, and eyes slowly opened. She was trying to look around at her surroundings, when suddenly a stabbing pain was felt in her left chest. Only did she let out a moan from her pale lips.

“Bing’er, you’re awake.” The wooden door was open and in rushed a elder man dressed in grey. He quickly made his way to Bing’er, nervously looking at her.

“Dad … how can you be here?”

When she heard his familiar voice, Bing’er forgot about her pain and looked at the concerned man in front of her.

“You, just look at yourself. I sent you down the mountains to repay a gratitude, and you get yourself injured like this. You should know that you were unconscious for 3 days. If the knife had hit an inch deeper, you would have lost your life.”

Seeing that his daughter finally woke up, Luo Xuan was relieved. He had initially wanted to take his daughter back, but he did not expect her to have such a heavy wound so he temporarily stayed at an inn. She had also suffered a high fever, but she seemed to have recovered today. Really, she had him worried to death.

“Dad, how did I get here?”

She weakly asked. Because of the immense pain, Bing’er did not dare move as she laid on the bed.

She clearly remember leaving Dong Fang house and had intended to directly go back to her home in the mountains. However, on her way back, she had encountered a sedan being ambushed by some bandits. Seeing that the situation was dire, she had jumped in to help. What she didn’t expect was that she would sustain such a heavy hit to save that wealthily dressed lady. Anything after that, she did not remember…

Luo Xuan stared at her, then he pulled a stool to sit closer to his daughter. Sighing, he said: ” Silly girl, I have told you multiple times not to meddle with other people’s business, but you don’t listen.”

Letting out another low sigh, he continued: “You know who you saved? She is Madam Fang, the mother of Dong Fang Ling’s fiancee.” Reluctantly, he stroked his daughter’s pale face, which was as white as paper. His heart aches for her, ah!

Seeing his originally hyper daughter, who loved to snoop around and have fun, lying on a bed really pained him! If his daughter were to have an unexpected accident, how can he face his wife after death?

“Father, how do you know all of this? Weren’t you staying on Full Moon Mountain? How could you be here at Luoyang city?”

Bing’er looked at him, surprised. How is it that everything changed so much after she woke up? And it seemed as if her father already knew everything.

“I was because I was worried for you. You were gone for three months, and I was also afraid that you stirred up trouble so I left the mountains to look for you. On my trip here, I noticed that all of our wanted posters were gone. Curious, I inquired about it and I found out that you with Jade Hunter cracked a large case.

When I arrived at Luoyang City, I was going to look for you at Dong Fang House. However, I did not expect to see a sedan chair rushing down the road with a doctor right behind it. Seeing such a bizarre seen, I could not help but get a closer look, and when I did, I saw in the sedan chair was you with your clothing heavily drenched in blood. That really scared me to death. I secretly stayed in the Fang House for 2 days and taking that time, I had understood the whole situation. So when no one was paying attention, I snuck you out.”

After he overheard Dong Fang Ling and the Fang House’s conversation, he had decided to take away Bing’er. Bing’er saved the both the mother and daughter of Fang House. Because Fang House and Dong Fang House were tied with marriage, it was equivalent to indirectly paying Dong Fang House.

Now they do not owe anything! This debt had been payed, but it had almost taken his daughter’s life, ah! If he had known, he would not have made her take this trip. The previous master of Dong Fang House had passed so why did he care so much about this crap of a gratitude debt?! His daughter is much more important!

“Dad, let us go back to Fall Moon Mountain, this daughter does not want to stay here any longer.” Her eyes filled with melancholy as Bing’er said in a trembling voice.

Luo Xuan silently looked at Bing’er for a while. He knew about the entangled feelings of his daughter with Dong Fang Ling. When he was eavesdropping during the conversation, he was also made clear of Dong Fang Ling’s oath of marriage towards his daughter.

But just because Dong Fang Ling wants Bing’er, would he really just allow them to wed? It won’t be that easy, this father still has a say.

“Before you go back, you must recover first. Once you are healthy enough, we will go back.” Looking at her pale face, he felt remorseful. He had decided not to tell Bing’er about Dong Fang Ling already breaking up his marriage. He knew Dong Fang Ling was not at fault, but how could he not blame him? If he had really cared for Bing’er, then how could he let such a thing happen? If he could not care for his daughter, then how can his father give her daughter to a irresponsible man?

The wooden door was pushed open from the outside and in walked a tall figure who made his way towards the bed. Seeing her, he was stunned.

