Forbidden Love Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

A handsome face with double eyelids, when talking to people he always had a touch of a sweet smile. With such an intelligent looks, it was hard for girls not to flaunt to him. But the problem is, even if the maid was beautiful, the young master is now blind and cannot see, so why does he favor her? And even named her his personal maid! He who never liked to be disturbed, a lone wolf to say, had never liked anyone following him, so why change now? Had his blindness changed him? But why choose a new maidservant, and not Xiao Qing who has served him for years? Elder Jiang looked inside suspiciously from outside the room and at the maid, Bing’er.

“What? The young master wants you to be his personal maidservant?” Xiao Qing was shocked and stunned, as she continued to stare at Bing’er who was packing up.


Bing’er was depressed, but fortunately she did not have much luggage, so it didn’t take long to pack. She lifted her eyes and was puzzled as to why Xiao Qing looked so surprised.

“Bing’er you should know, young master is very much a loner, if it were not necessary, then he would not let others wait by him. I have served young master for three years, other than to bring water (for washing his face) every morning, to clean the room, and to deliver the three meals everyday, there was no other duty. In other words, serving young master is the most idling chore. But now the young master asked you to be his personal maidservant, does it not seem unusual?”

Because she served this young master, the other maids were very envious of her. Not only was it prestigious, but it was also very leisurely. But now when she heard Bing’er new assignment, it was just simply incomprehensible.

“I don’t know why, I am most likely just unlucky.”

Binger thought for a moment, but could only come up with that conclusion. It must be so, otherwise why would Dong Fang Ling suggest such a thing?

“Then you have to be careful when waiting. I’ll help you.”

Xiao Qing looked at her sympathetically, after all, they both will now serve young master, but fortunately she does not need to be like Bing’er and constantly follow him. Thinking about it, Bing’er was quite pitiful.

“Bing’er, have you finished yet? Hurry up, do not let young master wait too long.” Elder Jiang yelled from outside.

Bing’er hurriedly carried her bag, in the pitying eyes of Xiao Qing, she walked out. After she came out of the room, she was faced with Elder Jiang’s judging eyes, she stood in front of him, confused.

“Hurry up.” He waved at her.

Walking through the numerous curved corridors and passed the rockery water, Elder Jiang’s mouth kept muttering, while tightly frowning. Binger who followed behind him, heard all these conflicting words, originally she was in a depressed mood, but now she felt a little bit better. This Elder Jiang was really interesting. She looking back at her previous self, it seems that he was more distressed about the situation than she was.

Suddenly, the once walking Elder Jiang stopped and turned back to face her. “Bing’er, you tell me honestly, what did you do to let young master choose you as his personal maid?”

This maid did not seem capable of seducing young master, but he must make clear of it, or else, he will not be able to sleep at night.

“Elder Jiang, this, I am not really sure myself… If possible, Elder Jiang, please somehow can you persuade young master to not let me become his personal maidservant?”

Binger wrinkled her little face, why does everyone ask the same question? And his eyes looked skeptical, as if it was like she seduced Dong Fang Ling. Only heaven knows, in fact, she was the most pitiful, ah!

Elder Jiang looked at her for a while, made sure that she was not lying and finally let go of the matter.

“This matter was brought up by the young master himself, I have little right in this matter. Serve him well and with even the slightest mishap, I will not forgive you.”

This maid really was bold, she dared to defy the young master’s order, she did not know her status.

“Yes.” she curved down her lips and continued walking.

After they neared the manor and once outside the room to the main bedroom, Elder Jiang knocked.

“Young master, I have brought Bing’er.”

The room was silent for a moment, then Dong Fang Ling’s voice was heard: “Let her come in.”

Elder Jiang opened the door, looked at Bing’er, then he turned away.

Binger looked at him with a grimace, pink lips slightly down, she walked into the room, now she had to lived together with Dong Fang Ling. To think, her first time posing as a maid, to become like this, such bad luck, ah! Next time, she will never play as a maidservant.

