Forbidden Love Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

Dong Fang Tang came back.

Bing’er anxiously paced back and forth outside the sleeping chamber and from time to time she would look at the closed doors. Why didn’t Dong Fang Ling let her in to help? It left her feeling very uneasy. How is his condition? Would he have a chance to get better?

Dong Fang Ao entered Purple Dawn Manor, ahead, he could see a figure walking back and forth, his eyes flashed with killing intent, but due to his brother’s warning, he could only helplessly sigh.

“What are you doing here?”

His tone was not respectful, frowning as he approached her. He will heed to his brother’s request, but that does not mean he will treat her well.

“Second young master.” Bing’er bowed respectfully and said: “This servant is waiting for third young master to come out.”

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow and looked at her worried face that did not seemed to be fake, he replied with a slightly gentle tone: “Are you worried if young master could be cured of his blindness?”

“Yes, this servant is really worried.”

Binger lightly nods and looked at the closed the door, she did not see the glint in his eyes. “If the young master’s eyes doesn’t get better, what would you do?” Dong Fang Ao said as to test her, with his eyes looking straight at her.

“It will get better!” Binger excitedly answered, but then noticed his questioning eyes and lightly coughed and added: “I mean, third young master is praised for his medical skills and knowledge. Young master will definitely be able to see again.”

This Dong Fang Ao is acting rather strange, not only his eyes seem to pry, but his mouth as well. Does he suspect her of something?

“Well said, if Fang Tang does not cure Young master, then he won’t be expecting to leave Dong Fang House anytime soon.”

Dong Fang Ao looked at the closed doors and relaxed his face. After he had personally confirmed it, he felt relieved. Just as his big brother said, she seemed to be more worried than themselves and really does want him to get better.

In the room, Dong Fang Tang carefully checked Dong Fang Ling’s eyes and sighed after putting down the light, his gentle face finally rid of his solemnness. He poured himself a cup of tea and looked at Dong Fang Ling, a thought passed through his pair of eyes.

“Big brother, you are blinded by poison but half of it have already left your body, if I guessed right, you can occasionally see blurred images, correct?”

“Yes, you are indeed the genius that everyone says.” The corners of Dong Fang Ling’s lips curved up, his handsome face showed admiration.

“But I do not understand, since that person can detoxify you, why not just completely cure you?”

If he had known his brother’s condition was not as serious as he had thought, then he would have spent his nights sleeping instead of riding his horse non-stop, afraid for the worse.

“Because she did not have the red scorpion powder’s antidote. I guess she used all the drug detoxifications that she had on me, hoping for a miracle.” Dong Fang Ling knew that Bing’er often put different kinds of antidotes in his food, but not the correct one. But perhaps because she used so many on him, his body had secreted some of the toxins, so that he can sometimes see vague shadows.

“Really? That person would not be the same person who blinded you right?” Dong Fang Tang asked questioningly.

Dong Fang Ling smiled but did not speak.

By his smile, Dong Fang Tang knew he was not going to answer any questions, so he did not ask anymore.

“To completely cure you of the red scorpion powder, Silver Pulp Grass is needed and coincidentally I have a few with me. A little later I need to treat you using acupuncture needles then you will be able to see again, but from time to time your body will ache. Just continue eating the Silver Pulp Grass for three days and your body will be rid of toxins which will then give back your sight completely. ”

When he was on his way back to the Dong Household, he had helped a heavily injured man whom was from the Western Regions. In order to thank him, the man gave him the rare Silver Pulp Grass that could only be found in the West. He did not expect he would use it now.

“When you go out, do not tell anyone the truth, just tell them that it will take a few more days to be able to be cured.”

Dong Fang Tang was puzzled but followed his brother’s wishes, but he must have his own reasons.

“How long do you intend to stay since you’ve come back?”

Dong Fang Tang cleared his throat and replied: “Since brother’s eyes are fine, I will leave tomorrow.”

