Forbidden Love Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

At night a black shadow can be seen entering the Dong House. Just as she was about to pass Dong Fang Ling’s room, a deep voice resounded. The once dark room was lit up by candles.

“The cat has finally decided to come back. Come inside.”

Bing’er scrunched her face. How could this man have such good hearing? Maybe she can ignore him to make him feel as if he was talking to thin air?


Knowing that she hesitated he said again, this time the voice carried a warning. She looked towards the door and with a sigh, she walked into the room.

Upon entering the room, she saw Dong Fang Ling sitting on a small wooden chair, his sharp eyes looked at her black attire. Seeing her injured arm, he narrowed his eyes.

“Come here.”

Binger sheepishly looked at him, but hastened to step closer to him.

Dong Fang Ling’s arms stretched towards her, one wrapped around her waist, the other gently grabbed her injured arm. He said in a scary tone: “How did this happen?”

In his embrace, Bing’er did not resist, his sharp eyes made it hard for her to speak.

At his sudden action, Bing’er yelped, her sleeves were ripped off exposing her flawlessly white arm and her upper arm injury. Looking at the somewhat superficial wound and at the fidgeting girl sitting on his lap, his fierce look subsided. He had scared her.

“Bing’er, tell me who hurt you? And where did you go?”

Seeing that he had returned to his usual calm self, Bing’er wiped the cold sweat off her forehead.

Her clear eyes looked at him, her pink lips pouted and looked pitiful, she replied in a low voice, “Can I first tend to this wound? It hurts… ”

She had always been afraid of pain. She left this injury untreated on herself for a long time and the pain was driving her crazy.

He nodded, seeing that he was about to grab medicine, Bing’er automatically took out the bottle of ointment, looking at the familiar porcelain bottle, a ruthless glint passed Dong Fang Ling’s eyes.

Taking the bottle, he led her into the inner room, while at the same time he had grabbed some clean cloth. During the short trip he did not say a word. Carefully placing her on his bed, watching her wrinkled eyebrows, he attentively and quickly sprinkled the powder onto her wound and then carefully bandaged it.

When he lifted his eyes to look at her and ask about what had happened, he saw her beautiful eyes closed, her elegant beautiful little face unsuspectingly sleeping in front of him. He suddenly felt his heart fill with tenderness. With his eyes filled with pity, he smiled and bent down, his hot lips covered her soft ones. Due to him unable to leave her, that night he sat at her bedside, watching her delicate and innocent face.

The gentle morning wind blew at the fallen leaves, spinning them and then allowing them to fall into the glittering lake.

Next to the lake, a small figure could be seen sitting down, her eyes were looking afar, just like her mind. Today, early in the morning, when she had opened her eyes, she was met with a pair of deep eyes. That was when she had realised that last night, she had slept in Dong Fang Ling’s bed, and Dong Fang Ling had stayed by her side watching her sleep. At that thought she could not help but blush…

And what’s more, looking at his eyes, she could see it was filled with tender affection. Although before it was not clear, but then she could clearly figure it out- Dong Fang Ling likes her.

This fact made her heart filled with commotion and…excitement! That was when she also realised that she liked him as well. The most embarrassing thing was that Xiao Qing saw this scene in the morning. Moreover, Dong Fang Ling did not hold back in front of her (XQ). He had helped her comb her messy hair, but also considerately helped her get out of bed, ignoring her embarrassed face from start to finish, and as well as ignoring her (XQ) ambiguous staring.

Dong Fang Ling is indeed a hidden master, but also the most patient predator. First, he very patiently waited for her to finish breakfast and then asked her about last night, his handsome face was very calm, but his eyes leaked his true emotions. Since last night, afraid that he was going to become angry, she was very cooperative and explained everything from start to finish, everything, even forgetting the Jade Hunter’s warning.

After finishing her words, Dong Fang Ling showed an unpredictably gloomy face, however he did not say anything, but only glanced at her coldly. She could clearly see his eyes were filled with anger. He was angry with her, but said no angry words. She would rather him scold her and not look at her so coldly.

