Forbidden Love Chapter 6

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Chapter Six

“Don’t be sad.”

Dong Fang Ling crossed his arms on his chest and leaned his body back onto the bedpost. Looking at her sad face, his handsome face was with a constant smile, trying to console her.

“How did you see through my guise?” Because she could not move, she could only look at him with her eyes, humbly asking for advice and strive to improve next time. A muffled laugh was heard, she looked at the sitting man who shook his head with his lips curved in a mischievous smile. “You have too many flaws, in addition to the eyes and your expressions that lack control, the biggest flaw, that even as I blind could see through, that I will not tell you.”

He would not tell her the truth, after all, he was a selfish person.

Bing’er was very much excited to hear the biggest flaw, but only to only figure out in the end that she had be played. This hateful guy! Bing’er angrily bit her lower lip, her clear eyes glared at him.

“Don’t hurt your own lips.”

Dong Fang Ling’s eyes slightly narrowed in sight of her self inflicted bloody lips, his face sank, under her helpless gaze, his long finger stroked her bloody pink lips. This unusual throbbing, lasted until his fingers parted from her lips, her confused eyes met with his deep gaze. She found that she could not look away while she was trapped. Trapped in those bottomless black eyes. Not until he raised his lips that contained a touch of ridicule, she could pull back her stare, her cheeks reddening, not daring to look at him again.

“If you had suspected me earlier, why did you let me stay?”

Knowing that she was a problem, why would they leave a person of unknown motives? Was he not afraid? “Because I believe you had no ill intent, in addition, I wanted to know if you came out from guilt, or for another reason.”

“Can you release my bind, I cannot speak like this.”

Her body was lying on his bed and with his constant staring, she felt considerably awkward.

“I think this is just fine, but since you said so, I’ll help you change to a more comfortable posture.” Just as he finished his words, his arms stretched out, instead of sitting her up, her soft body was placed by his chest, into his embrace

“Dong Fang Ling, you…” Bing’er stared dumbly at him due to his unexpected overly familiar gesture. How could he do that? Simply just taking advantage of the situation!

“Now quickly say it.” His tall body reclined on the bedpost, while at the same time, adjusted the person in a more comfortable position so that he can clearly see the expressions on her face. As the “victim”, Bing’er’s immediate thought was that this was too abrupt, but looking at the actions that seem so fluid, it had left her speechless, but to spit out in frustration: “You guessed right. I made my stay here because of my unintentional mistake, but there is a more important reason why I came to Luoyang City. ”

“What reason?” A warm breath brushed by her cheeks, which caused her cheeks to flush, his handsome face smiled, watching her reaction.

“Roughly ten years ago, on Dong Fang Lao Ye’s way back home, he kindly saved a seriously injured person, he cared for him until he recovered, and that person was my father. I came to the city of Luoyang, to repay my father’s debt, to thank the Dong house’s kindness.”

She did not dare lift her eyes, afraid to look into his deep, mysterious dark eyes.

“Is your father the Deft Thief Luo Xuan?” Even if his heart knew the answer, he still wanted her mouth to confirm it.

“You investigated me!” After Binger surprised exclamation, her pretty eyes narrowed and unhappily asked.

“Yes. But I did not order the investigation, second young master did so.”

What? It was Dong Fang Ao?! No wonder why she felt his gaze was a bit weird.

“My father has passed away, leaving only the four of us brothers, so who are you to pay the debt of gratitude to? Also, are you sure you come to bear gratitude, not to bear revenge?”

Dong Fang Ling playfully smiled, using the topic of his eyes, he joked. Hearing his words, she felt somewhat ashamed, her pink lips subconsciously bit her lower lip, but seeing his eyes narrow, she quickly loosened her bite.

“You’re right, the old master has passed away, so I can only pick one person among the four of you brothers to repay the debt to, I… Choose you?”

“Oh,” He raised his brows.

“What do you plan to do to repay?”

“As long as it is within my ability and is not overboard, I can help you.” Why did he look at her like that? Even in his gentle gaze, she was still afraid to look straight at him.
“I do not need you to do anything right now, how about you continue staying here, and there may be an opportunity in the future that you can take care of.” His eyes flashed a certain light, he lips curved up into a somewhat bizarre smile.

“Since my identity has been seen through by you, I do not want to act as your maidservant anymore.” She quickly put those words out, since she did not want to share the same room- it’s too dangerous.

“Yes, you can stay as a guest, the only condition is that you must go back to your true face.” As the words fell, his hand was on her cheeks looking into her slightly stunned eyes, they wordlessly exchanged emotions through their eyes, stirring both their hearts.

