Forbidden Love Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

How long does he intend to stare at her? Blinking her eyes, Bing’er stole a glance at the handsome man in front of her. Seeing his dark eyes, she quickly avoided them by closing her eyes.

After Dong Fang Ling brought her into his inner room (bedroom), he laid her slowly down onto his bed and sat next to her. His hands supported her face which was forced to face his way, he has not yet to let go and has maintained this position for a quarter of an hour.

Looking at his livid face, she knew he was very upset.

She doesn’t mind if he continues to stay mad, but can he please help cover her torned attire? Looking down at herself, Bing’er could not help but blush.

Trying to hold back his anger, Dong Fang Ling took a deep breath, he did not want to scare her because he was so angry. When his mood settled down a bit, he took notice of her beet red face and could not help but raise a brow. Following her line of sight, he saw her exposed creamy skin. He swallowed hard, but did not avert his eyes.

“Dong Fang Ling, can you please give me a new dress, after I am dressed, you can punish me however you like…” Bing’er whispered, She could not look into his eyes, as his eyes shined with an unrestrained desire. She was embarrassed, and this made her blush even harder.

“Bing’er, do you remember what you promised me? You said if you were to put yourself in danger one more time, I can do however I like with you.” After Dong Fang Ling’s words were said, he slid one of his hands to her exposed collarbone, causing Bing’er to slightly twitch.

“What do you want?” Her weak voice trembled as he moved downwards… he wouldn’t have…

“Marry me.”

With his sudden proposal, Bing’er’s mind turned blank and she had completely forgotten about his hand which was on her body. She was very happy and could not help but internally celebrate in joy, but it was soon suppressed.

“I can’t.” Her clear eyes flashed with sadness. She admits that she loves him, but this extraordinary man in front of him can not be hers, as he was already engaged to another woman.


At her refusal, Dong Fang Ling could not help but become angry, his hands clasped her bare shoulders. Looking into her sad eyes… didn’t she love him too?

“Did you forget? You already have a fiancee.” Her clear eyes could not help but water up. She looked at him in grief, the reason why she can not marry him was not because she does not want to, but because she cannot.

“She is not a problem, whether we find her or not, I will not marry her.” Dong Fang Ling, let out a sigh of relief, so it was this reason. No matter what he had to have her. From the very start, watching the beautiful her playing in the lake, she had already caught his attention. Now that she had his whole heart, he would not let her go.

Bringing his hands to her face, he gently smoothed her furrowed brows. His Bing’er was always so carefree, and whenever she laughed, he couldn’t help but look at her.

“Things are not that simple.” Lightly shaking her head, she knew how the Fang House placed much importance on this engagement, she also knew that his fiancee’s family held a very high position; it was not good to offend them.

“I will solve this matter, you do not have to worry. Bing’er, didn’t you want to repay your family’s debt/gratitude? Then marry me… I only lack a wife, I do not need anything else.” Not waiting for her reply, Bing’er’s lips were quickly sealed by his lips and his hands wandered onto her chest.

He was not a saint, looking at her half naked body, Dong Fang Ling’s body could not help but heat up. She was the person he loved and also the only wife he had approved of… He knew that she also loved him, so why hesitate now?


She struggled to talk, but her lips were soon, once again sealed by his hot lips. Slowly she drowned in his love. Piece by piece, their clothes were taken off. When she felt his strong bare body on hers, she knew that he would not turn back, and his actions were to prove his feelings for her.

“Dong Fang Ling…” She looked at his handsome face, can she really have him?

Seeing the hesitation her eyes, Dong Fang Ling paused, he then raised his hands to hold her head. Closing in on her face, he whispered into her ears, “As long as I live, I, Dong Fang Ling will only have one wife, and this wife is you, Lou Bing’er.”

Right after saying this, Dong Fang Ling once again enjoy the sensation of her pink lips on his. He tightly embraced her and gave Bing’er no chance to retreat.

One moan followed the next, echoing through the whole room. Only at the break of dawn did they finally stopped.

Outside the bedroom, a tall figure can be seen pacing back and forth in front of the entrance. Only when the door finally opened from the inside, did this man let out a strange smile.

“Brother, how is Bing’er’s condition?” Dong Fang Ao’s smile was very ambiguous.

Looking at into his brother’s eyes which suddenly shone with a certain glint, Dong Fang Ao quickly hid his smile, made a small cough, and added: “I did not mean anything, but fourth (brother) came back, so that’s why I know something had happened last night.” Big brother’s possessiveness of Bing’er had upped to a much higher level after what had happen. It looks like Bing’er would not be able to escape from him any longer.