Her pink lips let out a sigh. What should she do to ease his anger? As she was thinking, a blue figure could be seen walking towards her.

“Bing’er, what are you thinking about?”

Xiao Qing placed a dish of sweet-scented osmanthus cake and a pot of tea onto the stone table, and asked. At her questioning voice, Bing’er was pulled back into reality.

“It’s nothing.”

Bing’er acted as if nothing was bothering her, she let out a forced smile, pretending to look greedily at the cakes, she quickly took a piece and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Do not pretend, you can’t hide from me. You can talk to me, I am your friend and not an outsider.” Xiao Qing smiled at her.

Ugh! Only to be seen through, Bing’er gloomingly laid on the stone table, with a depressed face. She took a small bite of the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, but did not continue to eat anymore.

“Bing’er, thank you for helping me get back that paper contract. After this lesson, my father was deeply repentant, no longer he will gamble, you are the benefactor of our family.”

After Bing’er had helped them take back the document, she was afraid that the people of Yi Hong would “pay them a visit”, so she had young master send Elder Jiang to their house. Several of Yi Hong’s bodyguards were sent, but they dare not to offend the Dong House and could only angrily retreat, and it was all thanks to the help of Bing’er.

“Do not say that.” Bing’er sheepishly looked up, seeing her red eyes. For the first time being viewed as a benefactor, she could not help but feel a bit uncomfortable.

“My friends are in trouble, how can I not help? It was not much trouble.”

After Xiao Qing mentioned this, she thought back to the shabby hut in Yi Hong. Were those girls forced or was it another reason? Why were they locked all together?

“Bing’er, are you troubled by young master?”

“What?” She looked blankly at Xiao Qing’s worried face, as she did not hear her words.

“Young master had always been cold and polite, we rarely see him angry. Although he found out about the the night raid at Yi Hong, you can see he was not angry. I think young master cannot bear to get angry with you, so you do not have to worry.”

Strange! Last night at her wound, he had been furious, it almost scared to death of her. This morning, although he was not angry, it was more frightening for him to ignore her.

She sluggishly made her way into Purple Dawn Manor. Her lazy eyes swept around and saw a certain tall figure, she quickly shot up, her previous half-closed eyes were now alert. She quickly made her way towards him, following him into the study room.

Dong Fang Ling glanced at her, he then took a book and began to read it, completely ignoring her presence.

“Dong Fang Ling ……” Bing’er stammered, her eyes slowly reddened, she felt wronged and stranger-like. Even when the two first met, he was not this indifferent.

“Is there something wrong, Miss Luo?”

He did not look up and replied, his deep voice full of indifference.

She’s finished! He was still angry! Her chest was uncomfortable hearing his distant words. She rather him shout at her than to treat her like a stranger with cold and polite words. Just how can she break through this wall….. Ah!

“It hurts……”

At her crisp voice, his dark eyes lifted seeing her figure bent and holding onto her injured arm, his face changed and his tall stature flashed quickly to her side.

“Bing’er, what is the matter? Is your wound acting up?”

Dong Fang Ling repeatedly asked her, bringing her into his embrace. At her pale face, his heart felt painful. He immediately picked her up and kicked the door to go out and to the adjacent bedroom.

Into the chamber, he gently placed her onto his bed and quickly helped her remove and replace the old bandaged with new ones.

“It’s done.” When he was helping her reapply the medicine, he figured out that she had fooled him so he quickly finished to get up and leave.


Seeing his cold face and figure about to leave, Bing’er quickly got up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Dong Fang Ling was stunned for a moment, his heart raced but he hugged her back. He looked at her elegant face in his embrace, her beautiful eyes looked at him as if she was wronged.

“What are you doing?”

With her self-initiated gesture, does it mean that she had understood his intentions? Did she reciprocate his love?

“Dong Fang Ling, don’t be angry any more, I know I was wrong, do not ignore me.” With her head buried and arms around his neck, she said in panic.

“Bing’er, why do you care about me ignoring you?” Dong Fang Ling smiled as he placed his chin on top of her head, his hand stroked her silky black hair, while the other held her waist.

