Forbidden Love Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

During the afternoon, in the backyard of Dong Fang House, gathered a group of people. These people formed a circle which surrounded a slim figure, and from time to time came the crisp sound of bell-like laughter. Everyone’s face was smiling, they were all happily watching the figure moving nimbly.

“Xiao Wu, do you see how fast I mastered this game?” Bing’er said, her youthful face displayed a magnificent smile. Whether it was a front kick or back kick, it seemed as though she was gracefully dancing. The birdie (shuttlecock) was continuously kept midair and had not fallen yet. With her graceful and charming figure, no one was able to keep their eyes off of her.

“Mn, Miss Luo is very smart, you have completely mastered the game.” replied the one called Xiao Wu. His face showed a bashful expression as his eyes continue to follow her figure.

“Xiao Qing! Didn’t you say that the young master’s personal maidservant had an ordinary appearance? How could she have turned out to be such an angel-like beauty?” Old Zhao asked. Old Zhao, the kitchen chef arrived due to being attracted by the sound of laughter. After he arrived, he was unable to leave. Curious, he pulled and questioned the dazed Xiao Qing.

“That’s because before Bing’er was in disguise. And she is no longer a maidservant, she is favored by the young master.”

Xiao Qing briefly summarized what had happened. The surrounding people who listened in were all surprised. As she spoke, Xiao Qing did not take her eyes off of Bing’er, as it was her first time seeing a person kick the birdie with such gracefulness and agility. And Bing’er was a beginner too!

After Xiao Qing finished her story, the surrounding people showed a envious face. They were jealous that the blinded person could not have been themselves.

“If I could temporarily become blind in exchange for such a beauty… I am totally willing!” One of them could not help but think out loud.

“What are you all doing?”

Suddenly, a deep and unhappy voice sounded. When everyone heard, their bodies could not help but twitch in fear, and in the next moment, everyone scattered away and disappeared.

After the field was cleared, Dong Fang Ling was able to see the person he was previously looking for. Because of his sudden loud voice, it frightened Bing’er causing her to kick the birdie with too much strength. The birdie was kicked much higher and was sent a few feet away.

She let out a cry, and followed the birdie with a leap, wanting to catch it mid air. However, he jumped as well and caught her mid-air. With one arm, he circled it around her waist, and brought her to his embrace. Together, the two lightly came to the ground.

“Dong Fang Ling…” She quietly said, as her clear, glistening eyes looked at his handsome face.

“Do you not remember what I had said? And here you are… I looked all over for you.” Dong Fang Ling’s gloomy face stared at the person in his arms. He worried for her and had looked high and low for her, but she was having fun without a care.

Looking at her crimson cheeks and quickened breath, an unnamed fire quickly arose in his heart. She dared allow everyone to see her charming face, it should only be for him. His arms tightened his grip around her waist.

Bing’er clearly felt his anger, she could not lift her eyes to look at him. Resting her head on his chest, she meekly explained: “I knew that when you and Dong Fang Ao were discussing things, it would not finish anytime soon so I took a walk. When Xiao Wu saw how bored I was, he kindly taught me to play with a birdie. I was enjoying myself and forgot the time… ”

“Kicking the birdie is fun, eh?” His handsome face looked down, though he was laughing, the laughter did not reach his eye.

“Very fu(n)-…ah!” Bing’er quickly looked up, but her smile turned stiff from looking at Dong Fang Ling’s expression.

“Next time you want to play, you must do so in Purple Dawn Manor, I will also accompany you to play.” Taking out a handkerchief, he gently wiped off her sweat, although his actions were gentle, his voice was angry and slightly threatening.

“Why?” She whispered to ask her questions. She could not figure out why he was angry at her.

“Because he is jealous! Am I right, (big) brother?” A long laugh sounded from the corridors behind the two. From behind, a tall figure revealed himself.

