Forbidden Love Chapter 4

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Chapter Four

Night falls, accompanied by a cool breeze.

“Bing’er, are you asleep?”

Reclining on his bed Dong Fang Ling asked, his handsome face without a trace of sleepiness.

From a long, wooden bed came a vague grunt, she was always a light sleeper, with just a little sound, she was easily awakened.

“What time is it?” Dong Fang Ling ignored her grunting and asked.

“Around Chou Shi (1am-3am).” Binger forced herself to sit up and answered, accompanied by continuous yawning.

“Is that right? So late.”

To his bed’s left was another wooden bed, a screen depicting birds separated them, on the wooden bed, Bing’er was struggling to sit up, one hand supporting her weight, her head moved up and down, she was half asleep.

“Bing’er are you tired?”

Unable to hear her reply, this girl did not fall back asleep, right?

What nonsense is he saying?

With a pained muffled sound, her emotions was on the verge of exploding, she wanted to sleep, but can’t, even well civilized people would not be able to tolerate! She raised her bloodshot eyes, glaring at the man on the other bed, she had secretly decided that if he could not sleep then she would not mind giving him a helping hand.

Feeling her stare, his thin lips raised into a malicious smile. “Accompany me to sit at Gu Yue Ting.”

His tall body sat up, feeling for his shoes, a ray of light instantly neared, his actions were halted by a pair of hands.

“Young master, it is very late and the outside is pitch black, let us wait ‘till tomorrow.”

Bing’er bent over to face him with a look of pain, so sleepy, yet she wasn’t allowed to rest. Thus she tried to compromise with him. Dong Fang Ling was a bit weird tonight, she could not help but feel uneasy. He was not purposely making it hard to her, right?

“Do not forget, I am blind, it is always dark to me, there is no difference.”

The implication was that he will go, and as his personal maidservants, she is bound to go along.


She low sighed, put on his shoes for him, and put on his outer shirt, and did not forget to add a cape. Right now is Autumn season, it is slightly chilly at night, better to be careful. she was now working as a maid, and getting much better at it too! Her pink lip raised a self-applauding smile.

But why was she so bad at tying knots? She could not help but yawn again in front of his body, her pair of beautiful eyes were very drowsy, unable to focus on the pair of string in her hands. Because she was somewhat unfocused, her foot suddenly staggered, her unstable body fell forward, in an instant –

Thump! In the silent dark night, at the Purple Dawn Manor a loud noise cut through the quiet night.

“Ow -” a cry of pain came from Bing’er’s mouth abruptly. The back of her head hit the ground, resulting in an painful sensation.

“Awake now?”

A surge of warm breath blew onto her face, followed by a mischievous voice in her ears. Her clear, beautiful eyes widened in surprise, thanks just the collision due to her dazed self, she immediately awaken and stared at the Dong Fang Ling who was on top of her.

During that quick incident, at that moment he had felt her hands gripped his sleeve, but hurriedly let go, and placed it in between their upper body’s close proximity, with her palm on his chest she could not help but blush.

“Young master ………… Can you get up first?” She asked with a trembling shy voice.

They were very close, Dong Fang Ling could clearly feel the body he was on top of, it was a soft yet tender body, a sweet incense permeated from her. Followed by strange hot flashes, it suddenly spread across his lower abdomen, he hurriedly got off her, the dark of the night hid a handsome face covered with panic.

“Nevermind! We do not have to go anymore, you can go back to sleep, I’ll sleep in a minute.” His rich voice slightly gruff, tall body felt weird and sat back onto the bed, his eyes closed.

Binger raised her eyebrow puzzled, picked up the cloak, but looked at him for a moment. Her red cheeks had yet to fade. Relieved but confused at his sudden change of mind, she blew out the candle, and laid back onto her wooden bed.

With the slight ray of moonlight, one can see through the slightly transparent screen, that the tall body had already laid onto the bed.

That night, both bodies tossed and turned on their own beds, both minds had been thinking, something had faintly changed.

These two people must have planned this to scare others!

After Xiao Qing delivered lunch to Purple Night Manor, stood to the side, ever since young master had Bing’er become his personal maid servant, they had always shared the same table while eating. Since the beginning ‘till now she had felt sceptical and now as more time passed by, between the two floated an unusual atmosphere.

For example, just now, young master had stopped his hands that held his chopsticks, and his hand stretched out towards the right, Bing’er would immediately place a bowl of soup where his hands could reach. If the young master turned his chopsticks then Bing’er will test it to see if it was too heavy or too light.

From start to finish, the two did not talk while eating, but for Bing’er to be able to actually know what the young master was thinking, it was admirable, but also inevitably raising eyebrows (it’s suspicious).

After they finished their meal, Xiao Qing was cleaning up the table and Bing’er was helping her, Dong Fang Ling had not spoken and in front of Xiao Qing’s curious gaze, he walked towards Bing’er.

“You did not eat as much as usually today.”

He felt her movements were relatively slow, and rarely picked up side dishes into her bowl, was her appetite not good?

“Ah, I do not feel hungry.”