“…..I know you like me, I…too… So stop ignoring me, I’ll be very sad.” Her clear voice sounded and she blushed but did not move.

Dong Fang Ling’s smile deepened. From her self initiated hug, his heart had already been overwhelmed with ecstasy. This girl had finally understood his feelings for her.

“Promise me, you are not allowed to go on adventures, and also do not ever get injured.”

“I promise.”

She promised without hesitation and her blushing deepened, secretly relieved that he was no longer mad. If she had knew that confessing would be so effective, she would have done so earlier.

“What if you break your promise?” Understanding her personality, he could not put very much weight into her words.

“Then I shall leave Dong Fang House and never see you again.”

Suddenly her face was lifted, forced to looked into his dangerous eyes. “Are you punishing yourself or me like that?”

Bing’er swallowed her saliva, her arms hastened to hold him, resting her head back into his chest and said: “Sorry, I misspoke. Then the punishment, I’ll leave it for you to decide….”

Hearing so, Dong Fang Ling’s face calmed and tightened his hug, he patted her back lovingly, and warned “Remember what you said.”

Some people’s curiosity just had to get the best of them. If they did not get an answer, they will keep on thinking about it, which is why Bing’er is currently in an abandoned alley.

The quiet morning was unlike the bustling night. Heading towards Yi Hong’s back door, Bing’er thought about the scene she saw last night. Finally, taking advantage when Dong Fang Ling was busy with his meetings, she could have the opportunity to sneak out. Because of his distrust, he had been following her non stop! He was even worse than her father, but although she complained, at the same time, she enjoy his company.

“What are you doing here, young lady Lou?” As she looked toward the back door, a clear voice was heard, accompanied by a tall stature who came to her side. It was the Jade Hunter.

Bing’er could not conceal her surprise- How did she come in contact with him again? Together with that night, was he tracking a case?

“Then why would you be here as well?”

The investigation of his… would it be the same one that she is concerned of? He did not answer, but only looked at her right arm and asked with concern: “How is your injury? I am sorry to have hurt you.”

“It’s already fine.” Her eyes twitched and she looked at him, this man’s attitude towards her compared to yesterday was quite a different! He was not this polite that night, and even more strange, he even apologized to her.

“That’s good.” He let out a sigh and seemed to looked relieved, his actions caused Bing’er to look at him.

They no longer spoke, both seemed to be in their own thoughts. Looking at the building, Bing’er said, “That night when I snuck into Yi Hong to steal a life contact document, I found something strange unexpectedly.” Binger looked at him and did not want to miss his expression, if she is right, he will need her help.

Her words caught his attention, his eyes flashed of a certain thought, looking at her beautiful face.

“What did you find?”

Her crafty eyes watched his deadpan expression, and delicately replied: “In a small shed, I found were filled with about a dozen girls, and the windows and door were all locked and covered; if I had to guess, you are tracing this case? ”

His eyes passed a touch of admiration, this woman is not only intelligent but also courageous, he now understood why Dong Fang Ling would be attracted to her. “You’ve guessed right.” He simply admitted.

“I am willing to inform you of the details, or I can help you personally, maybe.” Her clear eyes flashed with anticipation, if he agrees, then she can take advantage to make a request.

Jade Hunter looked at Bing’er and slowly revealed the information about this long lasted case: “About a month ago, when I was at the town of Baiyang, I’ve noticed many young females would go missing without a trace. Despite how hard the officials tried, they could not find any leads. So I suspected that it was the work of human traffickers. This has followed through five towns, each with the same situation, but when I investigated Luoyang, there was not any news of missing girls.

Originally, I was glad that the city of Luoyang City were not experiencing this problem, but I felt something was amiss. So I boldly assumed that the traffickers had placed all of the kidnapped girls here, in Luoyang City. And I was correct, after I searched all the brothels in Luoyang City, I found in Yi Hong’s courtyard, some of the missing girls. I suspect that this is not an ordinary human trafficking, but that there are some people who are working in the shadows. ”

The more Bing’er listened, the more shocked she became. Her guess was correct after all! Those girls were all there against their will.