“She’s okay, and you will soon have a new sister (in-law).” Dong Fang Ling’s casual remark to such an important announcement left Dong Fang Ao stunned.

“Big Brother… are you sure?”

Dong Fang Ao made a difficult face. It looks like they were to break ties with Fāng house, he was just afraid that they would not let go. Dong Fang Ling nodded. He understood Dong Fang Ao’s worries. To marry Bing’er, he must first go and settle things out with the Fāng House.

Dong Fang Ao let out a sigh. He already had expected this to happen. He took out a letter and handed to Dong Fang Ling, “Brother, this is from fourth… you really actually dared to start a fight and you even wounded him.”

Big brother had always been most lenient on their youngest sibling, but this time, he actually dared hurt him. No wonder why fourth was so unhappy and dissatisfied.

Dong Fang Ling’s eyes quickly swept through the content of the letter. In this letter, it had stated that Bing’er herself took the initiative to take part in the case and also the later events that had happened. With his emotions hidden and unreadable from this face, Dong Fang Ling lightly said: “He had crossed the line, and that was why I was more harsh on him this time. Dong Fang Ao, I now regret consenting when he asked to become the Jade Hunter. If he really does not return by the end of the time limit I had set him, you two will take responsibility. ”

His dark cold eyes glanced at the pale face in front of him, with no further words, Dong Fang Ling turned around and walked back into his resting chamber. Only when the door was closed, did Dong Fang Ao let out a relieved sigh.

Wiping the cold sweat from his face, Dong Fang Ao bitterly smiled. During that time, it was he and third who had persuaded their elder brother to agree to fourth’s idea. That was only because fourth did not stop annoying them, so they could only helplessly do so. Now that third is no longer in the Dong Fang House, it would be him that will bear all the responsibilities.

Dong Fang Ling had really kept his words when it came to punishing her. Bing’er had tried to negotiate, but she was unable to change his mind.

Dong Fang Ling no longer put anymore weight onto her promises. She had lost her freedom to roam alone. Other than being away because of private matters and sleeping, she and Dong Fang Ling were almost never apart. No matter how unsatisfied she was, Bing’er had to accept her current situation.

After that incident, Bing’er found out two surprising things. One was that Dong Fang Ling had already knew her lie about leaving to visit her father when he read the letter with her on that day. She did not know that Dong Fang Ling recognised her handwriting. In addition, because of her poor acting, it had led to his suspicion, leading him to have her tracked, and thus knowing everything.

The other surprising fact was the true identity of Jade Hunter. He was actually the fourth young master of the Dong Fang House -Dong Fang Jie.

That explained why Jade Hunter was so against her volunteering to help with the case.

Fortunately, her sacrifice was worth it, because the case is solved. Yi Hong brothel was now sealed, and the Liu County magistrate was now in jail waiting for the verdict. Moreover, Dong Fang Jie had kept his promise and removed her and her father from the country’s wanted list.

No longer do they have to hide. However, after she had gained freedom, she was restricted once again.

A helpless sigh left her pink lips, reverberating in Guyue Pavilion.

“Bing’er, do not frown and sigh, if young master sees, you’ll suffer.”

Xiao Qing could not help but giggle at Bing’er and said.

Seeing how young master had kept Bing’er and his monopolizing desire… Really ah, in the beginning, she had envied Bing’er, but now she was sympathetic of her.

Bing’er glanced at the Xiao Qing, and folded her arms. Looking at the Guyue pavilion, with the gradually withered flowers, time flies ah. She had already stayed in the Dong Fang House for three months.

“Xiao Qing, it’s so boring, is there anything interesting going around? Do tell.”

Xiao Qing smirked, she was about to make fun of Bing’er some more, but from the corner of her eyes she saw two oncoming figures. She turned to look and then exclaimed loudly: “Isn’t that Lian House’s young lady? Why is she here (without a guide), where is young master? ”

Bing’er also looked over, it was really Lian Fang Yi and also her maid, why were they here?

Lian Fang Yi walked in a graceful manner into Guyue pavilion. Her glamorous face quietly looked Bing’er, who sitting on a stone chair. Really an elegant and refined, almost surreal, pretty woman. No wonder big brother Dong Fang was so fascinated by her. Fang Yi’s eyes passed a flash of jealousy.