Time passed quickly and two weeks had passed since Bing’er revealed her identity. Just as he promised, she was converted into a guest of the Fang House, but as a restless person, she quickly became bored. She looked at the handsome figure sitting near the desk. Dong Fang Ling’s eyes have recovered, and in turn, has gotten busy dealing with business matters. Looking at Dong Fang Ao’s unrestrained happy expression, she could not help but find it a bit funny. Dong Fang Ling was praiseworthy though. Just by looking at all those digits caused her dizziness and if it were her, she would have ditched her work to go to the streets to play.

With the last piece of pastry in her mouth and a sip of the fragrant tea, her eyes looked around, eyeing at the sitting figure. Her delicate and exquisite body silently got up, and lightly made her way towards the door (exit).

“You want to leave after you are finished eating eh?” A deep voice suddenly sounded, halting her footsteps.

Her crafty dark eyes passed a hint of anger, but she turned around, looking back at his black eyes.

“Come here.” Dong Fang Ling’s long finger hooked towards her, his gaze locked her at the spot, his tall body leaned back, and waited for her to approach.

Did he think he was talking to a dog? Pink lips pursed unhappily, but still involuntarily walked towards him. “I want to go out to take a walk. You are busy so I will leave you to your business.”

Bing’er came to his side and said lightly. Never had she been in a house where a guest had to tell the host where she wanted to go before she could leave, she felt that he was like a hungry wolf eager to have his meal.

His eyes showed a soft glow, his elegant and refined eyes looked at her face, with her pink lips slightly pursed, she seemed more charming. “Look at you, such a glutton. Your mouth still has the remains of cake crumbs.” Suddenly, as the came words down, his large hand stretched out and gently wiped the cake crumbs off her lips. At his sudden closeness, she took a few steps backwards and she quickly tried to conceal her blushing cheeks. Her clear eyes looked against his deep dark eyes, but hurriedly averted her stares.

This man was really different, ever since he got his sight back he had acted overly familiar with her, leaving her always distraught.

“How about you wait two hours, then I can go out with you.”

Seeing her somewhat panicking, a touch of sadness flashed over his eyes. Had he been too impatient?

“No, you’re busy as you are, I am fine by myself.”

Are you kidding me, if she were to let him accompany her, how would that be any fun? It is best to be myself! She fiercely shook her head and waved her hands, showing her determination.

“Then be careful, do not miss dinner time.”

Dang Fang Ling looked at her funnily. Was it that terrible to stay by him?

With his reply, Bing’er let out a charming laugh, leaving him somewhat stunned, and in that instant she had disappeared out the door.

Dong Fang Ling after coming back from her mesmerizing smile, saw that her figure was gone, his handsome face bitterly smiled and shook his head. He looked at the books spread out on the desk. His focus was gone, just like the fleeting figure.

Stepping out of the study, Bing’er happily skipped away, her mouth humming song, she had a sense of relief. She had lived with Dong Fang Ling for a while and felt very tired. He had exploited her weakness multiple times! Like just now, with a plate of pastry products as bait, he had lured her to accompany him in the study room and it almost bored her to death! Next time she made a note not to give in to the temptation of food.

Upon leaving the manor, she vaguely heard light sobbing noises, Bing’er curiously followed the sound and found a crouching figure weeping in the flowers.

Recognizing the figure squatting in the flowers, she was surprised but said: “Xiao Qing?”

“Bing’er!” Xiao Qing hearing her voice, like a drowning man near a driftwood, suddenly ran toward her, strongly hugged her and buried her face into her shoulder crying.

“Xiao Qing, what happened?”

Bing’er’s pretty face wrinkled, looking at the distressed girl who did not stop crying and even wiped her tears and snot onto her dress, her heart cried. This dress was given by Dong Fang Ling, today was the first day she had worn this and it had already been dirtied ah!

“Bing’er, what should I do?” Xiao Qing cried, her shoulders did not seem to ever stop shaking.

“If you do not say clearly, how I can help you?”

Not wanting her to ruin her clothing anymore, she put some distance between them, at the same time trying to appease her, she led them back to her temporary accommodation room.

“Well, there is only the two of us here, say whatever you want.” Bing’er poured a cup of tea for her, seeing her mood becoming relatively stable, she was relieved.

“My father could not pay his gambling debt, so he sold my sister to Yi Hong Yuan (a whore house), the people are coming to get her tomorrow.” Right after she said those words, the tears that were held back started to fall again.

“What? How could there be such a father, he’s gone too far!” Bing’er was outraged! Although she and her father fought a lot, they always had good feelings towards each other, and could not imagine that any father willing to sell his own daughter to a brothel.