“Bring your luggage to the right wing, that is where you will temporarily stay, other than showering, do not leave my side, understand?”

Dong Fang Ling stood by the open window, his stature did not move and said.

“Yes.” Other than consenting, what else could she do? She rolled her eyes.

Dong Fang Ling let out a low inaudible sigh, his thin lips slightly shook, used his crutches and turned towards her.

Binger wanted to approach and aid him, but looking at him she rest assured he was stable on his own, only carefully paid attention to his footsteps, looked at him on his own, as he securely sat down.

She couldn’t describe the feelings in her heart, but she was now willing to accompany him on his side to take care of everything until his eyes could see again, after all, this was all she owed him.

“Why are you standing, since it is just the two of us, you do not need to follow the guidelines of a servant right now, just sit down.” Though he would not hear her voice, he could feel her constant staring.

“Young master means?” Her eyes flashed with intelligence, she must make sure what she just heard.

“You can help me on an equal footing, even sit on the same table while eating.” His smiled with a hint of connivance.

“Are you serious!” Binger cheered out loud.

Great, this was much better than what she had expected!

She did not suspect anything and just simply thought, this Dong Fang Ling as master was pretty good. With his permission, she bluntly sat down opposite to him, her fine eyes leered at the fine food containers, she could not help but swallow her mouth full of saliva.

“Is this the pastry product from this house? I heard your house’s pastries are known far and wide, I do not know whether or not it is true.”

“Take it, eat it if you want to eat, I do not like sweets.”

His deepened his smile, he seemed to have heard her swallow, even if he couldn’t see, he could guess her greedy look.

“Then I need not to hold back.”

She has always found sweets irresistible. As she carefully opened the food containers, she immediately saw a variety of delicious pastries. There were agar jello, silver pastry rolls, assorted cakes, etc. She became so happy that her eyes curved.

“Young master, did Lady Lian send this?”

She picked up a piece of cake and put it into her mouth, this sweet but not greasy taste, made the corners of her pink lips raise, she couldn’t stop smiling

“That is correct.”

Dong Fang Ling started to move his hands on the table, see so Bing’er hurriedly put down her pastry and poured tea in a cup and placed it in his hands. He look a sip and then placed it down onto the table, listening to the sound of eating, he heard her satisfied sigh.



She hummed a slight sound while nodding and continued to indulge, this time, she picked up a block of the agar jello, sweet bean paste topping was still cold, she was very moved and felt it was not so bad staying by him. Smiling, she did not seem to want to engage in idle talk, so he was curious about these sweets…was it really that good?

“Do not eat too much, we will have to eat our meal later.”

This time Bing’er did stop eating, her clear, beautiful eye looked into his dull eyes for a long time, suddenly losing her appetite. She covered the lid of the food container, looking down, she asked asked the question that had always bothered her inside: “Young master, I heard that your eyes were blinded by a person’s poison. Do you hate her?”

Handsome face couldn’t see facial expressions(Note:Handsome face=Blinded Guy), though for a long time Bing’er unconsciously watched nervously. Slowly creeping thin lips, pale said: “At that time, in that kind of situation, she misunderstood, that is why she took action. I believe she was careless, so I do not blame her. ”

“Why? Why do you not hate her? She has caused you to become blind. Are you really that generous, or do you think otherwise?”

The long standing remorse, so she shouted excitedly low, he should hate her, so that her heart will feel better. Why is he so lenient? This will only make her more guilty….

For her sudden questioning, Dong Fang Ling did find to be unusual, and in his rich, silk like voice lightly: “I am not generous, it is not about bearing a grudge, I just understand, what happened, it was done unintentionally, and what use is it for me to blame her? Moreover, what had happened is in the past, what is most important now is to cure my eyes. ”

He was not as generous as others thought him to be, but he was too sensible. What is the use of blindly complaining or even killing the murderer?

Moreover, because of what happened, because of her careless actions, she came to repaid him as it was her responsibility, is it not?

His words made her ashamed, her heart was moved. This Dong Fang Ling is indeed special!