Hearing this, Bing’er curiously looked at Dong Fang Ling. Looking at his handsome face which displayed a hint of blush, she couldn’t help but let out a joyful laugh. With his narrowed eyes, Dong Fang Ling said in a warning voice, “What are you doing here?”

Receiving the warning from his eyes, Dong Fang Ao put on a serious expression and said, “A letter was just recieved and it is addressed to Bing’er.”

“To me?”

Bing’er was surprised, but took the letter. She wanted to leave the arms of Dong Fang Ling, but he did not let go so she opened it while in his embrace.

Soon after reading the letter, her elegant face was filled with worry. She looked into his eyes and said: “My father wrote to me, he mentioned in the letter to hurry home. I need to return home as soon as possible, I want to leave right away.”

Dong Fang Ling ignored her anxiety, as he took away the letter in her hands, and after reading the contents of the letter, he looked at her with his dark eyes.

“Do you need me to accompany you back?”

“No.” She excitedly replied. But looking at his eyes filled with suspicion, she soon gently added: “I mean, I would like to take this opportunity to mention to my father about us. With you there it will be inconvenient.” Under his questioning gaze, cold sweat started to form across her back. She had almost forgot how sensitive this man was.

“After you are finished, be sure to come back as soon as possible.” Dong Fang Ling said, as he gently pushed her hair back behind her ear. Feeling her slight, yet almost unnoticeable tremble, his eyes flashed with a certain light.

“I will make sure to come back quickly.” Binger nodded, promising him. She was not able to look into his eyes and continued to look at his chest.

“Then quickly pack up your stuff.” He loosed his grip around her waist and Bing’er quickly turned to run off.

“Bing’er.” Before she could run away, his voice sounded. Her heart was beating rapidly, but she turned slowly around.

“Be careful during your trip. Do not forget what you have promised me, that you will not get yourself into any dangerous situations nor will you get yourself injured.” Dong Fang Ling’s face showed a deep, yet unpredictable expression as he stared at her quickly paling face.

She quietly nodded and quickly turned around to leave.

“Is something the matter, (big) brother?”

After observing for while, Dong Fang Ao asked a question, while at the same time, he took a step back. The twenty years spent together as brothers were not in vain. His (big) brother’s face gradually became gloomy, his eyebrows were almost touching each other, and even his already black pupil turned multiple shades darker. This was clearly due to rage. How long has he not seen his eldest brother become this angry?

And the reason for his fierce rage, it is clearly because of Bing’er… Whatever the reason, he (Dong Fang Ao) prays for her.

In the small shabby hut located in the backyard of Yi Hong brothel, more than a dozen girls restlessly stood or sat. Not only did every one of these girls display fear on their faces, but also streams of tears.

Within this group of confused girls sat a still figure dressed in a coarse dress. However, her outfit did not conceal her excellent appearance. This girl was Luo Bing’er and she had successfully infiltrated. When she left Dong Fang House, she quickly met up with the Jade Hunter. As according to their plan, she disguised herself has a young orphan girl. She then appeared on the streets pretending to seek help, with her appearance, she quickly caught the eyes of the target people and was quickly kidnapped.

Now that she has successfully mixed in, she had to think of a way to get to Liu magistrate, as well as saving these girls, that was her top priority.

“How are you so calm?” A girl beside Bing’er asked. From the time she saw Bing’er being brought in ‘till now, she had not shown any sign of being afraid. The girl was curious and could not help but ask.

Binger turned to face the girl, she was around the same age as her. This girl had a cute and sweet face, and her face showed some concern. During this time, even in such a situation, this girl was able to show concern for another, it left a good impression on Bing’er.

“What is your name, and how did you get caught?”

“My name is Xiao Lian, I came here with my big brother in search of someone dear*. But I was disobedient, and I wandered away from my brother when we were at an inn to explore the streets. I was playing so I did not know that I was being followed and when I found out, it was too late to escape. I fainted and when I woke up, I was already here.” Xiao Lian let out a low sigh, her face covered with sorrow, she worries if her brother Shao Qin would be able to find her.