“You can really have a conscience, you have left home for more than a year, if not for the occasional letters I receive from you two, I would have thought you two already died outside.” Dong Fang Ling mockingly said.

“Big Brother ……” Dong Fang Tang could only laugh bitterly and said nothing. Before he had come back, he was already prepared for his elder brothers to tear at him, but he had to anyway.

“Enough of that, come and set the needles already.”


After Dong Fang Tang had left, the door opened once again, Bing’er entered and saw her master lying on his bed with his eyes closed.

“Young master, what did third young master say about your condition?”

Dong Fang Ling slowly opened his eyes and clearly saw her pretty anxious face. The next moment he closed his eyes again until the pain had receded did he reopen his eyes.

“Rest assured, it is not permanent.”

Her face was definitely not the face that he had saw at the lake that night, if not for certain fragrance she carries, after the change of her voice, he would not have recognized her.

Hearing his reply, Bing’er finally felt that her shoulders have gotten lighter. She was happy that she did not cause any permanent damage as she would not be able to live a life without regret.

“Then is there anything third young master said to be careful of?” She could not help but to ask, afraid of any negligence that would affect his eyes from recovering.

“Do not worry too much, just a few days of rest and it’ll be fine.” Feeling pain in his eyes, he closed them once again.

Seeing so, Bing’er could not help but be a bit panicky and subconsciously held his hand and said. “Young master are you alright, anywhere uncomfortable?”

Her soft touch and her light incense suddenly floated to his mind… The next moment, as if he could not think clearly, he tightly grabbed onto her, making her soft and fragrant body fall onto his.

Bing’er exclaimed with her eyes wide open when she felt his arm wrapping around her waist.

“Young master!”

Her crisp voice trembled, at her panicky state, she did not notice her voice changing back to her original one, her eyes were in chaos as she stared into his black eyes.

“Calm down, I just want to know what my personal maidservant looks like.”

With these words, his large hand felt her face. This face mask was really well made, it did not feel anyway out of place. His fingers stroked at her cheek, her eyes were the same as before; he then moved his fingers to her soft pink lips, occasionally feeling her tremble. His lips curved up, just as his arms moved off her waist, seeing her quickly jumping away from him, his smile deepened. She has too many holes (in her disguise). As long as she is met with a extra sensitive/careful person, her disguise could be easily seen through.

Bing’er held her hand over her chest, trying to calm her fast beating heart. She looked suspiciously at the closed eyed man laying on the bed. When he had his hand on her face, she had saw light in his eyes. Third young master said that it would take a few days for him to see, but she could not help but doubt his words.

“You go out, do not wait here, I want to rest alone.” Dong Fang Ling said, with his eyes still closed.

“Yes.” Bing’er thoughtfully looked at him for a while before turning to leave.

As she shut the doors behind her, she did not move, confusion filled her eyes and she slightly frowned. In the end, where is the problem? Yesterday, after finishing lunch, that person had said he was tired, but after her nap she discovered her master was gone and after looking for him for a while, she had finally found him, but he was with Dong Fang Ao. Because of the distance and the fear of discovery, she decided to avoid them, but an unsettling feeling could not leave her. In addition to what had happened just now…… Maybe she will get an answer if she were to investigate a little.

During the silent night, when the moon was high in the sky.

Around Zi Shi (11pm-1am), the figure on the wooden bed got up and walked passed the screen and in front of the other bed.

“Young master.” A clear voice softly called. The person on the bed did not move, his breathing rate did not change, he was in deep sleep. Her dark, pretty eyes flickered, like air, she walked out silently.

She left the House, to the west outskirts, through the bamboos and towards the lake. Her eyes carefully scanned her surroundings. Only did she then start to take off her clothes, piece by piece, her dress slid down her legs and her pale body was reflected by the moonlight. She placed her clothing onto a rock and walked into the lake. As the cool water surrounded her body, her soft pink lips let out a satisfied sigh. It’s been so long since she was this delighted! After entering the Dong Fang House, she did not come to play in the water, but because it was so hot tonight, she could not help but slip out.