(‘Brother’ signifies closeness and does not always been that they are biologically related in anyway. Like how Koreans use the word ‘oppa’)

“You are Miss Luo? I heard that for you, the big brother Dong Fang canceled his engagement with Dong House, and breaking their built ties.” Her delicate words subtly mocked.

“You should know that Fang House’s connections run deep. If they really do not want let go, they can simply complain to the a royal concubine and have the whole Dong Fang House arrested. I heard that you and your father are famous pilfers. I do not know why the big brother Dong Fang would take a fancy to you… Did you rely on your beauty and seduce big brother Dong Fang? I mean how else would he even want to start a relationship with a person who has no backing and had even blinded him.”

Hearing her sarcastic remark, Bing’er face paled with rage. Xiao Qing could not stand the injustice and refuted: “Of course not! It was young master who liked Bing’er first! And also Bing’er helped solve the case with fourth young master! With her help, the long tracked case was finally resolved!”

Looking at Lian Fang Yi’s condescending face, Xiao Qing felt some regret. She had always looked up to Lian Fang Yi , and her gentleness, her generosity and her elegance. Luckily young master had saw through her and wasn’t tricked by her fake demeanor.

Lian Fang Yi coldly glanced at Xiao Qing, her glamorous face showed a contemptuous look, ridiculed: “You are just a maidservant, who gave you the right to speak?”

“Lady Lian, I respectively see you as a guest. But mind your manners as you speak. So what if she is just a maidservant? Can anyone speak up about rude remarks? Moreover, Lady Lian, what you had just said was simply demeaning oneself. ”

Bing’er could not bear, but to mock back. She tightly held onto the misty eyed Xiao Qing, trying to appease her.

“You … Luo Bing’er, you are but a petty thief’s daughter, what right do you have to speak like that to me?!” Lady Lian could no longer contain herself and yelled back, no-longer did she maintain her docile demeanor.

“Because she is the wife that I, Dong Fang Ling, has accepted.”

A cold, ice-like voice resounded into the Guyue pavilion, causing the people in it to change expressions. Lian Fang Yi showed a face of panic as she looking at the incoming stature of Dong Fang Ling, who was followed by Dong Fang Ao and Elder Jiang.

Dong Fang Ling’s face was gloomy, his cold, black pupil looked at the person who dared not to raise her head. When he saw her entering the Guyue pavilion, he became curious so he hid and had heard the whole conversation. He did not think Luoyang City’s most virtuous Lady Lian would say such sharp, harsh words.

“Lady Lian, the person you have just insulted is my wife (to-be). You insulting her, it is the same as insulting me, and is tantamount to insulting the entire Dong Fang House. Dong Fang House no longer welcomes you as a guest. Elder Jang, escort this person out.” Dong Fang Ling lightly stepped to the side and said in an indifferent tone.

Lady Lian’s face was filled with shame, and she quickly stepped away to leave.

As Elder Jian was walked out, he glanced at the grim face of the young master, and then at the hurring figure in front of him. He sighed softly, because of his negligence in his ability to see a person’s true nature, he was sorry to his master. He had tried to match these two before, but he did not expect Lady Lian’s true self to be so unruly. Compared to Lady Lou (Bing’er), her easygoingness was much preferred, he feels ashamed ah.

“What Lady Lian said was correct, I’m just a thief, marrying me, wouldn’t it not stain your reputation?” Bing’er looked at the handsome figure talking towards her, a never before inferiority complex began to form inside.

Lian Fang Yi’s sharp words had indeed stabbed where it really hurt. It was true, he holds a high rank and is also the richest man in Luoyang City, and she is just somewhat known thief. Their different was like comparing the cloud with mud, she… was not suitable for him.

Dong Fang Ling furrowed his brows, he stretched out his arms and held Bing’er into his embrace. His deep pupils looked into her eyes which showed her fleeting self esteem.

“You are not allowed to talk about yourself like that. I am not a superficial person and I do not care about our difference in reputation. What I care about is you as a person, and my placement in your heart, that is what I care about.”

Hearing his reply, Bing’er could not help but feel misty-eyed. She returned his embrace and place her head onto his chest as she whispered, “Dong Fang Ling, the more you care for me, the more I become afraid… If one day you do not want me anymore, then what should I do?”

Once she becomes accustomed to his love, to his body warmth, if it were to suddenly disappear, how could she revert back to her cheerful, worry-free self? That is asking the impossible.