*(I’m not really that sure if that was what she said: “同大哥是来这寻亲的.”)

“How long have you been here? And do you know anything about the other girls here” Binger looked at her sadly, holding Xiao Lian’s hand with sympathy and lightly said.

“It has been three days, all of us share the same experience (of being kidnapped and stationed here). Before, there were several girls with beautiful features, but they were quickly taken away and never bought back. Every day, some girls will be brought away and we will not see them again.”

Xiao Lian told Bing’er everything she knew. She honestly said everything and during this time, it was good to have someone to talk to. She was able to keep her mind off of her worries. Binger’s face darkened, if she guessed right, those girls who were brought out were either used as bribes or ‘destroyed’ by Magistrate Liu.

“Miss, your appearance, by far exceeds any girl brought in and out from here, you must be careful.” Xiao Lian suddenly tightly held her hand; she feared for her.

“Thank you.” Because of her concern, Binger was very moved, she continued to whisper to inquire: “Do you know where this is?

“I only know that this is a brothel, but I do not know anything else.”

When the girls were brought into this hut, the pimp came to look at the girls, and that was when they found out that this was a brothel. Everyone then began to start crying, they knew that their chances of going back were now very slim. Bing’er looked around, every girls’ face showed despair, it was unbearable. Suddenly an idea formed, maybe she can manage to let them escape.

Knock! knock! A subtle knocking sound along with a light voice outside transmitted from the the sealed window. Bing’er’s face showed a hint of joy, she hastened to the window and peeked through the small hole she secretly made. “Miss Luo, are you alright?” Keeping a close observation of the surrounding, Jade Hunter anxiously asked.

“I’m all right, I have a way to rescue all of these girls, but I need your help.” Bing’er quickly told her plan to Jade Hunter.

“No, we can not do it, if these girls were to escape, wouldn’t it arose a commotion?”

“Listen, when I came to take the signed life document, from the same wooden box, there were multiple other letters. If Magistrate Liu is really the ambassador acting behind the scenes, then one of the letters can be a source of evidence to use to convict the crime of Liu magistrate.”

These girls suffered for days, she could not bear much longer. If this matter were to be extended any longer, how many girls were to suffer the consequences?

“I still feel uneasy, but tell me where this wooden box is, I will try to steal it.” If anything were to happen to Bing’er, then even if he were to have ten lives, it would not save him, so stealing the box himself was more appropriate.

“But you know how to unlock it?”

“Even if I do not know, I can just bring you the whole box.”

“But you promised me, that if you were to agree to my help, you would not interfere with with I do. I will be careful, so do not worry. Bing’er excitedly insisted.

There was a period of silence but in the end, he agreed. He reminded her to be careful and quietly left..

Seeing him leave, Bing’er turned to face the girls. With a serious expression, she said “I have a way to allow everyone to escape, but I want your cooperation.”

At nighttime, the door opened from the outside, and in came two men.

“What is going on?”

When they came in, they saw every girl laying on the ground, motionless. Surprised, they stepped forward to the girls to take a closer look only to be hit on the back of the head and fell flat onto the ground. Both Binger and Xiao Lian’s hands held a large piece of wood. They smiled at each other. The hit took all the strength of their body and both their hands were slightly tingling.

“Girls, quickly get up, do not panic, and follow behind me quietly.” Binger took the lead in the front and arrived at the back door. She easily opened the lock. Jade Hunter was there, waiting with 2 carriages.

“These girls will be in your care, I’m going back to steal the box.” Afraid that he (Jade Hunter) will have a change of thoughts, Bing’er quickly passed the girls to him and turned back around and left.

“No! You come back ah!” When he thought about it again, he could not allow her to do this and called out. But she had long left, seems he could only lead the girls to a safe place and then go back to catch up with her, hoping nothing bad will happen.