She took in a deep breath and then dived into the lake, she resurfaced a little later. Her waterfall-like long hair flung in the air and finally spread out onto the water, her pretty little face full of droplets of water were gently wiped with both hands. An unexpected touch of irritability surfaced onto her face; Dong Fang Ling’s eyes will get better soon meaning that she will also have to leave soon. Then what does this feeling of lost in her heart mean, could she be reluctant to leave him?

Thinking of such a thought, she could not help but laugh. Why was she thinking of such crazy things? Dong Fang Ling already has a fiancee and she was only here to make up for her mistake. After his eyes have recovered, she will take the initiative to tell him her true identity and ask him whether there are any requests, and upon the completion of the task of gratitude, she will have to leave and they will no longer interact.

Suddenly, depression swarmed her, thus she lost her will to play and decided to leave. She swam towards the shore and picked up her clothing from the rock and got dressed. When she had finished she started to head back, her mood was not as good as it was before coming to the lake. In less than an hour, she was in front of the Dong House and she then lightly made her way into the inner chamber. She carefully gazed across at the man lying on the bed, and was relieved that he was still asleep.

On the way back to her wooden bed, she caught a glimpse of a little dirt on his shoes at the corner of the bed. It suddenly startled her. Her body quickly turned to face his bed, her face stiff, time slowly drifted by, her eyes flickered with an indecipherable light.

It was a bit passed dawn and the morning air was slightly cool.

Dong Fang House’s servants had already started their day’s work, the smoke from the kitchen fire was rising, as the head cook Zhao ordered, several servants were busy preparing breakfast for everyone in the Dong Province.

At the corner of the long table, Xiao Qing was carefully placing the food onto a wooden tray. The slightly plump Zhao looked at her and said loudly while cooking: “Xiao Qing girl, how come I have never seen first master’s personal maidservant?”

“Yeah! She must be very beautiful, otherwise how could young master make such an exception by making her his personal maid?” Everyone was busy adding their opinions, but they all had curious faces.

“Bing’er is not that beautiful, but when she laughs, her eyes sparkle …… anyways, I can say no more, I want to quickly deliver young master’s meal.” Xiao Qing thought hard, but did not know how to describe her, but it was true that when she smiled it was indeed very attractive. She was distracted as she was stilling thinking about the previous conversation, when she suddenly bumped into a person. She was scared and took a step back, fortunately the trays did not fall, she was about to reprimand the person-

“Which dare devil would dare to just suddenly…… Bing’er?”

Xiao Qing looked surprised at the person who had suddenly appeared in front of her, she then noticed something was wrong and her brows wrinkled and looked at Bing-er’s preoccupied look.

“Bing’er?” Xiao Qing called again at seemingly distraught person in front of her.

“Uh…” Binger suddenly came back to herself, seeing that it was her, she smiled, her eyes surprised to see a look of worry on Xiao Qing’s face. “What is wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? I am here to pick up breakfast.”

Her hands reached out to grab the wooden tray from her, but Xiao Qing shifted her body so she was not able to reach for it. “Bing’er, why are you like this, did you not sleep last night? Why are you here to pick up breakfast? I’m responsible for this task.”

Xiao Qing had a look of concern, Bing’er was acting strange today, the more she looked the more she worried, but she could not place her finger on it.

“You have guessed correctly, I did not sleep well last night, so I am not as spirited.”

Bing’er moved and took the wooden tray from Xiao Qing’s hands, she laughed at her dazed friend and said: “You do not have to deliver this, I will do it, you can do something else. ”
Xiao Qing then recovered, her face filled with surprise. Just how did Bing’er take the tray away from her? One moment it was in her hands, but in a blink of an eye the tray was not. Shaking her puzzled head, she walked back into the kitchen.