“Don’t be silly, if you know how I feel about you, then don’t do things that worry me or make me angry. And as for your worry, well that’s what I should be worrying about, not you.” Dong Fang Ling softly scolded her, his palm gently stroked her soft black hair, his dark eyes passed a flash of loving adoration.

“Ahem.” A soft cough interrupted the two’s imitancy. Dong Fang Ao could no longer could stand being ignored. “Big brother, isn’t your top priority to annul your engagement?”

Bing’er’s face paled. She stepped back to separate from Dong Fang Ling’s warm embrace. She had almost forgotten this crucial issue.

With a empty feeling, Dong Fang Ling could not help but furrow his brows. Seeing Bing’er’s pale face, his cold sharp eyes flashed with displeasure as he glared at Dong Fang Ao.

Receiving his nonverbal warning, Dong Fang Ao could only bitterly smile on the inside. His good intention was not well received at all and even hammered down ah.

“I will deal with this matter.” Dong Fang Ling coldly said, not wanting him to intervene. Looking at Bing’er’s face, Dong Fang Ling couldn’t help but to reach out his arms towards her, however, she retreated farther away.

“Bing’er, you do not believe me?” Because of her withdrawal, Dong Fang Ling questioned her, his eyes narrowed and flashed with a dangerous glint.

“Are you sure you want to break up your engagement for me? If Lan Guifei (the royal concubine related to the Fang family) hears about this, then wouldn’t I cause the fall of the Dong Fang House?” Her tear filled eyes were casted down. From the very beginning, she had known he did not belong to her. If she had not fallen for him, then it would have never have to be this painful.

“Do not worry, I will discuss this matter with Fang Yi. If I do not annul the engagement, then how can I marry you?” Dong Fang Ling looked at the misty eyed Bing’er, no longer did he try to bring her into his embrace. He understood, she truly loved him, if not, why would she have scruples about his decision?

Bing’er shook her head as she remembered the last time Fang Yi had arrived. With their close relationship, Fang Yi definitely looked forward to having him as a brother in law, so how could Fang Yi let go of him, “What if they refuse to annul the marriage?”

“Even if they are not willing, they will… Even if they find Lady Fang, I am still not willing to marry a woman I do not love.” His firm black pupils looked into her clear eyes, expressing his resolute decision.

Dong Fang Ao looked at the couple in front of him, trying to think of a way to help his brother. If not, then he, who brought up this topic, will definitely die a miserable death.

“Umm … Bing’er, what big brother said right, you should have more confidence in him. Fang Yi is not an unreasonable person, this matter will be resolved.”

Bing’er’s clear eyes did not leave Dong Fang Ling’s face, her heart was struggling to decide if she should stay or leave.

Perceiving her struggling thoughts, Dong Fang Ling’s face color changed, his dark pupils looking into her wandering eyes.

“Bing’er, if you dare run away, even if I have to turn this world inside out, I will find you.”

Her elegant face showed a hint of surprise, but quickly revealed a wry smile. He had understood her the best, to have him see through her thoughts so quickly.

Dong Fang Ao looked at Bing’er, thinking she could not dare to run away. If she would to escape, then his big brother…..Cold sweat suddenly formed on his back.

As the couple struggled in their deadlock, the General Manager was seen hurrying into Guyue pavilion, bringing with him, big news: “Master, Gentleman Fang (Fing Yi) has come, he said Lady Fang has been found.”

Almost as if physically stabbed in the heart, Bing’er’s footsteps staggered, her face devoid of blood. It seems as if the heavens had given her the answer- she is destined to leave.

Looking at her pale face, Dong Fang Ling couldn’t help but clench his fist.

The main hall of Dong Fang House was filled with an atmosphere of stifling tension. At one side sat Dong Fang Ling whose face was masked with gloom. His sharp black pupils looked at the leisurely smiling man who was sitting on the other ebony chair sipping tea.

“I’ll say it again, I want to terminate the engagement, I will not marry Lady Fang Chu Chu.”

The corner of Fang Yi’s lips twitched, he then placed the tea porcelain cup down.

“Dong Fang Ling, do you think I would agree to do that? We spent sixteen years, sixteen years to have finally found Chu Chu. Do you think with just your words, you can easily annul your marriage?

“And what if I insist on abrogating this engagement?”

“Then I will not hesitate to ask my maternal aunt to go and beg the emperor to publicly announce this marriage. You would not disregard the lives of all the people in Dong Fang House, right? ”

He (Dong Yi) did not want to make things difficult, considering their longtime friendship… but for the lifelong happiness of his sister… if he were to agree, how can he face his family when he goes back.