If not for her moving chest, he would have thought she had passed. Her face was devoid of her usual rosy blush. Her pink lips were pale and her glassy, spontaneous eyes were shut.

He was about to reach out to touch her face however–

“Don’t touch her!” Sensing hostility from the low warning, Dong Fang Ling turned towards the door to find a middle aged man, dressed in grey, glaring at him.

“Let us go out to talk, Bing’er had just fallen asleep after taking her medicine. Do not wake her up.”

Luo Xuan glanced at him, and then turned to walk towards the main lobby of the inn. Dong Fang Ling looked worriedly at Bing’er. Only after making sure that she was in deep sleep did he finally follow out and quietly closed the door.

“Dong Fang Ling, I will make this clear. Bing’er had already saved the people of the Fang House twice. This already indirectly repaid our debt to your House, so we no longer owe you anything. I hope you will cut ties with Bing’er now.” Luo Xuan directly stated desires, regardless of whether Dong Fang Ling will marry the lady of Fang House. He just wanted Bing’er to go back with him.

“Senior Luo, I am sincere about Bing’er and I hope that you can give us your blessings.” Dong Fang Ling cupped his hands as a salute, his polite tone had a hint of persistence.

Two days ago, when Bing’er disappeared from the Fang House, he had forced himself to calm down, after repeatedly trying to think of who this man could be, he had finally concluded it was Bing’er’s father, Deft Thief Luo Xuan. Only this time, instead of an object, he took away a person.

Because Bing’er was seriously injured, he had speculated that Luo Xuan could not have ran too far and was still residing in Luoyang city. In order to find them, he had sent people to question every inn, no matter big or small and finally he found the lodge where the others had said, an old man and a injured girl was seen entering two days ago.

Upon receiving the news, Dong Fang Ling rushed to the inn. It had turned out that his guess was correct as it really was Deft Thief Luo Xuan who had taken Bing’er.

“Did you terminate your marriage with the Fang House?” Luo Xuan’s sharp eyes looked at the man in front of him, bluntly sizing him up. Just as he had inquired from Luoyang City, it was true. He had to admit that Dong Fang Ling was indeed a remarkable, extraordinary man. No wonder why Bing’er would be attracted to him.

“Yes.” Dong Fang Ling raised his brow, it seems that Luo Xuan had already inquired about him.

“Even if you have annul your marriage, I still will not give Bing’er to you. Leave now.” After his words had fallen, he stepped out the door.

“Why? Senior.” Dong Fang Ling’s tall stature flashed. He moved to the door, it seemed as if Luo Xuan was dissatisfied with him. But he could not leave empty-handed today.

“The reason is very simple. That reason is: I do not want my daughter to marry you. Is that clear?” Luo Xuan was caught off guard for a second. This kid was not simple, he was well versed in martial arts. Moreover, when he had heard his words of refusal, he was actually able to remain calm. He only slightly narrowed his black pupil, and with his whole body which exuded killing intent, it did scare him a bit.

But he will not change his mind. How dare he covet for his precious daughter…

“I and Bing’er had already formed the fruit of our relationship.” (Meaning: They had intercourse)

Dong Fang Ling maintained his calm. He understood that he is deliberately making things difficult, but he still indifferently said it.

It was as if a lighting struck at Luo Xuan’s head. After the initial shock, he burst into rage. Without a second thought, he aimed his palm, intending to strike at Dong Fang Ling.

“You despicable–! How dare you make a move on my daughter? You are seeking death!”

Dong Fang Ling did not return his attack, placing his hands to his back, he easily dodged.

Seeing this, Luo Xuan became furious.

“Bing’er and I truly care for each other, and I seek senior to give us your blessing.”

“Enough of your words, when Bing’er recovers, I will take her back to the mountains, do not expect to see her again.”

Luo Xuan put down his hands, even though this kid was not raising his hands at him, he was already tired. And if he did, he knew he was not his opponent, although he admired his strength, it does not change his decision.

“Senior Luo, even if Bing’er’s wound recovers, her body still needs some time to rest. If you were to immediately leave after her wound heals, with such a long and tiring trip back, wouldn’t it cause more harm than good? Please reconsider.”

Dong Fang Ling’s face sank, no longer able to keep his temper. He could not let Bing’er disappear from his eyes again. Seeing Luo Xuan’s attitude was resolute, even if he had to use force, he would take back Bing’er today!

Seeing Dong Fang Ling’s face has finally changed, Luo Xuan laughed. He knew this kid could not hold his calm facade any longer, it seemed he had really pushed him.