Very touched, she wiped her eyes while looking at him.

Clouds, clouds everywhere.

Near the study door, a slim physique was sitting on the stone steps, looking up uninterestedly.

If was not that she was skipping her work, but she was driven out. Dong Fang Ling and Dong Fang Ao were in the library, the two were talking about business matters. However, because Dong Fang Ao found her to be an eyesore, she was chased out, and to her distress, Dong Fang Ling did not say otherwise.

Talks about business, even if she does not understand, just being there should not affect them. Is her presence really that unbearable?


Small cry attracted her attention, her lazy eyes turned around and saw a green figure, her hands holding a pastry container, smiling and waving to her non-stop.

“Xiao Qing.”

Bing-er’s beautiful eyes lit up, she looked back at the closed doors, she quickly jumped up and silently walked toward Xiao Qing. The two young girls were close in age, so just in a few days, they quickly became friends.

Bing’er grabbed Xiao Qing’s hands and took her to the room that Dong Fang Ling had assigned her to and she slipped in like a thief.

Once they had entered the room, Xiao Qing opened the food container and took out a dish of fragrant osmanthus cake.

“Come taste this. This is my homemade osmanthus cake.”

Bing’er had yet sit down, she couldn’t help but take a bite, her face shown a satisfied smile.

“It’s delicious! Xiao Qing, I couldn’t tell you had such a skill! By the way, it isn’t meal time yet. How come you arrived?” Usually Xiao Qing was only responsible for cleaning the manor and regularly sending meals, as for bringing the water in the morning, she (Bing’er) was now assigned to it, leaving her (Xiao Qing) with almost nothing to do.

“I saw second young master holding a stack of books coming to first young master’s manor. From experience, I knew they would take a long time, so I made these sweet-scented osmanthus cake, to sit with you and talk, to relieve you from your boredom.”

Last time, Bing’er was kind enough to share of the manor’s pastry products, she (XQ) was moved by her actions, because she (XQ) knew she was addicted to eating sweets. She (XQ) decided to make some cake to share with her.

“Xiao Qing you are too good to me!”

Bing’er drank some tea, her hand holding a cake, and gave Xiao Qing her thanks.

“Ah, yes Xiao Qing, I have a question for you.”

In just a few seconds she would finish another piece of cake, it did not take too long for the two to finish the rest of the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, and after swallowing the last mouthful of cake, Binger had thought of a question.

“What is it?”

Xiao Qing casually replied, while she placed the the empty dishes into the food containers, but also carefully wiped the table of debris.

“I heard that we have four masters, why have I have only seen two?”

She has been in Dong Fang House for a few days already, it’s fair to say that their first brother was in a accident, other than the second master, why hasn’t the other young masters come see him?

“Ah, yes I forgot you do not know. Yes, we have four masters, the other two fled to escape, hid to hide away, running away and leaving second young master, who had no choice but to stay and assist first young master in managing Dong Fang Providence . ”

Bing’er was confused. What’s fled to escape, hide the hide away? How could she not understand what Xiao Qing had said?

Looking at her puzzled face, Xiao Qing did not wait for her question. As soon as she poured herself a cup of tea, she added: “This matter started with Fang Lao Ye. All four young masters have a fiancee, which were all chosen by the Old Master himself. If before the young master reaches the age of twenty-five and if the person (the fiancee) arrives with the keepsake of the Dong Fang house, then they shall wed, as they have to abide by the agreement. But if they reach the age of twenty-five, the agreement of marriage will be annulled. That is the reason why the young masters have run away. They want to escape the marriage. ”

“You mean, they do not know who their fiancee is?” Bing’er staggered.

This Dong Fang Lao Ye was ruthless. If it were her, she would also run away.

“Yes. Other than the first young master, the other three masters do not know. But in comparison, second young master is the most miserable! After the young masters’ found out that the old master died, the young masters hurried to pack. To the two youngest masters, Dong Fang Ling did not seem to care, but when it came to second young master, if he dared to go, Dong Fang Ling would not ever let him come back. So now, second young master lives everyday in fear, fearing that one day, someone will be holding a keepsake and he’ll be forced to wed. ”

“That is really tragic ah!”