“Are you threatening me?” Although Dong Fang Ling’s face did not disclose any emotions, his tightly clenched fist showed his anger and impatience.

Fang Yi looked at Dong Fang Ling for a while, to only shake his head, sighing: “I heard you have fallen in love with Deft Thief Luo Xuan’s daughter, and you intended to marry her. For a woman, you unhesitantly declared your desire to abrogate your past arranged marriage… It seems you are really in love with her. I want to help you, but how can I go back to see my father and mother’s disappointed faces, and how can I tell this to Chu Chu?”

Not that he wanted to break the lovers apart, but to let him pass on such a good brother-in-law, not to mention just him (FY), but he doubts his parents would agree to this annulment.

“You insist I marry a woman I do not love… Do you think Chu Chu will be happy if I marry her?” Dong Fang Ling’s black pupil flashed with a certain light, his long finger tapped on the end of the armrest of his chair.

“You are threatening me now?” Fang Yi’s face sank. Even if a forcely plucked fruit was not sweet, he still wanted to get it for his sister.

“No, I am just cautioning you, if you insist that I marry Chu Chu. For a woman I do not love, I doubt I can treat her the well, and you can not blame me then.”
“Dong Fang Ling!” Fang Yi was furious, glaring at the cold face man. This man ah! Although he had a poker face, with just his words, any man could go mad!

Just when Fang Yi clenched his fist with the intention of starting a fight, a petite figure rushed in from the outside. Without taking any time to calm her, the maid said in a heavily panting voice: “Young master! Bing’er has disappeared!”

Dong Fang Ling’s face paled, his whole body extruded a furious aura, his tall stature rushed out of the main hall in a blink of an eye. Fang Yi was stunned. He had never seen Dong Fang Ling’s face take such a drastic change, and he had thought he would never see such a scene in this life… Bing’er, that must have been Luo Xuan’s daughter.

“Xiao Qing, the person called Bing’er, is that the person that your young master wants to marry?”

“Yes.” Xiao Qing stole a glance at Dong Yi, was it ok for the Fang House’s young master to know about Bing’er situation? Blame her for letting her guard down… Because she did not pay attention, she gave Bing’er the opportunity to leave.

Fang Yi looked at the entrance of the main hall. Should he agree to Dong Fang Ling’s request?

Bing’er who had left Dong Fang House headed towards the outskirts of the city, her elegant face was filled with grievance. She did not want to be the cause of the fall of Dong Fang House, moreover she did not want Dong Fang Ling to break the long built relationship with the Fang House because of her. So the only way to stop it all was for her to leave.

Her tear fill eyes did not dare to look back – if she were to look back, she was afraid she would not be able to leave. This trip to Luoyang, not only did she not only did not fulfill her debt of gratitude, instead, she had lost a piece of her heart. Now she just wanted to find a quiet place to try to recover this ‘wound’, but she knew, in this lifetime, she would never forget him. Now she could only go back to the mountains to accompany her father.

Just as she was contemplating about her tragic future, when suddenly she was brought back by the sounds of fierce fighting. Bing’er curiously stepped forward to get a clearer look. Seeing what was going on, Bing’er was struck with anger. A group of boorishly dressed men were blocking a sedan’s path. These men were fighting against what seemed to be the guards of the sedan chair. Because the the guards were heavily outnumbered, they were losing.

Bing’er could no longer stand on the sidelines, she quickly joined the fight against the ambushers, and overturned the tides.
The lady who was sitting in the sedan had been anxious about escaping, she did not think a kind hearted girl would have helped her. After this girl had joined the battle, they were no longer losing, which greatly relieved her.

Bing’er had gotten several of the bandits, leaving only a few. One of the bandits glanced at his mate who was carrying a short knife. They both sprang into the sedan, aiming to kill the lady sitting in it.

No longer did Bing’er take her time. With her two palms she struck the 2 men in front of her, causing them to fall. She then jumped with her qing gong towards the lady in the sedan. She was able to push the lady out of the knife’s way, but Bing’er could not dodge in time and the weapon struck into her left chest.

Bing’er shouted in pain, she heavily kicked the men in front of her. Clutching her left chest that was continuously bleeding, Bing’er suddenly heard screaming accompanied with the sounds of footsteps. Darkness struck her and Bing’er soon fainted onto the ground.


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