“Fine! Seeing that you really do care for her, I will leave Bing’er in your care. I will come back three months later to check on her, if I see my daughter happy and healthy, I will grant this marriage. ”

As the words fell, Luo Xuan turned and left with a smile on his face. He had finally found a suitable husband for his daughter. He believed that even his wife in heaven would be happy with this arrangement.

“Thank you senior for your blessing.” Dong Fang Ling voiced out his words of gratitude. With a cool gust of wind did he let out a joyful smile.

When Binger woke up again, scanning the room, she noticed she was no longer in the inn with their simple furniture. Then it came to her in a shock: isn’t this Dong Fang Ling’s bedroom? How did she return to Dong Fang House?

With that thought, Bing’er struggled to get up, but with such a reckless move, she had touched her wounded area which lead to a onset of intense pain. Letting out a cry, she fell back onto the bed.

“Bing’er you’re awake! That’s great! I’ll call in young master!” Xiao Qing had walked in carefully carrying a bowl of medicine. Realising Bing’er had woken up, she placed the tonic onto a random table and turned around to report.

“Xiao Qing…” Bing’er sighed. It seems she could only wait for Dong Fang Ling to arrive before she could start questioning.

Not before long, a tall figure was seen at the door. Dong Fang Ling’s dark eyes locked onto Bing’er’s face and step by step, he walked towards her.

Their sights locked; in his eyes, she saw his mad like love for her, and in her eyes, he saw pain and helplessness. Without saying a word she let out a sigh.

“Why sigh? Did you not want to see me?” Dong Fang Ling sat at the side of the bed. He placed his palm on her thinned face. She had only been gone for a few days, and yet she had lost so much weight. Bing’er was originally slim but now, it seemed as if her body would fall with just a gust of wind.

“It was better if we did not meet again.” Bing’er wrinkled her brows, her eyes filled with sadness: he does not belong to her ah!

“No… It is as I said before, even if I were to flip the word upside down, I will continue to search until I find you.” His hand gently lifted her chin, not allowing her to look away. For her, he had felt worry and fear for the first time in his 25 years of living, all of this was from this beloved woman in front of him.

“Why the trouble, after all, we were not fated to be.” her clear eyes looked at his dashing face, her pink lips formed a bitter smile.

“What trouble? I had already terminated my marriage with the Fang House, didn’t your father tell you?” What a Luo Xuan! If he did not find Bing’er in time, because of this misunderstanding, they could have…

“Really?! How could the Fang House be willing to do so?” Bing’er looked at him in surprise, she knew that Fang Yi was very satisfied with him being his sister’s fiance… How could they be willing to give him up?

His big hands grabbed her hands, tightly, as if never to let it go. His deep eyes looked into her clear ones, and lightly said: “Because like me, Chu Chu already had another person in mind so the Fang House had to dissolve the marriage. And another surprising fact… Do you remember the girl named Xiao Lian that you saved from the case of Yi Hong? She was the long lost daughter of Fang House, Chu Chu. In addition, you also saved the life of Madam of Fang House, to them you are their great benefactor.”

Hearing this, Binger was shocked, “Is that all true?”

“Of course, it is true. Originally Madam Fang had other thoughts, but knowing that you were the benefactor of both her and her daughter, she had no other objections.”

They were fated to be, and with their names already carved on a marriage certificate, she could no longer run.

“Now that the other matters are settled, now it time to talk about the business between the both of us.”

With her eyes widen, looking into his dark eyes, Bing’er puzzledly asked: “Uh… did I owe you money?”

Black pupil dangerously narrowed, not allowing her to play a fool, sneered and said: “Who was it that promised me not to put their lives in danger? And to even break this promise twice, say it, what should I do with you?”

Seeing that she sould no longer play dumb, Bing’er let out a dry laugh. Her pupils turned away, too afraid to look at him.

“Then how do you plan to punish me?” She reluctantly asked.

“Marry me.”

“Am I allowed to refuse?” Her pale face suddenly blushed with a shade of red. She averted her eyes, not daring to look into his burning, dark eyes.

“I will not take ‘no’ as an answer.” After saying his ‘overbearing’ words, Dong Fang Ling’s tall body slightly bent, carefully not to put pressure her wound, his hot lips captured hers. With a dominating intent, it seemed almost as if he was forcing her pale lips to turn back to the original attractive pink.

With the door carefully shut, Xiao Qing stole another peek at the entangled shadows inside the room, before she left to give them privacy. The spring atmosphere in the room is strong ah.


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