“My father he was forced to! He was pressed by other people and forced to sign my sister’s life away.” With a gambling addict as a father, even outsiders can understand one’s sorrow and grief.

“Xiao Qing do not be afraid, we can go to Dong Fang Ling and have him pay for her ransom.” Her first thought was to go to Dong Fang Ling and did not think of a solution herself. Taking Xiao Qing’s hand and she lead her to the study.

“No, ah!” Xiao Qing rushed to break free, took a step backwards, chokingly said:”Young master has already helped my father pay his gambling debt once. I cannot bother him. ”

What! This problem has happened more than once!? It seems this problem is not easily solvable- a so-called leopard cannot change its spots.

Suddenly a thought crossed her mind. iI had been so long that she had forgotten her own unique skills. “Xiao Qing, tell me, where is the paper that your father had signed?”

“It is in the hands of the pimp of Yi Hong.”

“Leave this thing to me. Don’t worry, I will help you get it back.” Binger offered a pat to reassure her, with a look of confidence.

“Bing’er, just what do you plan to do?” Xiao Qing wiped away her tears, looking at her confident look, she could not help but become curious.

Her crafty face turned and an elegant, yet mysterious smile appeared as she whispered to her: “I will steal it! Tonight I will sneak into Yi Hong. With no signed document, I want to see how they they will take the her tomorrow! ”

Looking at her pride-filled face, Xiao Qing’s face paled and said anxiously: “No! I cannot let you go!”

Looking at the beautiful person in front of her, Xiao Qing felt touched. She can not help but think back to two weeks ago, when she found out that Bing’er was not an actual maidservant but a guest, she was also stunned by her beauty. And what made her the most happy was that Bing’er was still Bing’er, she was still the girl who was always greedy for food, even with a change of face, her true nature was still the same, she was still her friend. The most surprising was undoubtedly how young master felt for Bing’er, she believed that anyone with eyes could tell that young master cared for Bing’er. She believed that Bing’er also liked young master, though there was no proof. But if something had happened to Bing’er, how could she explain to the young master?

“Do not worry about me, “stealing” is what my family does best! If you feel moved, then just pay me with lots of your good cooking. ”

Look at how good she was at solving problems, unlike a certain Dong Fang Ling, who had made her stay here to wait for an opportunity to repay him.

“No, what if something happened to you…” Viewing her stubbornness, Xiao Qing became anxious and grabbed her hand wanting her to stop.

“Nonsense! I have yet to go and you have already damned me.” Bing’er waved her hands away, looking at her uneasy look, she felt it was funny. “Don’t worry, I will be successful, but do not tell anyone about it. Now that things are settled, I want to leave, but I’ll be back before dinner.” She lightly patted her cheeks to reassure her, without giving her an opportunity to speak, her delicate and exquisite figure disappeared.

“Bing’er -” Looking at the person leaving the manor’s doors, Xiao Qing anxiously clenched her hands, should she let Bing’er go? If successful, then Xiao Hong would not be sold to Yi Hong, but what were to happen if she were to fail?

In the dark and stormy night, a distant gong sound was heard. A faint shadow can be seen leaving the Dong Fang House, towards the middle of the city.

A lightweight stature was crouching down on the roof of Yi Hong, looking down at the dolled up girls coming and going in the front doors of the building. The next moment she jumped into the backyard and could faintly hear the sound of laughter coming from the front yard.

Did not know how and where to start the search, she suddenly heard the sound of footsteps nearing. She then saw a girl who dressed like a maid walking by. When she was about to pass, Bing’er quickly covered her mouth and dragged her struggling body to the side and hit her acupuncture points.

“Tell me, where is the pimp’s room? You talk honestly, I will not hurt you.” After she spoke, her hands left her mouth and towards her neck.

“At the corner, there are four rooms; the most inside one it is.” Successfully getting her answer, Bing’er then quickly put her to sleep, hiding her in the bushes, and left.

Arriving at the pimp’s room, she rummaged and searched through the whole room, at last she found a locked wooden box under the bed. In the darkness, a few light clicking sounds could be heard and the lock was easily opened. With the wooden box was opened, her eyes passed a touch of surprise, inside the box were many paper document. After finding the paper she wanted, she then re-latch the lock and put the box back under the bed.

As she closed the door, ready to leave she heard sounds of crying. Curious, she made her way to a shabby hut, the door was bounded by chains, thus she found it suspicious. Subtle cries sounds clearly came from the inside, her eyebrows knotted and began searching for window to look into, but found a few planks sealed all the windows around the hut. Her sharp eyes found a small hole on the walls so she bent low to look, she widened her eyes.