“I suppose you have a good idea of who the person pulling the strings is, just you do not have the evidence to support, am I right?”

His handsome face at first showed shock, but a hearty laugh soon followed. He looked admiringly at her, and secretly praised her wits.

“Young miss Luo, you are indeed smart. Yes, I have already guessed who the person manipulating in the shadow is.”

“Who is it?”

“Luoyang City’s Magistrate, Liu Huanchang.”

Bing’er was shocked at the startling news. How could it be the magistrate of Luoyang! Why would he break the law when he clearly should govern it?! “Why is it him? What reason would he do such a thing?”
“I secretly found out from my sources, that Yi Hong brothel is actually established by the magistrate, and the pimp is just a figurehead. The magistrate is past the age of fifty, but he has tens of concubine. He collects maidens from all over; some are for him to keep, while the rest, if not stationed at Yi Hong to serve others, then they are used to curry favor with the imperial court officials. His local reputation is fairly clean. He wants to maintain that reputation, so he does not mess with the women in Luoyang City, but there is, in fact, another crucial reason.”

“What is the other reason?”

“Because Luoyang City is home to the Dong Fang House, and the elders of Dong Fang House.”

Waving so that she would not interrupt, he continued: ” Although two of the young masters are not home and the recent death of Dong Fang Lao Ye, one can not overlook their powerful backing! The emperor’s most favored Royal Concubine is Dong Fang Madam’s younger sister. As for the other Dong Fang House, you will understand in the future.”
(Sorry the last sentence was confusing: 而另一个东方府呢,你日后便会明白了)

Binger listening to this all, other than shock, she had no other reactions. The most surprising was that he actually trusted her enough to tell her all of this.

“What are you going to do now?”

“That is where I am having trouble with. Even though I know all this, but there is not enough evidence to force him to plead guilty.”

“I can help you.” Binger looked firmly at him, her elegant face looking serious.

“What did you say?” He opened his eyes in amazement, wondering if he had heard it wrongly.

“I can go undercover for you. With both of us working together, I believe we will be have to solve this very soon.”

“No.” Jade Hunter unhesitantly replied. He eagerly refused, if one were to take a closer look, one can find his handsome face was a bit stained.

“Why not? I know martial arts, so I can protect myself, there will be no danger! Don’t you want to solve the case as soon as possible?” Binger did not understand why he refused, such a rare occasion that a person would voluntarily help him, why would he refuse?

“No means no.” He suddenly felt a headache, and gently wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He turned around and intended to get as far away from her as soon as possible.
Bing’er stature flash, blocking his path, her face showed confusion at his difficult look.

“I am willing to help you solve the case, but it is because I have a request.”

He raised his eyebrow, his eyes looked at her face and indicated her to continue.

“I wanted to help you, so you can help me on something.”

“What is it?”

“I want you to help me revoke the government order of the pursue of my father and I.” She and father did not regret stealing those treasures, and thus was wanted by the official. On the contrary, they felt very entertained by the chase. However, her father was getting older, and no longer suitable for this type of lifestyle, so she came up with this exchange.

The Jade Hunter was bestowed by the Emperor a gold medallion, which gave him the much power and authority. The revocation of orders for him, was only a small matter. This type of exchange conditions for him, did not put him in any disadvantage.

He stared at her for a while, seeing her unyielding eyes, he could not help but sigh.

“Fine, but you have to listen to me and my arrangements. Do not act reckless, if something is wrong, first escape, then we’ll talk.” What she said was correct, this case can not be delayed any longer, and if she were to work with him, this case will be much easier.

“Do not worry, I will do as you say.” Her beautiful face displayed a blossoming smile. Finally, after this, she will immediately tell her father of this good news! Bing’er was so excited that she had forgotten Dong Fang Ling’s warning, and naturally forgot her promise to him.

Looking at her rare beauty, his heart had no doubt, Magistrate Liu will not let her go! As long as he is a man, they will not let go of this stunning woman. If something were to go wrong … he could not help but feel a chill. His head suddenly felt more throbbing pain. Now he can only be careful whenever acting, he cannot allow any mishap to occur.


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