Luo Bing’er once again came to the pimp’s room, she took the wooden box out from under the bed. As she was about to leave, the door was suddenly opened from the outside and in came the pimp and several strong looking men. They quickly surrounded her.

“The last time, I discovered a life contract paper suddenly went missing, I became suspicious. But it seems, it was as I suspected, who sent you here, and how did you escape from the hut?”

With the sudden disappearance of the life contract, with Xiao Cui’s report, it was confirmed that someone had infiltrated. She was surprised, however, when Dong Fang House came forward to intervene. Though she was not sure if the person was related to Dong Fang House, from then on, she increased security and placed her room on all day and night surveillance. Finally, after her long wait, she had caught the thief, but it was out of her expectations as it was the same girl she had captured today.

“Not good! Madam!”

Outside neared the sound of multiple messy footsteps, along with Xiao Cui, the girl who Bing’er previously knocked out, came in several paled face men: “Every girl in hut located in the backyard had escaped!”

“What!” The Madam’s heavily powdered face was about to crack as she angrily closed in to the surrounded Bing’er: “It was you who let everyone escape!”

“Correct!” Binger unabashedly admitted, as she secretly tried to think of a way to escape.

“Do not let her escape!”

With the order of madam, the men quickly jumped towards her, though Bing’er’s martial art was not the best, it was more than enough to deal with these people. Using her nimble body she dodged and hit at the same time, quickly the men fell.

She proudly kicked the fallen men several times, and turned with the intention to leave. But suddenly, a powder hit her face as she put her guard down.

“You!..” Binger stared stunned at the madam, she had underestimate the enemy! Suddenly, her vision darkened, her body limply fell to the ground.

Madam proudly looked at the fallen Bing’er. She them shifted her eyes to look at Xiao Cui and commanded: “Feed her the body numbing powder and send her to the magistrate tonight and tell him this is the gift from me and to enjoy her tonight. I do not care who she is, as long as she goes against me, I will make her regret!”

Madam glared at her, and ordered Bing’er to be quickly propped up, given the drug and sent away.

Creak, the sound of the doors opening awoke the unconscious person laying on the bed in the dark room. Bing’er, with difficulty, slowly opened her heavy lids and suddenly remembered the Madam who threw the sleeping powder on her. How daring of her….wait till she gets her revenge!

…But where is this place? Bing’er looked around the pitch black room and tried to get up. However, she was alarmed by her lack of strength! She was… was so weak that she could not even move a finger!

Suddenly a light noise sounded in the dark room. With a suddenly light of a candle, Bing’er was able to look towards the origin of the sound and at the person who stood in front of the bed.

In front of her was an middle aged, obese man, his eyes widen with surprise. With a lustful smile, he said “Didn’t think that Li Madam was able to find such a fine spoil…”

“Who are you? And where is this place?” With her ever-so attractive eyes, Bing’er looked at the man; looking into his gaze full of lust, Binger let out cold sweat, trying to conceal her fear, Bing’er asked in a cold voice.

“I heard that you were given the body numbing powder… although that takes away some of the fun later on, but this way you can not escape. But I will tell you this, this is my personal room, and I am Luoyang City’s magistrate.

Liu magistrate had already heard everything from the Madam, although it was a pity that he could not keep this stunning beauty, at least he was able to enjoy her before she is killed.

“Body numbing powder?” Binger’s face became paled, no wonder why she could not move a finger.

“Yes, my little beauty, because of this, you are unable to resist me… be obedient, and if you serve me well then maybe I will consider sparing your life.”

Seeing him laugh wantonly, Bing’er could only helplessly look at him, as she could not escape.