Bing’er lightly answered, they both had sleepless nights, but he was still as lively as ever. On the other hand she was mentally drained. She was barely able to get through the morning, and now she just felt weak and drowsy

The dialogue between the two left Xiao Qing stunned, she could not help but stare at the two with her widened eyes. The young master asked in concern, yet Bing’er had not only answered with un-respectfully, her tone was also lazy.

“If you’re finished cleaning, you can leave.”

Feeling a gaze, his handsome face slightly frowned, in a voice of displeasure spoke.


Xiao Qing frighteningly jumped, sheepishly looked at young master’s eyes, for a blind man, young master was surprisingly keen.

She hastily took the wooden tray, and left shortly.

“Didn’t sleep much last night, bring me back to my room to rest for a while.”

Picking up the stick resting on the table, a pair of hands grabbed his other arm and walked back inside the room. Having gotten on the bed, he waved away her hands and lightly said:. “I want to take an afternoon nap, if you are tired, take a break, but just do not disturb me.”

After finishing talking, he took off his shoes, his tall body laid onto the bed ignoring her gaze.

Binger stared at his movements, he did not look tired, she scratched her head but was too tired to question him. Whatever, she can just take this chance to catch up on sleep. She turned to went to her bed, laid onto her pillow, it did not take long for her to fall asleep.

Not too long after, a tall stature sat up, looked to his left and smiled. He grabbed his crutches, and from his memory, he made his way through the inner chamber and out.

At a sudden wind, it had ruffled his hair, at the moment he was taking some strands of hair off his face, footsteps were heard ahead, before he could ask who, the person spoke:

“Big brother how is it just you, where is your personal maid?”

Dong Fang Ao was back from the firm and directly visited him, but to his surprise found him alone, could not help but wrinkled his brow and ask.

“Sleeping like a log.” Dong Fang Ling’s lips curled.

Last night, because he could not sleep, he had wanted to visit Gu Yue Ting, but did not expect accidentally colliding onto a fragrant and warm body. His body still vaguely remembered her soft curves, thinking about her still sleeping in the room, his lips curved into a gentle smile.
At his words, Dong Fang Ao’s wrinkles deepen, it seems the rumors were somewhat true.

“Brother, I want to chat with you.”

“Then to Gu Yue Ting.”

Dong Fang Ling raised an eyebrow, using his crutches to find his way and walked ahead.

Dong Fang Ao walked to catch up but also paid attention to his brother’s feet, looking at Fang Ling’s steady pace all the way toward Gu Yue Ting, his heart was slightly shocked, he could not help but secretly admire. Big Brother in his familiar environment, even blinded, could still walk normally, it seems that he was worrying too much.

When they both arrived, they sat and Fang Ling spook first: “Speak, what do you want to ask.”

“Recently there has been a certain topic of gossip going around the Household, and I think it is necessary to ask you, brother, to verify it.” Dong Fang Ao stared at him, making sure not to miss any expression on his face.

“Oh, say it then.” Dong Fang Ling’s face did not have a hint of surprise, his thin lips smiled, he’d like to hear what others are saying.

“All the servants in Dong Fang House are gossiping about how you treat your personal maidservant specially. Not only do you two eat on the same table, but her attitude towards you is also very different from the average maids.”

Dong Fang Ao said, his face was filled with interest, his eyes flashed with expectation.

A deep and resonant laughter suddenly sounded in the pavilion, Dong Fang Ling’s pair of dark eyes looked directly at him.

“I see you are really curious about this matter, why not just directly ask me if I took a fancy to her?”

Indeed, they definitely have been brothers for many years, he (DFL) understood what he (DFA) wanted to know, but as for his willingness to answer the question, that is another matter.

“Well that would also depend on if you are willing to satisfy your brother’s curiosity.” Dong Fang Ao’s face did not show surprise to his brother’s fast understanding of him. Dong Fang Ao leaned closer, his voice had no hint of concealing his curiosity.

Dong Fang Ling smiled, tall stature got up and with his clutches walked a few steps towards the lake, and turned to directly face Fang Ao.

“Just as you have guessed, she is not an ordinary servant girl, otherwise you would not investigate her.”

Pa pa! Applause accompanied Dong Fang Ao’s proud laughter, he shook his head and sighed:. “Brother, you are good at changing the topic, but you have not answered my question.”

Dong Fang Ao replied, he did not rebut his words however, as he did investigate this matter.

“Why don’t you first tell me how did the investigation go?” He did not answer the question.

Dong Fang Ao sighed, it seems his brother is not willing to answer his question. But the more he can’t say, the more he is curious! But it’s fine, he believed that he will find out another time.

“I do not know if she is using an alias, but in Luoyang City, the surname Luo does not exist, so I expanded the scope of the search and finally found something. I do not know whether this if related, but past the river, lives rather famous surnamed Luo predecessors. ”

“Who is it?”

“Deft Thief Luo Xuan. I have heard that he had a daughter, both have committed countless astonishing cases and are placed in the wanted list for many years. Big brother, you know, if she is really the daughter of the deft thief, she can not remain here. ”

Anything that might cause harm to the Dong Fang House, he would never sit and idly by. Dong Fang Ling placed his hands to his back and turned his back towards Fang Ao and pondered in silence. Whether or not Luo Bing’er was the daughter of Luo Xuan, this he had already guessed, though it was not enough to conclude with just her silent footsteps, but he finds the possibility to be likely.