As Bing’er carried the meal back to Purple Dawn Manor, her face gradually sunk. Last night she did not sleep, she began to put everything together which made things clear, her irritation from last night still had yet to fade.

Once at the Manor, she lightly opened the door, inside a deep yet questioning voice resounded: “Where have you been?”

Her clear eyes flashed with resentment, as she looked at the tall stature standing by the window, her lips slightly furrowed and lightly replied “I went to the kitchen to deliver breakfast.”

While she answered, she walked towards and placed the wooden tray on the round mahogany table. Dong Fang Ling turned and noticed her strange expression, his eyebrows furrowed and he walked towards the table using his crutch.

Looking at his steady pace, she could not help but tightly clench her fist.

“Why is it not Xiao Qing delivering the food?”

Dong Fang Ling secretly glanced at her and sat down, he used his hands to feel out the locations of the dishes and then held his chopsticks and starting eating.

“I could not sleep, so decided to go get it myself.” Bing’er started to eat and did not lift her head as she replied.

Dong Fang Ling stared at her for a long time, but did not question her. Afterwards they did not speak the whole time while eating.

Looking at the person who was cleaning up after the meal, just what had happened to her? His eyes looked at her clearly frustrated expression, as if she held a grudge at the dishes, every once in awhile she would let out a grunt and violently move them. Suddenly his eyes widened. He saw Bing’er clutching her chest and then her delicate body falling down without warning.


Dong Fang Ling’s face showed panic, he rushed to her and lightly patted her cheeks to see if she was still conscious. Seeing that she was not waking up, he panicked more and ran into the chamber to place her on her bed, when suddenly a fist blew straight at him.

Dong Fang Ling barely avoided it, but before another punch could be striked he hit her acupuncture points.

“Dong Fang Ling, you let me go!”

How hateful! Just a little bit more and then she would have been able to hit him. She glared at him.

Dong Fang Ling’s eyes flashed with interest as he watched the still person on the bed, who could only glare at him. If stares could kill then he would have already died.

“Bing’er, how did you find out?”

His long fingers frivolously stroked her soft lips, just as she was about to bite his fingers he pulled them away. Her childish behavior made it hard for him to hold back, he laughed loudly. The sound of his laughter filled the entire room.

He thought that he could keep this from her for a few more days, but he was curious as to how she found out.

“You lecher! Nasty scoundrel! If I had not noticed the wet soil on your boots last light, then I would not have believed that a blind man could follow me all the way to the lake, and peeked! ”

Bing’er was so furious that she could not finish her words, she had been badly fooled! Since when could he see again? He had suspected her identity, was that why he followed her last night? Yesterday it did not rain during the whole day, so if a person was to walk only in the House, then their feet would not have been soaked. The only possibility was that he had followed her to the lake area, where the soil is relatively wet soft.

She had suspected him earlier, and after last night’s affair, there was even more evidence, so she decided to test him. It was just as she expected, she had been played for a fool.

“I see.”

Dong Fang Ling rubbed his chin and his smile in deepened. Last night, because of her strange actions, he had decided to follow her, but he did not think she had went to the lake to swim naked. He had wanted to leave but was afraid for her safety so he stayed and patiently waited for her to finish playing in the water, and left right before she did.

“Since when were you able to see again?”


She couldn’t believe it. As if he had welcomed her stunned expression, his handsome face showed gentleness and his large hand stroked her cheeks, thinking about her stunning face under the face mask.

“Really, thanks to your antidotes, although it did not completely rid of the poison, but it was half gone, so sometimes I could see the blurs.”

Pleased to see her beautiful eyes wide open, he smirked, his hand did not leave her face and continued to caress her face.

“Since when did you start to suspect me?” Her crisp voice trembled, she didn’t expect for her first disguise to be discovered. She felt that her pride had just suffered a severe blow.

“Since the very beginning. Ever since I made you my personal maidservant, I had already noticed.”

A frustrated scream resounded in the room.


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