Within seconds her dress was torn off, his heavy body pounced on top of hers. Bing’er let out a horrid scream, in her mind, she thought of the him…

With a slight pull, Liu magistrate looked at the red undergarment and the exposed white, smooth skin. What a sight! As he was about to eagerly kissed the exposed jade-like skin, suddenly a cold blade could be felt next to his neck. The next moment, he was forcefully pulled off of Bing’er.
“Who are you … so daring, to break into my room!?”

Liu magistrate let out a cold sweat. Feeling the sharp edge of the cold blade, he could not help but tremble in fear.

“Jade Hunter…”

With the clear sounded call from behind, Liu magistrate could not help but tremble even harder. His face clearly paled from fear.

“Liu Magistrate, you are finished, with such solid evidence, I doubt you have anymore excuses.”


Too lazy to listen to his explanation, Jade Hunter quickly pressed his acupuncture points. He then hurried towards the bed, after seeing Binger’s state, his face changed. He quickly took off his top outerwear and wrapped it around her.

“Miss Luo, you…”

Looking into her eyes full of grievance, Jade Hunter fiercely glared at the man behind him. With a burst of anger, he once again mounted his sword on the neck of Liu Magistrate, this time however, he place it close enough to let him bleed.

“What did you do to her?”

“It wasn’t me! It was the Madam from Yi Hong who gave her the body numbing powder, she was the one who sent her to me!” Enduring the pain, Liu magistrate looked aghast at the blood which slowly flowed down the blade. With cold sweat sliding down his face, he quickly placed the blame on another.

“Damn it!” Jade Hunter let out a cuss, at the same time, he stuck his palm onto Liu magistrate, who in turn, fainted after spurting a mouthful of blood.

He’s finished! He will suffer an even worse death than Liu magistrate! Hurriedly, he picked up Bing’er off the bed, and quickly jumped out of the room. In the darkness of the night, he quickly headed towards Dong Fang House, hoping to return Bing’er before anyone finds out.

Suddenly, feeling a sense of danger, Jade Hunter quickly moved to the side to avoid it, when all of a sudden the girl in his arms had disappeared.

He quickly looked up towards the attacker, looking at the tall man in front of him, Jade Hunter let out a small sigh of relief. However, the next moment, his face changed back to being serious, as he he can not let his guard down against the man in front of him.

“What happened to her?” With his cold black eyes, he glaced at Binger’s torn dress and weakened body, his eyes flashed with a murderous glint.

“She was given the body numbing powder, after awhile she will be fine.” As he spoke, Jade Hunter took a few steps back, knowing him, it will be hard to escape tonight.

Listening to his explanation, Dong Fang Ling’s gloomy face looked at the man in front of him and said in a cold voice: “You used her to solve the case, and you even caused her to become like this, tell me, what should I do with you?”

Anxious to explain, when suddenly a palm stuck at him and interrupted him. Although Jade Hunter was able to defend himself with his sword, after a few seconds of exchange, he could not help but cuss inside.

Wasn’t he always busy dealing with Dong Fang House matters? How is it that even after a long time his skills did not deteriorate? Because he was thinking, Jade Hunter let out a half-a-second opening, with a quick strike, Jade Hunter backed a few feet and could only stand with the support of his sword.

Looking at the side of his mouth which had let out some blood, Dong Fang Ling coldly said, “That attack was for injuring her arm and also letting her get into harm.”

“Is Luo Bing’er that important to you? I haven’t seen you this angry in a long time, we use to get along so well, but because of her, you strike at me… ” Wiping the blood off his face, Jade Hunter said with a face full of grievance.

“You should be thankful that I am letting you go with just one hit, you should know that you dug your own grave.” With a cold glance at the man in front of him, he turned to leave towards the direction of Dong Fang House.

With his back facing Jade Hunter, he added: “Fourth, the time limit I have given you is almost up, do not forget your promise.”

Jade Hunter bitterly smiled as he looked at the man who leaving farther away from him. He had already known that he were to suffer the consequences if Bing’er were to suffer any loss! Really his big brother did not even spare him even though they shared brotherly bonds.


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