After listening to Xiao Qing, Bing’er could only sympathize with the four brothers of Dong Fang House.

“I also agree, but you’ll soon be able to see third young master. As long as he’s found, he will be able to save young master’s eyes.”

Everyone in the House was excited to see the arrival of third young master’s early return.

Bing’er finally understood why Fang Yi was so eager; and why Dong Fang Ling acted so impolite, not giving Miss Fang a few more years.

“Bing’er, there is no problem sleeping in the same room as young master right?”

Xiao Qing hesitated for a moment, and asked her long held question. Sharing the same room, although they are master and servant, one can not help but feel it was a bit wrong.

Bing’er was slightly stunned, but did not react. She looked at Xiao Qing’s silent yet questioning face, Bing’er understood what she was getting at, her crafty eyes shown, then suddenly she trembled her pink lips slightly, her pretty face teared up and looked quite pitiful .

“Young master, he ……”

Her shoulders shook, she choked on her words, her hands covered her mouth, but in reality it was to desperately hold back her laughter.

“It can’t be, young master… he what? Quickly say it!”

Xiao Qing seeing her deeply wronged appearance, could not help become alarmed, her worried face urged.

“He, to me… … …woo woo”

This time Bing’er simply laid onto the table, she spoke with a broken voice, combined with shaking shoulders, her weeping appearance, it made it hard to bear. Xiao Qing’s face paled. Looking at the miserable Bing’er, she could not help think: Did young master bully her?!

But the always rigorously calm young master, would he really do such a thing? But on the other hand, it is the first time young master had ever taken a personal maid servant. Did he take a fancy to Bing’er, for him to do such a thing?

“Binger, you do not have to be so sad, we are but just servant girls, think positive, maybe …… maybe young master really does like you, maybe…”

Xiao Qing did not know how comfort her, her head was running around in circles, she could only say whatever popped out of her head. After all, this has never happened before in Dong Fang House, as the perpetrator was first young master, although it seemed a bit strange, looking at Bing-er’s reaction, it didn’t seem to be fake.

Finally, Binger couldn’t bear it anymore, suddenly bursted out laughing, her pretty face had no trace of sadness, her originally fake tears were now real tears from laughter.

“Ha! Xiao Qing, you are too gullible, you did not even believe your own master, hahaha!”

Bing’er had one hand on her stomach, the other wiped the tears in her eyes. Thanks to Xiao Qing she was laughing, as it has been a long time since she was this happy.


Xiao Qing angrily pointed at her, but she did not know what to say, she had wasted her worries on her. Hateful!

“You, you never expect me to make you any more desserts!”

Xiao Qing angrily picked up the food container and rushed out. Seeing that, Bing’er stood to chase after her. If she can’t eat Xiao Qing’s cake, then she will die from not being able to fulfill her cravings.

“Xiao Qing, I’m just joking around ……”

Just then two figures came out from hiding, they both looked at the rushing figures.

“Brother, this Bing’er maidservant is no ordinary maid.” Dong Fan Ao conclusively said. They both had hid for a while and had heard everything the two maids had said.

From the conversation, he could pick up that she was a clever and intelligent person, although her her outward appearance was no different from the general maids, but she did not feel like a servant. From listening to the way she had spoke, he felt that she was unusual.

What is the purpose of her coming to Dong Fang House? He’ll have to check.

“What is her appearance?” Dong Fang Ling randomly asked. Dong Fang Ao’s handsome face looked at him for a while, and replied: “Delicate and pretty.”

“Is that right? Delicate and pretty?” Dong Fang Ling suddenly smiled, his laugh somewhat bizarre.

Dong Fang Ao was surprised, he tried to figure out why his brother was smiling like so. Could it be? Did elder brother had already know she was not normal? Or did he already know who she was?


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