In the room was about a dozen girls, all pale and faces full of tears, what could this be? At this time, a voice from a not so far distance: “Xiao Cui you lazy girl, where could you be hiding?!” She knew she could not stay any longer, restraining her doubting heart, she silently jumped and left.

A black shadow made her way on top of the roof, she glanced at the group of girls coming and going from the building and thought of the pile papers in the wooden box, she could not help but felt sad for them.

Suddenly, a fierce hit pierced toward her, Bing’er did not have time to completely dodge, her right arm was scratched and blood slowly dripped out, she tried to run away.

As she fled she had felt someone following behind her, her left hand grasp on her bloody right arm, just as she is about to get rid of the person behind her, a sudden attack was felt on her legs she fell to the ground. A blade was brought close toward her face, Binger swayed and carefully stood up, she was dressed in in black and a black cloth wrapped around her face, revealing only her eyes. Looking at the man in front of her, her eyes flashed a touch of surprise, this person’s face was handsome, wearing white, he had a noble aura to him, a sword pointed at her. “Who are you and why did you raid Yi Hong?” A clear voice without a trace of fluctuation, his eyes looked coldly at her.

“I ……” She secretly assessed the situation, she knew that she could not beat him, and waited for an opportunity to escape.

“Still want to flee!” He said and quickly blocked her escape route, his sword pierced the black cloth on her face, exposing her beautiful face.

With her mask removed her eyes flashed with a touch of panic, clearly seeing his eyes flashed with surprise. “I did not think you has such a beautiful face. I just followed you all the way here, with your excellent qigong and certain figure, you remind me of someone, that person is also with excellent qinggong and ability, if I guessed right, you should be Deft Thief, Luo Xuan’s daughter, right? ”

Binger was astonished. Who is this man and how could he have easily guessed her identity?

“Who are you?”

“People call me the Jade Hunter.”

Satisfaction flashed when he saw her paling face, after all, they are natural enemies.

“I do not think you would want to catch me.”

Rumors say that the Jade Hunter only took on big cases, and as for petty theft cases he always left them for others, why he would embarrass her tonight?

“Really? I remember last year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the imperial palace kitchen was raided of delicacies, and when the guards discovered it, they were only in time to see two figures escaping. The two men left only leaving a note that said: ’emperor classic’s gourmet delicacies are to be shared’ these characters. The guards tried and chased after them, but with no avail, the two thieves left arrogantly leaving their name with a string of laughs and sped away, tell me do you not any impression of this incident? ”

It was then he saw her excellent qigong which had left a deep impression.
Binger’s face shown a touch of shame, blame it to dad, bringing her to steal the delicacies, but why proudly those string of characters! This did not matter, but as to why he proudly self-reported their name, it was as to ask them to catch them both!

“We just stole to eat, we did not steal any valuables.”

“If you really stole such things, you think I would have let you escape? Then again, the cases you and your father committed are numerous, but if I have taken your cases, then you two would have already been sitting in prison cells.”

Handsome face was wiped with mischievous, laughing, his eyes without lust just enjoyed looking at her beautiful face. He had seen Luo Xuan’s face, but did not expect his ordinary appearance to have such a stunning and beautiful daughter.

Hearing him, Binger sighed with relief, with him still staring at her. “We have long not committed any major crimes.” Looking at his unbelieving eyes, she quickly elaborated: “Really, we have already quit and as for me being here is simply because of a request from a maid of Dong Fang House. ”

The Jade Hunter’s face suddenly change, his sword flashed and pointed at her again. “Speak clearly, why are you associated with the Dong Fang Household?”

Bing’er paled, but didn’t know why she reacted such when she heard Dong Fang House. She however still honestly stated everything in detail.

“What you say is really true?” His sword flicked, dangerously closing in toward her nose, observing her every expression.

“Really, if you do not believe me, then you can go back with me, Dong Fang Ling will be my witness.” Scrunching her eyebrows, not because of fear, but because of the pain from her right arm.

“No, it is fine.” Pointing down his sword, while looking at her pained appearance, he took out a bottle of ointment.

“This is medicine for you, you can go back; but what happened tonight as in meeting me, do not tell anyone, especially the Dong Fang Ling. Remember that.”

Binger was surprised to see him hand her medicine. She doubted herself, maybe it was the pain from her arms, she saw fear in his eyes. Under his urging gesture, she quickly left.

Somewhat dazed, his handsome face had shown a touch uneasiness, looking at the direction Bing’er’s figure disappeared to.


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