As he is the head of Dong House, in public or in private which is right? To give her to the officals or to drive her out of the House? Just thinking of the two choices led his thick eyebrows to furrow, his heart inexplicably just does not want her to suffer any harm.

“This matter you shall not intervene, I shall deal with it.”

Dong Fang Ao’s face changed slightly at his words, stared at his back and resolved to say his next sentence.

“Brother, I remember you once said that the person who has blinded you was a stunning woman, is it not?”

“Yes.” Dong Fang Ling replied.

“The next day after your incident, a new maid comes into the House, and she was able to become your personal maidservant, only this maid is pretty, but not beautiful. And as for you, who has always likes your privacy, for you to change so much after becoming blind, that I do not believe, and as for the maid, her identity is very suspicious, so I venture to guess, this maid, and the girl who has blinded you, they are the same person. As for their different looks, I heard past the rivers there is a method able to easily change faces, in which one can easily change their appearance. Big brother, do you think my assumptions are true?” He had thought this out many times, since the beginning, from his brother’s unwillingness to pursue the culprit, he had already felt doubtful. And now, with the appearance of his dubious personal maidservant, if he guessed right, his brother already knew her true identity, but do not want to speak out. And as to the reason why not, that he is most curious about.

“Fang Ao, do you know the reason why I did not allow you to follow your younger brothers as they fled the House?” Dong Fang Ling said with an indifferent tone, his tall body did not move, and also did not answer his question.

“I know, because you have said my clever talents did not lose compared to yours, but just to see if my sense of responsibility held up as well.”

Dong Fang Ao bitterly smiled, his heart was very clear, between the four brothers, only he and his big brother had talent in business, which the reason why older brother had threatened him to stay, but another reason was that he could not bear letting his elder brother shoulder all the responsibility of the House by himself.

“You did not let me down, but I somewhat regret holding you here (in the House instead of letting him escape).”

Dong Fang Ling lightly sighed. With that sigh, Dong Fang Ao knew that his assumptions were correct.

“Brother, you mean I guessed right? That they are indeed the same person?” Dong Fang Ao’s eyes shown was ruthlessness, How dare this woman, first hurt his most respected brother and then sneak into their Household. Just what is her purpose?


Dong Fang Ao quickly got out, but before he took his third step –

“Stop, where do you want to go?”

His pace stopped and he looked at his brother’s back and impatiently exclaimed: “This woman has ulterior motive, I can not let her stay, but before I chase her out, I will get my hands on the antidote no matter what! ”

Even her brother would not embarrass her, he did not let her continue to stay.

“She has no antidote.” In contrast to his excitement, Dong Fang Ling’s voice was still indifferent.

“How could that be? She has the poison, but no antidote?” Dong Fang Ao’s face was filled with disbelief. Usually people who own poison would also have the antidote as well, for her to not have it, it was unjustifiable.

“Before she posed as a maid, she had visited me and told me herself. I assume that the poison was not refined by her, so she has no antidote.”

“Brother, and you believe her, even though you know she had hurt you, you are willing to leave her by your side. Why?” Is he not afraid that she might have ulterior motives and what is he basing of off for him to believe that she is an innocent person?

“As I said before, she did not intend to hurt me on purpose, and I guess that she had discovered her mistake and because of that, entered Dong Fang House. And as for if my eyes could heal, her worries are no less than ours.”

From his observations, she had outed herself multiple times, but with her constant tension, he was deeply impressed.

Dong Fang Ao contemplated, his brother, towards the girl that had harmed his eyes, he was very protective. But before everything is cleared, how can he rest assured?

“Brother, even if you believe she is not of evil intentions, but I still cannot believe her.”

“Fang Ao, I said I shall deal with this matter, you will not intervene.” Dong Fang Ling’s indifferent tone warned.

“If I insist on meddling, brother, what would you do?” Dong Fang Ao looked at his back, his eyes filled with fascination said, trying to probe.

“Second (brother), you know my temper, that and you know I do not like to repeat myself, also hide that unsightly smile on your face. Never expect to get anything from me, I will not give you any answers.”

As if he had another set of eyes on the back of his head, Dong Fang Ling easily guessed his hidden motive, his voice slightly resentful.
Really, to not let him know anything, but from the last phrase, he already knew enough. Indeed enough, enough to let him know that his brother’s feelings about Luo Bing’er. For his calm brother, for a women, to threaten him, it appears that Big Brother does like Luo Bing’er. The smile on Fang Ao’s face had no hint of sadness/regret. Since his brother believed her, then he shall believe in his brother’s judgement that Luo Bing’er did not come with malice intents, or else he will not let her go. A meaning filled light passed through his curved eyes.

Fang Ao looked at the back of Dong Fang Ling, and lightly said: “Brother, the main reason I have come to you was to bear you good news.”

“What good news?”

“Third brother will return tomorrow.”

To everyone’s eagerness, Dong Fang Tang was finally returning to Dong Fang House.


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